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  1. As I said in the other episode's topic, this episode was much more funnier to me. big thanks to the Nick+ free trial for letting me see it before you smelly hamburgers
  2. It was a nice opener to the season. No real complaints or anything, although the paired episode seemed to be much more funny imo.
  3. I present John "Attica" "Doot Doot" Lemon, who also is a vampire ghost pirate, and who also leaves dogs in hot cars.
  4. Body Colour: Yellow Headwear: Ghost Bucket Face/Mask: John Lemon Head Neck: n/a Body/Top: Vampire Costume Bottom/Pants: n/a Feet/Shoes: Pirate Boots Hand/Pet: Trumpet Pin: n/a Background: n/a
  5. FUCK!

    1. Wumbo
    2. The Patient

      The Patient

      this is a christian website sir

  6. happy October! you did the mash.
  7. glASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA for real though, I've got glasses. I think my right eye is worse than the other, but I can still see pretty good without them. they're mostly for being in front of screens. my prescription hasn't changed dramatically in a while though, so that kind of sucks. also I think the optometrist fucked up the measurements when she was ordering glasses for me originally, so my eyes are probably getting worse lmao
  8. Restless, by Hot Since 82
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