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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!! Today, our favorite Sponge turns 34, check out the collage I made for him!!!! SpongeBob, THANK YOU for all you do to bring so much love, happiness, positivity, laughter, and IMAAAAGINATION into this world!! I am so proud to be your BIGGEST FAN, and always will be!! Everyone, please be sure to wish the Birthday Sponge a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!! From the small screen to the big screen to the stage to our favorite video game systems, SpongeBob is always there for us!! WE LOVE YOU SPONGEBOB!!!! HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!! 🏖🏝 #SpongeBob #HappyBirthdaySpongeBob #SpongeBobSquarePants #SpongeBobsBirthday #SpongeBob34thBirthday #SpongeBobForever #BirthdaySponge #BestBirthdayEver
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