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  1. Right by the body, there was some [flammable liquid], a [tie clip], a [pile of clothing] and a [bloody saw]. HOLD IT! Phoenix: I'd like to ask you about a few things relating to the murder, if that's fine with you. David: Of course, that's my job after all. Well, what do you need to ask me? Phoenix: Well, just so the court can hear it, can you go into detail about the flammable liquid that was discovered at the scene of the crime? David: Yeah, we were able to find a large portion of it in the victim's bathtub, with the canister being right outside of the tub itself. Phoenix: Did you check for any prints on the canister itself? And how were you even able to find out who owned it? David: Well, let think here...we only found glove prints on the canister of gasoline, so the killer must have worn gloves. David: And as for finding out who owned it, you were with me at the time. We just had to check the serial number on the back. David: After we did that, it was pretty easy to trace it back to the convenience store it was bought from. Hall: This information shall be updated in the Court Record, Detective. I don't expect to warn you again about this. [Flammable Liquid has been updated in the Court Record.] The flammable liquid was purchased from a [convenience store], owned by [Joe Black]. HOLD IT! Phoenix: I'm not done with my questioning yet. Speaking of the flammable liquid, I'd like to know a bit more about Joe Black. Phoenix: So, what can you tell me about him? Did he happen to witness the incident? David: Nope, as far as I'm aware. He did sell the items to the perpetrator after all, according to the footage. David: He's also not going to be testifying at the trial today- Hall: David Jones! That's witness confidentiality, and you have no right to disrespect it! David: Aah, alright, alright! Well, it's someone who's going to be testifying. I can't talk about them! Phoenix: Do you know if there's any plausible connection between the killer and Joe Black? David: Well, not from what I know. We looked through the sales records and all we know is that he bought a few items. Phoenix: And what about the sales logs? Have you found who bought the goods? David: That's also a negative. Despite the sloppy killing, we don't have much. Which leads me to believe... In order to enact the murder, the murderer [broke the window], killed the victim, then escaped! Phoenix: (Aah! I see it now! There's something wrong with this statement in particular, something I need to present evidence on.) Phoenix: (The killer obviously broke the window...but there's something wrong with Jones' timeline.) Phoenix: (I should look through the Court Record and look for the evidence that contradicts this statement.) Court Record: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GQaGGxzxAmpvyJedc5HPgBjJ_3ciK8G8Q-1SKukoGwc/edit?usp=sharing It's all on you now! Keep pressing if you need to get more information, but do your best to find the contradiction in the statement that Jones has just given the Court. Check the Court Record, you'll definitely need it for every part of this trial and other than your words, it's your main weapon!
  2. (CHOICE OVERRIDE: This will only happen once! Please send a reply to this message to further the story.) (Passively Accept his Statement) Phoenix: The Defense accepts the Prosecution's Opening Statement. Phoenix: However, you should not forget that until the Detective is called and the Witness is questioned... Phoenix: That this will not count as decisive evidence whatsoever! Phoenix: (Luckily, I have a few trump cards of my own, that Payne forgot to check. I'm sure they'll help me out in the future.) Payne: Duly noted, although I don't think that'll be necessary for him to repeat in a hour's time. Payne: Now, if the Defense has nothing more to say, I believe it's time for me to call the Detective to the stand. Payne: For the sake of repeating it to the court, the Prosecution would like to call Detective David Jones to the stand. Phoenix: (And here comes my chance to question the Detective for further information. No stone will be left unturned.) Courtroom #1: November 17th 2017: 9:10 AM: David Jones is called to the stand. Payne: Will the Detective state his name and occupation to the court? Detective Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHV9UymO5Hk David: The name's Detective Jones, partner! Homicide Detective reporting from the JPD. Payne: Ah, yes. Detective Jones. I've been expecting you. Now, I believe you were the first on the scene, correct? Payne: And you were the brave Detective who apprehended