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  1. Both of my lits were trashed as so called joke lits, bit thanks for the views, it shows that you enjoyed it while it lasted.
  2. Hopefully my new lit gets on the list. It has 70 views, but the unique viewers might be only 30 or so.
  3. Do the numbers represent unique people or just the views on that story total?
  4. You heard me. I'm just not like that.
  5. ... I never said it was the best spin off, it does not have 2000 views either. To top it all off, I am not a fan of the show, I just like 1 character a lot.
  6. BREAD has a new episode to commemorate its success!
  7. Do me next! I want to fight to the death.
  8. My spin off is not on any of them.... YOU DARE NOT PUT ME ON THE TOP 25??! YOU MUST DIE!
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