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Status Replies posted by JCM

  1. Final day of summer. :(

  2. I'm thinking about taking a hiatus with the end of school coming and the start of summer


  4. IM BACK!!!

  5. I'm grounded for being caught talking to a member and lord knows when I won't be. You'll probably will see me only once a day for now.

    1. JCM


      You're not allowed to chat with people on here? Strange how you've been getting away with it for so long.

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  6. Spin-Off Festival, eh? Does anybody want to see a CDCB's Bikini Bottom Adventures return during this event? :D

  7. memorial day? what's that?

  8. One of the best XAT nights in awhile.

  9. I am never changing my avatar again. <3

    1. JCM


      I still haven't changed my avatar and I never will.

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  10. Waiting in a three hour line to see Iron Man 3. It's nice to finally be out of the house tho :D

  11. Xat not working for anyone else?

  12. "Patty should host Jeopardy." - Aquatic Nuggets.

  13. Well this is embarrassing. I just took a quiz on Facebook to figure out what song I am and apparently I'm "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.

  14. Welp, it looks like I'm SBC's first millionaire. You can all bow down now.

  15. I don't really see the funniness of this all, really. It was kind of creepy :(

  16. Ahahahaha pretending hacking for the lulz is hilarious ahahahahaha you guys have so much power over us ahahahahahaha

  17. what is the easiest way to get doubloons?

  18. White smoke. How is that even possible.

  19. i'm excited for little yellow book!,now whos with m?e

  20. Arthur is not a baby show, or a kids show, or whatever you guys may call it. (If this is another case of misinterpretation, I can skip the daily life lesson, thanks)

  21. I'm just a bill

  22. Been sick today. :/

  23. Aw forget what I said, I'm not going to be moping around. Especially when I have the role as SBC's royal fool!

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