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    top spon ungebob quotes 2020:
    -ignoring spongebob pouring his heart out in pain and. terror- I know you want olives.

    what’s the matter is he stupid
    can I get a double large, double olive
    listen patrick, you’re big and strong...
    I got you, Squidward. 🎺 LAAAAA LAAA LAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAA!
    fat guys get hungry too right? YA!
    Lincoln, i think the award was for me, you must have gotten it by mistake.
    -sb grabs a child and breaks crushes his head for a sacrifice- ROOOOOOOOOO 🐘
    I’m my Own Man. (?)
    I know what you’re thinking! He’s just a crazy old man, let’s KILL him. -sob-
    I have got to get my dick sucked! 🏃‍♀️ Oh no he’s hot! I wanna Fuck You. LAAA AAAAAAAAAAA
    Do you like waffles?! YA WE LIKE- Peekaboo! AAAAAAAAA
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    Idiot Box going 17 years strong
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    1. Devil Donut, 2. The Good Plate, 3. Real Live Ghost Mop, Honorable mention, Charlie the Abused Pil

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  1. Just remember: slightly overcooked popcorn gives you the ability to breathe underwater.

    1. Sauce Mama

      Sauce Mama

      So no radioactive ants, falling in an acid factory and dipped in a vat of acid that is hit by an alien spaceship, carrying them on the wave during a solar eclipse on a leap year. precariously careening them to a bomb testing site where a cataclysmic explosion exposes our heroes to toxic radium gases, then as fate would have it, a neon-plaid lightning bolt zaps them, and through centrifugal and electromagnetic turbulence, causes a powerful earthquake deep in the jungle two-thousand miles away,...

    2. Sauce Mama

      Sauce Mama

      consequently unearthing a magical crystal with wings that flies to our heroes' exact location, and, powered by super gamma energy currents, pilots them to open skies until, not paying attention, the crystal clips the top of a billboard, flinging the two back to their apartment miraculously unharmed? You can't get superpowers from that??

    3. crushingmayhem


      Ok, your name is... nevermind.

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