the suspect, Dave Simmons, when he was caught fleeing? David: That would be correct! I then took him to the Police Department for further questioning, as you may have known. Phoenix: (David Jones did assist me in the investigation, but if he gives biased testimony, he'll be penalized.) Phoenix: (I need to find a flaw in his testimony that will change the tide of the trial up!) Payne: As expected. You may begin your testimony at any time, Detective Jones. --Detective's Findings-- Statement 1: We rushed to the scene of the crime when we get a call from our anonymous witness. Statement 2: When we did, we found the victim's body, chopped up, drowned and doused in gasoline! Statement 3: Right by the body, there was some flammable liquid, a tie clip, a pile of clothing and a bloody saw. Statement 4: The flammable liquid was purchased from a convenience store, owned by Joe Black. Statement 5: In order to enact the murder, the murderer broke the window, killed the victim, then escaped! Hall: Has the Detective finished recanting the events of the crime? David: Yes...that's all. I think this should tell the gallery exactly what happened at the scene of the crime. Phoenix: (Hmm...that seems to just about it for David Jones' testimony...) Phoenix: (But...I can't help but feel that there's something off about it, a fact that contradicts the evidence!) Payne: Defense? I believe this is the time for your Cross-Examination, that is, if it brings up anything new. Phoenix: Aha, and I'll get to that in just a moment, Payne. (This is my chance to ask some questions!) Phoenix: (If I just read that "guide" from my law book, I'm sure I'll know how to cross-examine the Detective in a snap.) Phoenix: (And if I need clarification on anything, it might be worth asking him a question.) Phoenix: The Defense is ready to begin their Cross-Examination of Detective David Jones. Hall: Then so be it. You may begin your Cross-Examination at once, Defense! --Detective's Findings-- Statement 1: We rushed to the [scene of the crime] when we get a call from our [anonymous witness]. Statement 2: When we did, we found the [victim's body], chopped up, drowned and [doused in gasoline]! Statement 3: Right by the body, there was some [flammable liquid], a [tie clip], a [pile of clothing] and a [bloody saw]. Statement 4: The flammable liquid was purchased from a [convenience store], owned by [Joe Black]. Statement 5: In order to enact the murder, the murderer [broke the window], killed the victim, then escaped! (Now's your chance to Cross-Examine the Detective by pressing statements! Ask around and try to find the mistake in his testimony and present some evidence if you can find it! I'm even offering up a one-time bounty of 500 Doubloons to see if someone can spot it to build up some attention. If you're stuck, try consulting yourself through a post as Phoenix might be able to offer up a clue.)
  3. After some time, I've decided to take up the reigns once more and attempt to start up another thread to test the waters! This piece of literature is called Arm of Justice, where you'll take up the reigns of Phoenix Wright. However, this game is much more complicated, so allow me to get right into the details! How to Play: In this game, you take control of Phoenix Wright, making choices when you need to, presenting either a choice, your own statement, a piece of evidence or even a profile in order to advance. Your goal is to find contradictions and most importantly, find the truth (and get paid)! While you do this, you'll have to prove your defendant not guilty at every step of the way, fighting against prosecutors weak and strong in order to win the trial. "Gameplay" will usually take the form of text, where you'll have the chance to choose an option at a crossroads, which will usually be shown to you as "What evidence do I need to present to show that he was there?" or "[Option A] [Option B] [Option C]." where you can simply pick one of the options. In some scenarios, you can even make up your own answer to keep the trial going and feel free to go into detail about your actions, it'll help deepen the role play. As a heads up, if multiple people post an answer before I make it back, I'll either pick the most picked answer or the correct answer and I'll try to update this RP 3 times a day. Keep in mind that you're limited to 1 post per choice, so you can't post again until you're given another choice. Of course, feel free to give your own Out of Character opinion on what's going on, I appreciate any discussion! Penalties: Keep in mind that if you answer incorrectly or can't explain your reasoning, you'll