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    top spon ungebob quotes 2020:
    -ignoring spongebob pouring his heart out in pain and. terror- I know you want olives.

    what’s the matter is he stupid
    can I get a double large, double olive
    listen patrick, you’re big and strong...
    I got you, Squidward. 🎺 LAAAAA LAAA LAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAA!
    fat guys get hungry too right? YA!
    Lincoln, i think the award was for me, you must have gotten it by mistake.
    -sb grabs a child and breaks crushes his head for a sacrifice- ROOOOOOOOOO 🐘
    I’m my Own Man. (?)
    I know what you’re thinking! He’s just a crazy old man, let’s KILL him. -sob-
    I have got to get my dick sucked! 🏃‍♀️ Oh no he’s hot! I wanna Fuck You. LAAA AAAAAAAAAAA
    Do you like waffles?! YA WE LIKE- Peekaboo! AAAAAAAAA
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    Idiot Box going 17 years strong
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    1. Devil Donut, 2. The Good Plate, 3. Real Live Ghost Mop, Honorable mention, Charlie the Abused Pil

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  1. mr krabs showing plankton he can also wed and own technology, thus continuing the cycle of man dominating women in holy matrimony (see also that episode where karen was used for the spider solidare game in the krispy kreme krab) , sad but a very real reality in the ocean depths seen below.
  2. Longing for its master, it was quick to sprout once it got the snot-tear nourishment it so honestly craved, even making loud slurping noises to confirm it. What do you think? Inanimate object or living plant organism? Squidward’s house has been shown on many occasions coming to life, even having its security system take over it and a mrenter like disembodied voice coming out of it. Has this pineapple had longing feelings ever since its seed of the original pineapple that was sucked away by the nematodes still have feelings for him all these years later? If SpongeBob was to get another pineapple would the seed now fully grown into an Young Adult fruit get extremely jealous? Only time and 13 more seasons of the show will tell, I assume. wait No No... the replacement has already begun. I wonder how the seed felt.
  3. top sb quotes updated in prof, see if urs made it

    1. Wumbo


      No Pingas :(

    2. OWM


      whos the fat kid talkin to

  4. Kuromi

    Ask Jeeves

    yo i heard dick dastardly is in scoob and that’s the only promising thing i’ve heard Having a whole wacky races-like HB cast in current day would be so good.
  5. that’s queer

  6. did you show the patty he had a patty kid with in a dream sequence a thing or two too
  7. Kuromi

    Ask Jeeves

    im so sorry mang I hope you still are able to find ways to distract/soothe yourself even for a bit. So is Jenks Cruisedays now streaming days at all?
  8. omg ur my age Hello Mrs. Tentacles, happy to hear about ur marriage
  9. bugs in the original looney tunes daffy and lola in the looney tunes show aka one of my favorite cartoons ever, porky is a close call in it
  10. Kuromi

    Ask Jeeves

    late reply but things with me are doing fine, avoiding a painful hospital visit but its nothing too important. how was ur week jenks man
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