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Status Updates posted by Funyarinpa

  1. Why do friends, not pick their friends, to enter a video game competition with them

    1. SpongeCob


      when they know that they would want to be in it

  2. When do we get to watch "Cool Cat Stops the Fake News Media" 


  3. Can you finally tell us whatever happened to the dignivility?

  4. the worst part about Sweet victory is how the NFL literally had fucking Timberlake of all people do the Prince thing last year so they're clearly not rolling with any specific precedents in regards to tributing people
    1. kev


      prince had something to do wit the halftime show, stephen did not. 

  5. I wouldn't be the world's best duelist if I smoked marijuana

    1. Hayden


      You'd be the world's 2nd best duelist?

  6. I thought twitter could be dumb but spongebob reviewers telling me to not criticize the show because it was meant to be enjoyed is a new peak

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      What exact folk of that type are you talking about?

    2. Funyarinpa



      this is coming from someone who's part of a community which mainly.....reviews spongebob, both on twitter and on deviantart, it's flat out the most hypocritical thing I've ever seen


    3. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      I suppose these kind of critics are basically the same kind that criticize Mr. Enter for "taking cartoons too seriously."

      (Also, the last kind of people in the cartoon community I would ever take seriously are those who mostly hang around on Deviantart. Other than tv.com, that place is a goldmine in poor-quality critical analyses.)

      EDIT: Also just realized that the dude is only 15. Given that, it should feel like no surprise to me that he came up with such a critical stance.

  7. You told us that we were losers and we can't do nothing right

    you said we'd never make it but just look at us tonight

    1. kev



  8. It's inappropriate that SBC keeps giving me Ashley Madison ads given the fact that I'll never have anyone to cheat on

  9. For someone who "easily destroys opponents in debates", you quite frankly could use some work on building fundamental arguments instead of making claims all willy nilly https://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/61026-every-episode-of-spongebob-reviewed-a-video-series/?p=1317715

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    2. Wumbo


      you people have been FROTHING at random internet dude's review for DAYS now

      someone had to say something

    3. Prime Jedi

      Prime Jedi

      As someone who kinda dropped out for the most part in like early 2017 and has only watched a handful of new episodes since, whats so bad about Sportz? I havent watched it yet, but I remember lurking on SBM about when it came out and I seemed the average consensus was it was meh. I'm genuinely asking, this isn't sarcasm or anything, but what parts make the episode bad?

    4. SpongeNicko


      Look, I admit that I, too, overreacted a little bit and probably got a bit too "feels before reals" (even for me), but my main point has always been clear from the start. I have no problem with people hating Sportz? or disliking Pieguy's video. The issue for me has been the way people have reacted to him giving Sportz? a good rating as well as his comment about the backgrounds for Lost and Found (Which, again, was not his only reason for disliking it, nor was it the main reason). I just don't think it makes sense bashing Pieguy over having differing perspectives on these things then the rest of us do. If you disagree with his reasoning, then fine, but to act like that automatically devalues him as a critic seems reactionary. Perhaps I'm missing something but I honestly don't think Pieguy committed any crimes here (And I'm not just saying that because I like Sportz?).

      Also, Trash Boat, when I made those comments I actually wasn't including you in that. Up to this point you had not said anything too particular against Pieguy's video, and like I said I felt your reasoning made sense despite my disagreements, so I wasn't referring to you. I'll still apologize for that, though. I was too caught up in the convo and ended up making a stupid remark.

  10. Getting my twitter account locked because I tweeted out a certain kiss to the man who "Created my childhood" is certainly a fun way to spend my last hours before school


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    2. Tyrion Lannister
    3. Funyarinpa


      that vitriol would break this website and I don't need a lawsuit to handle

    4. JCM


      cousins is taking $2 million less per year to play for you what are you on about

  12. I love the feeling of simultaneously becoming desensitized to mass shootings while also slowly getting more afraid of random nutjobs who I've never met every time I decide to step out of the house.

  13. Have a twitter now for those who dont know, follow if ye wish https://twitter.com/ataxia9258

  14. Looking back at Wander's "The Greatest", it's a nice episode but wow the hyperactivity is too much. It's easy to tell that this was made while the writers were trying to get a grip on everything..  

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    2. Funyarinpa


      That almost makes it worthy but take this rare instance of me dissing a Wander ep even though I still like it, I dont think I'll like some s2 on rewatch but you never know so capitalize now while everything ismt a 10/10 :p

    3. WinterArcanine


      lmao at an episode called "the greatest" being (apprantantly) one of the weaker episodes.

    4. Funyarinpa


      It was literally one of the first eps so I think that cancels the irony out.

  15. Mr Krabs asks if the dj could play that song but instead of "Yes hello" he starts saying "Hey Mr Deeejaaay"

  16. Banning you was a 10/10 would do it again if that didn't mean letting you come anywhere near other people.

  17. Greetings Pedol Snake! Is it still alright that you're with friends?

  18. Hello sane SpongeBob fansite ❤️

  19. OWM is a petty land thief

  20. I accidentally saw Hal in an alley once and can confirm he sucks as a person

  21. Thanks for leaving SBM's server so I don't have to wait for you to bring drama there, you're really considerate of me and my mod job, love you! :hearts:

    1. WinterArcanine


      Now you just have to deal with strp! 

    2. Funyarinpa
  22. Alongside jjs we must also appreciate OWM as a great mod, the best mod, and thank him for his actions today

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