take a penalty! You'll be given a few chances to explain yourself if you're crafting a theory, but if you're given a list of 3 options and pick the wrong one, you're sure to take a penalty. Your health bar starts at 100% and drops in increments of 10%, sometimes more, as you take damage and when you hit 0%, it's Game Over! When you hit this point, you'll be given an option to go back to a checkpoint and try again, but this'll hurt your chances at a better ending and being proud of yourself! Cross-Examinations: Before a Cross-Examination, you'll likely listen to a "Witness Testimony", where the witness will testify on the stand. After that, you're allowed to press on Statements and present Evidence to contradict something. You should also keep in mind that starting on Case 2 and on wards, you may have to press statements in order to find new information. If you want to ask a specific question on a specific statement, simply post "Statement 2: Where were you at at the time?" as an example. Who knows, maybe you'll find an secret contradiction! If you want to simply press the statement and let Phoenix do the work, just post "Press Statement 2." When you find a contradiction, make a post showing the evidence you're presenting, where you're presenting it and what your explanation is. With this in mind, let's begin the first trial... COURT RECORD (VIEW HERE FOR EVIDENCE/PROFILES): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GQaGGxzxAmpvyJedc5HPgBjJ_3ciK8G8Q-1SKukoGwc/edit?usp=sharing Ned Dillard's Bathroom: November 15th, 2017 ???: Heh heh heh. Finally, the opportunity presents itself. ???: After the days of planning that I've conducted, I'm quite sure... ???: No, I'm absolutely sure! This is my chance to strike. ???: Goodbye, boss. It was fun working for you. Defendant Lobby #1: November 17th, 2017 Phoenix: (After all of this investigating, it's finally time.) Phoenix: (After searching through the victim's bathroom and finding all of this evidence...) Phoenix: (I think I've got everything I need-) Dave: AAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! They've got me cornered, cornered, I tell you! Dave: The evidence, the proof, the location I was arrested in... Dave: Just GIVE ME UP ALREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY! Throw me in prison, throw the key away! THROW ME! Phoenix: J-jeez! Dave, just stay calm. Did you at least try those calming tactics I told you about? Dave: I couldn't when I'm...BEING ACCUSED OF MURDER! Phoenix: Well, don't worry. I've done a lot of investigating over the past few days. Phoenix: And I believe I know what to do in court. If you're not the killer, someone must be, right? Dave: Y-yeah...maybe you have a point. Phoenix: (And speaking of which, this man is called Dave Simmons. He's an real estate agent.) Phoenix: (That is, until I managed to prove that he worked for the local mob boss in the past...) Phoenix: (But he's been forced to do it against his will, so I believe that he's a good person at heart.) Phoenix: (As for the victim, he was a mere Mortgage Broker, who was threatened by the local mob boss before.) Phoenix: (Plus, the CCTV Footage was able to catch a few seconds of the killer. Sadly, they didn't get his face.) Phoenix: (And that bodyguard we met at the mob boss' club was nice enough to give me a few leads.) Phoenix: (I shouldn't let these facts slip my mind, no matter what! Speaking of which...) Phoenix: (The Detective who was in charge of the investigation alongside me will be testifying today.) Dave: PHOENIX! Why aren't you talking? Don't get me worried over your sanity at a time like this! Phoenix: Speaking of which, I think court's about to begin, Dave. Why don't you wait for a bit while I take care of this? Dave: A-alright. Good luck, Phoenix, you can do it! Phoenix: (I'm sure I can. This case won't be too hard. After all, Winston Payne's the prosecutor! How hard could it be?) Courtroom #1: November 17th 2017: 9:00 AM *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* Hall: Court is now in session for the trial of Dave Simmons in the murder of Ned Dillard! Is the Defense ready? Phoenix: The Defense is ready, Your Honor. Hall: As expected, Defense. Is the Prosecution ready? Payne: The Prosecution is ready, Your Honor. Although, I don't think there'll be any further chatting after I show my proof to the Court. Phoenix: (That's Payne for you, flicking his hair and being pompous as usual. Until I destroy his case.) Hall: Would the Prosecution care to give their opening statement to the case? Payne: Most assuredly, your Honor. Let me discuss the case in detail, from the top. Payne: