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  1. Guys come on stop using the same thing the reason there was a thread made of all movies done was so that you could see if the movie your thinking of has already been done
  2. Thank you, been so busy with homework and school I can't even keep my own thread on here up to date.
  3. Guys in a couple days expect a link to a thread of every movie done in this thread to help you with the new rules in the first post of this. And in a couple weeks expect for the thread to be updated every 16 hours. I'm changing this a lot.
  4. #:101 Dalmations A:Ace Ventura Alien Amazing Spiderman, The Apocalypse Now B:Batman Begins Battle Royale Big Fat Liar Brave C:Cats Don't Dance Cabin in the Woods, The Cat in the Hat Clifford's Big Movie D: Dark Knight, The Deranged Die Hard Death Bed:The Bed that Eats E:Elf Envy Eragon F:Fight Club Finding Nemo Four Feathers, The Freaks G:Garfield the Movie GoldenEye Gomo:An American Tragedy Goonies, The
  5. Guys I haven't been on because school is getting in the way of that. New Rule:Someone can't of already said the same movie of they do they are out for one round (26 letters). I do this because reading over this I didn't give any rules just to type movies. And that makes it a little too easy sorry. I like a challenge not just something you can think off the top of your head. I will make it fair by saying if you have already said a movie someone said it will not count. You will get one warning and if you do it again you are out for a round (26 letters). Anyways, I will give it some time for someone to do the letter K. EDIT:Since no one has than Kick-Ass.
  6. Both as in all 4? Technically three the third and foruth movie was combined into one.
  7. Welcome, welcome! You should really get a picture but have fun and don't be inactive these forums are not for inactivity.
  8. I loved the Dog Days movie! I thought they didn't do a whole movie for three because of swearing. In the book it says F@#%! Censored exactly like that and it's a family movie and I doubt they could sensor it in a kids movie.
  9. I get the hard ones. John Carter (Horrible Movie)
  10. Question! I bought a name change with doubloons how do I change it?
  11. Not literally every but twice-10 times a season. But you're pretty much right
  12. I joined a couple days ago. I'm a very active forum poster. The old forum site SS Forums was shut down because of being hacked by someone who hacked the owner's computer address I joined there in 2009 and I ended up having 2,386 posts. I'm very friendly as long as you don't yell at me or get on my bad side.
  13. I like all music just about so post a song you like or hate and post a link for people to listen to. People will rate it or grade it. Just a thought so people can discover new music that they hate or like.
  14. Crazyfish (CF)


    Well Walking The Dog is easy for them. They will always Be Young my Favourite song is We Are Young I have both albums.
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