The police were quick in discovering Dave Simmons at the scene of the crime, right outside of the victim's home. Payne: He was quickly apprehended as we searched the home for potential clues. Payne: We were able to find a "golden tooth", a "dented gasoline can" and some of his clothing, although I doubt it's relevant. Payne: The real important bits? Well, guess what! We found gasoline inside of the bathtub and a saw, used to cut off his hand! Payne: This is why the prosecution will push for a full first degree murder charge, as to be expected. Payne: His motive to kill? Simple! Not only did he dislike the victim for taking his business, he also killed him to buy all of the precious houses he owned! Payne: He is quite a rich man after all, but it's a shame money will be worthless in the prison he'll be thrown into! Payne: The most damning proof? This "witness", who'll be testifying against the man himself! He actually worked for the victim. Payne: Never have I seen a more simple case, Phoenix Wright. Why don't you just give up? Phoenix: (Urgh...I'd like to wipe that cocky look off of his face! Should I speak up?) Here's your First Option. There's no penalty for picking an option this time, so feel free to pick to your heart's desire! And if you want to add anything specific to your answer, just tack it on! (Don't Speak Up) (Passively Accept his Statement) (Challenge Payne's Opening Statement)
  4. You develop a sexual affection for the money and give the money a very dirty massage. You now have 5 very dirty 100 dollar bills. Fortunately, no one was watching you at the time. What do you do?
  5. Very well, I guess we can go with...Garbage. We'll use it as a...nickname of sorts. You are currently in front of Breton Apartments, an apartment block in the somewhat high key slums. To your left is a short road leading to a trailer park and to the right, another apartment block by the name of Doyle Apartments. If you continue right, you'll reach a burger shop, Garnish Grills. You also have 500 dollars on hand, some of which you should spend on getting an apartment for the week. What do you do? (Affects strength actions.) Strength: 4. (Affects health and stamina.) Constitution: 4. Affects speed and quickness.) Dexterity: 4. (Affects intelligence and perception.) Intelligence: 4. (Affects confidence and diplomacy.) Charisma: 4.
  6. New forum game out, Input Command.

  7. After a 2 month wait, I'm finally here with a forum game that I'm sure will stick. This is a game where you input actions in order to control a young man in the town of Slayton. After graduating high school a few years ago with above-average grades and 500 dollars in cash, he's determined to make his mark on the world, whatever it may be. I've already pre-made 6 distinct districts in the city, ranging from the starting district of the mildly upscale city slums to the busy, bustling streets of the Uptown. In order to do so, he'll have to work his way up in the world and of course, it's all up to you. Will he be the next mayor? Will he blow it all on lottery tickets? Or will he spend his life evading the law? Before we begin, here are 3 rules. Fairly simple stuff: Rules: 1. Don't ruin the game. Unless the situation calls for it, don't type stuff in that essentially involves you randomly killing people, so other people can enjoy the game. Felony is allowed, just don't overdo it. 2. If you get arrested, instead of suffering jail time, you lose money and items depending on your felony. A small felony such as thievery can mean you'll just lose a bit of money and cash, while worse felonies such as murder can lead to you losing nearly everything. Be careful. Finally, death, while uncommon, means you'll lose everything. However, you keep your skills and stats (Strength, Constituion, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma.) as well as a few other things. 3. Voting for the next action works like this. The first person who posts always gets top priority on the next action. However, if 2 people post a different action, they get top priority. If 3 people post a different action, they get priority and so on. This may be complicated, so I'll explain in an example. Person 1: Go to the Bowling Alley. Person 2: Go to the Boxing Arena. Result: He goes to the Bowling Alley. (First person gets top priority.) Person 1: Rent a trailer. Person 2: Rent an apartment. Person 3: Rent an apartment. Result: He rents an apartment. (More people voted for a different opinion.) Alright, that's about it. Thanks for the reading the rules.So, before we begin tomorrow, I have a simple question. What should his first name be?
  8. It should be out of eventually, but give me a week, maybe two. I might do it on a dedicated RP Website, but I'm considering Spongbob Community.
  9. With the Australium Sniper Rifle, Devin fires a shot at Marsh, dealing 99999999 damage! This breaks open the power armor's...armor. Sir Rockman teleports out. But where does he teleport to? This is a game, and the playing field is the only place that exists. However, he finds safety in a far away sky box. Drifter launches trillions of missiles at General Marsh, dealing 8 trillion damage! And with that, General Marsh dies. A large explosion occurs, blowing up the entire mech armor that General Marsh was in. And then, silence. The world restores itself to its former glory. No Godmodder, no General Marsh and no armor. Just the way it used to be. The sever flourishes without the Godmodder. People trade, build and sell. All was well in the server. And so, this story comes to an end. THE END (Note: I ditched this game due to the high amount of stat tracking per post. I'm working on another forum game that I won't have to maintain as much, perhaps an advanced RP or perhaps another idea I have that won't require as much work. Thanks for playing, and enjoy your prize.)
  10. With a single shot, Devin fires at the Godmodder. 1 damage done! You gain 9999999 XP! You gain the ranks: Starter Sniper, Cold Joe, Headshot Hatshot, Colonel Killer, Master Meatshot, Kilometer Cutter! "He's dead now, isn't he?" General Marsh says. "Then why isn't the GAME OVER? Am I the one that must be KILLed? Is this how it's going to end?" ... ... ... ... ... ... [GM] The Godmooder is dead! [GM] You win! "It can't be over..." [GM] Congratulations! Drifter, Zaid and Rockman receive 1000 doubloons each! "It's not over...That's a lie..." [GM] YOU WIN 697 28- "9-%4!57/!579-@!!! The game stops. For a moment, the blankness of General Marsh's face, the explosion of the Godmodder and everything in the world seems so tranquil. Then everything stops moving. Except for General Marsh and the remaining players. "This is my fate? Is this really what I must suffer?" He bangs on the suit, filled with fear and anger. "FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?! NO! I can't...be trapped here for the rest of my life! There has to be a way out!" Endgame: Is there a way out of this world? Is this the end? It's up to you. You have 3 turns, in total, 9 posts. Begin.
  11. (Was on vacation, I'm back now.) ALLY'S TURN: With a mighty roar, the flamethower eats up the Sawmill, giving 2000 damage to the Sawmill and destroying it! Drifter also gets 1500 EXP! Sir Rockman shoots the HQ with his arm cannon without hesitating, dealing 500 damage and gaining 500 XP! Matt enters the battlegrounds with an AK-47 and is ready to fight! He has a 2 post charge, so he has better stats! ENEMY'S TURN: General Marsh is upset for various reasons. "You little! You've destroyed everything! I mean, there was supposed to be this big arc for this section and now the creator of this is getting bored and wants to start a new RP game and now you have this guy from a helicopter, who's going to destroy my HQ!" He calls up to the Godmodder. "Listen, you've heard that the game is ending , right?" The Godmodder replies. "Yeah, exactly! I mean, there were ideas for this game! Ideas such as a Spin off Arc, a spaceship arc, the text arc, and now he just wants to start anew! Well, instead of just giving up here, let's make him pay up those doubloons!" And with that, he converts 188 health to General Marsh. "It's a suicidal move, but we'll have to do it! Get the game over with!" General Marsh breaks through the HQ and lands, clad in an insanely futuristic and powerful armor. "It's all going to end, isn't it? When I die , someone's going to be getting a lot of doubloons, right? Well, this is it. Bring it on. It's time for me to serve my purpose." Updates: [AG] Matt HP: 2500/2500 Level: 1 XP: 0/2000 Rank: Crash Landing Survivor Equipment: AK-47, ?????, ?????. Sir Rockman's XP goes from 0 to 500! Drifter's XP goes from 1300 to 2800 out of 3000! The End? [PG? AG?] General Marsh HP: ???/???
  12. The Drifter's helicopter turns back and fires two bombs, dealing a total of 800 damage. Combined with his rocket attack, he does another 600 damage! Sir Rickman proceeds to charge his arm cannon and finish the Barracks off. In total, both fighters gain 500 XP each! A voice can be heard from the HQ. "This is only the beginning! You're in trouble now!" It exclaims. Updates: [PG] Level 1 Barracks HP: DESTROYED! [AG] Attack Helicopter HP: 2500/2500 Defense: 50 Weapon: "Nucleus" Bombs, 4-Pack Missiles, ??????. [AG] Sir Rockman HP: 1000/1000 Level: 1 EXP: 500/1000 Rank: Blaster Apprentice Equipment: Arm Cannon, ??????,??????. [AG] Drifter's XP went from 800 to 1300!
  13. Drifter's helicopter enters the scene and unleashes a barrage of rockets, dealing 400*4 damage to the base, including defense. With his flamethrower, he then proceeds to wipe out the soldiers before they can attack, but before dying, they unleash all their ammo at him, dealing 500 damage to his armor. Devin assaults the HQ with a bomb, dealing 500 damage to the base. Rockman enters the scene , not having any effect whatsoever! (Do an attack so I can confirm your class of weaponry, thanks for joining the battle!) ENEMY'S TURN: General Marsh unleashes his new defense, the Barracks! (Note, all buildings must be destroyed, excluding resource buildings before you can attack his base. It will still hit, but do much less damage.) Now with the Barracks, he can generate troops! Get ready for next turn! New Entities: [PG] Level 1 Barracks HP: 1500/1500 (Can make Infantry.) Updates: [AG] Drifter's Armor HP went down to 900! He has gained 800 XP out of 3000 this turn! [AG] Devin is calling someone in just 3 posts! (You skipped 3.)
  14. The soldiers back up as Drifter fires his flamethrower, once again forced into space. They're preparing a powerful attack so they won't attack this turn. Drifter and Devin begin to charge their first charge attacks. They're well hidden from the soldiers. With a mighty glow, the Headquarters upgrades to Level 2, now with better stats. It now has defense, so it will lower the damage of attacks you do, be careful. The Godmodder generously gives General Marsh a good amount of wood so he can begin his assault next turn. Get ready! New entities: [PG] Headquarters (Level 2) HP: 4000/4000 Tin Shielding HP: 1000/1000 Gives 100 Defense to HQ.
  15. While Drifter calls someone, General Marsh barks out orders to the remaining 55 men to perform Attack 10-4 to stall for time. The men quickly gather around the headquarters in a defensive position. Not only are they spread out, they'll be harder to wipe out. You'll have to find a way to take a bunch out.
  16. The Drifter goes in to shoot at the exposed hole, and instead the troops go in to block him from hurting General Marsh. The Red Troop is now wiped out and the Blue Troop loses 10 people. Meanwhile, General Marsh quickly orders his Green Troop to repair the hole and they do so while Drifter takes out 5 more Blue Troop Men. Drifter is also now Level 2! He gains 250 max HP, as well as a new flamethrower! Update: [PG] Level 1 Headquarters HP: 2000/2000 [PG] Red Submachine Gun Troop HP: 0/50 [PG] Blue Shotgun Troop HP: 50/50* 20 [AG] The Drifter HP: 1250/1250 Level: 2 EXP: 0/3000 Rank: Frontline Infantry. Equipment: RPG-7, Composite Body Armor (HP: 1400/2000), 902 Farentheit Flamethower.
  17. The Drifter moves in waving his secondary weapon, the Flamethrower. (This cancells out the Grenade Weapon.) It doesn't kill all of this soldiers, but the Shotgun Troop loses 15 soldiers to the fire. Andrew's Sentry Gun lets off a few direct shots at the Rifleman and take 10 of them out. The Dispenser heals them both 50 HP each. ENEMY'S TURN: Suddenly, the ground begins to tremble as General Marsh's Sawmill upgrades, now generating 200 Wood Per Turn! It's making more wood now for General Marsh to use! The Submachine Gun Squad fire at Drifter and he takes 50 damage to his armor. With a heavy blast, the Shotgun Troop attacks, dealing another 300 to the armor. Finally the Rifleman attack, dealing 250 damage to his armor for a total of 600 damage. Updated Stats: [GM] The Godmodder HP: 189/200 [PG] Level 1 Headquarters HP: 1200/2000 [PG] Level 2 Sawmill HP: 2000/2000 [AG] Devin HP: 800/1000 Level: 1 EXP: 1000/1500 Rank: Cold Cut Sniper Equipment: Psychic Rifle, Battle Worn SMG. Two-Tipped Kukri. [AG] Andrew HP: 450/1000 Level: 1 EXP: 900/1000 Rank: Wrench Rattler. Equipment: Blue PDA Blueprints, 6 Shot Shotgun, Iron Cut Wrench. [AG] Drifter HP: 1000/1000 Level: 1 EXP: 1000/1500 Rank: Backline Infantry. Equipment: RPG-7, Composite Body Armor (HP: 1400/2000), "Hotshot" Flamethower. [PG] Red Submachine Gun Troop HP: 50/50 * 5 [PG] Green Rifleman Troop HP: 50/50 * 40 [PG] Blue Shotgun Troop HP: 50/50 * 35
  18. Devin ducks behind his trusty camper van, and heals up his wounds, gaining a trusty 500 HP from his last set of bandages, bringing him to 800 HP. Andrew sets up his sentry gun once more, after spending some time upgrading it. As a bonus, he also built a dispenser to provide health and ammo. The Drifter pops up into battle wielding his trusty RPG and fires a rocket at the HQ! With a mighty blast, the rocket deals 800 damage and kills off 25 Red Soldiers, netting him 500 EXP. Meanwhile, the Sawmill generates 200 Wood. Updates: [PG] Level 1 Headquarters HP: 1200/2000 [PG] Red Submachine Gun Troop HP: 50/50*15 [AG] Level 2 Sentry Gun HP: 1500/1500 [AG] Level 1 Dispenser HP: 1000/1000 [AG] The Drifter HP: 1000/1000 Level: 1 EXP: 500/1500 Rank: Backline Infantry. Equipment: RPG-7, Composite Body Armor (HP: 200/2000), Time Bomb Grenades. (1 Post Until Enemy Turn)
  19. ALLY'S TURN: Devin fires a well times shot at the Red Troop Officers, killing 10 in a column. Some of the officers topple over, unable to attack this turn. The officers then train their guns on Devin. Devin also gains 500 XP. ENEMY'S TURN: The remaining officers fire at Devin! The Red Troop pull out their submachine guns and fire rapidly at Devin, dealing 100 damage to Devin! The Green Troop pull out their shotguns and fire, dealing only 200 damage to Devin! The Blue Troop finally pull out their rifles and fire. Several bullets land, dealing 350 damage to Devin! Suddenly, the ground shakes and a building pops up from nowhere! A Sawmill pops up and begins to generate wood General Marsh can use. Be careful! Stats: [GM] The Godmodder HP: 189/200 [PG] Level 1 Headquarters HP: 2000/2000 [PG] General Marsh HP: ???/??? [PG] Red Submachine Gun Troop HP: 50/50*40 (Dazed) [PG] Green Shotgun Troop HP: 50/50*50 [PG] Blue Rifle Troop HP: 50/50*50 [PG] Level 1 Sawmill HP: 800/800 (+100 Wood Per Turn) [AG] Devin HP: 300/1000 Level: 1 EXP: 500/1500 Rank: Cold Cut Sniper. Equipment: Psychic Rifle, Battle-Worn SMG, Two-Tipped Kukri. [AG] Andrew (Engineer, 150 Metal.) HP: 400/1000 Level : 1 EXP: 0/1000 Rank: Wrench Rattler. Equipment: Blue PDA Blueprints, 6 Shot Shotgun, Iron Cut Wrench.
  20. Devin runs back from the officers. They proceed to resume their guard patrol of the base. General Marsh is currently working on something in his base, but his actions will be unknown until the end of the turn. (1 Turn Until Enemy Attacks)
  21. Devin attempts to confuse General Marsh fail, since the man is inside his base, secured by officers. The officers tell you to get back before they use force.
  22. Hurt Patrick, Heal Squidward. Patrick: 84 Squidward: 39 Plankton: 41
  23. One successfully rips the Godmodder's head off, but he just regrows it, at the cost of 1 HP. Devin then tries to shoot the Godmodder, and does so, dealing 1 damage to him as well. Suddenly a rumble is heard coming from somewhere. A chopper is seen the distance, and quickly touches down. A man steps out, flanked by 2 officials. "I hear you've been causing my Godmodder friend here some trouble...And that just isn't right. You see, he is going to win, no matter what you try. If you want to kill him...You'll have to get through me first, General Marsh!" GENERAL MARSH LEVEL 2 BOSS With that, a small base suddenly spawns in from the middle of nowhere and General Marsh enters it. As he does, several fleets enter the battle protecting the base, ready to kill! [GM] The Godmodder HP: 189/200 [PG] General Marsh HP: ???/??? [PG] Level 1 Headquarters HP: 2000/2000 [PG] Red Machine Gun Squadron HP: 50/50 * 50 [PG] Green Stun Squadron HP: 50/50 * 50 [PG] Blue Shotgun Squadron HP: 50/50 * 50 Tip of the Turn: You may be shocked, 150 enemies in battle is no laughing matter! But don't be worried, they have low health! If you use attacks that will damage a lot of them, they'll drop like flies!
  24. Here we go... Ally's turn: Animatronic Monstercat uses his power to rip off the Terror Creeper's head! With all his strength, he succeds in doing so, ripping off the Terror Creeper's head and exposing his mechanical innards. "2..." Bubblerock then goes in for the final blow with a nuclear bomb that will decimate the Terror! The nuclear bomb set, it ticks off to explode while the other players run off. "1..." BOOM! The nuclear bomb sets off the Terror Creeper's explosion mechanism early, dealing 5 damage to the Godmodder. 250 doubloons to Bubblerock! The explosion also deals 1000 damage to Animatronic Monstercat, a valiant sacrifice made by him. NOTE: You can only spawn a new entity every 4 turns, but you can charge in the meantime. You can also respawn Animatronic after 8 turns, which will tale a while. Keep your entities alive! "Fine. If you don't mind me. I''ll have to call up an old friend of mine," The Godmodder tells you. He proceeds to call up an unknown man. "Yeah, someone's threatening our plan, I need you to sort this out." A falling part of the Terror Creeper smashes past Devin's Van, nearly missing it. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be a Player Upgrader! Now, your entities or yourself can fight in battle more effectively. You can obtain gear items to collect from killed enemies that will help you in battle! Make sure you don't lose all your HP, or you can't attack for 4 turns, but you can spawn and charge entities in the meantime. Be sure to Level Up to obtain skills and ranks! (I'm considering Devin to be his own fighter.) Stats: [GM] The Godmodder HP : 191/200 (Calling Someone.) [AG] Devin (Sniper Espurr Form) HP: 950/1000 Level: 1. EXP: 0/1500. Rank: Cold Cut Sniper. Gear: Psychic Rifle, Battle Worn SMG, Two Tipped Kukri. [AG] Andrew (Engineer, 150 Metal) HP: 400/1000 Level: 1. EXP: 0/1000. Rank: Wrench Rattler. Gear: Blue PDA Blueprints, Iron Cut Wrench, 6 Shot Shotgun. [AG] Devin's Camper Van HP: 1250/1250 (Contains: First Aid Kit, Spare Food.)
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