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Status Replies posted by Pac-Man

  1. I bought Portal yesterday only to find that I cannot install it on our Mac because it's like a seven gigabyte download. :(

  2. I just noticed they removed the "Royal Family" group.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. "Squiditis" and "Demolition Doofus" aired in Germany a few minutes ago. Great episodes! I LOVED Mrs. Puff in the second episode. She's my favorite female character!

    1. Pac-Man


      Somebody liked Mrs. Puff in Demolition Doofus? I've officially seen it all.

    2. (See 9 other replies to this status update)

  5. So, that $400 million lottery winner who was all over the news is apparently my next-door neighbor.

  6. Yay! Employee of the month!

  7. AMC is airing a marathon of every Breaking Bad episode ever, so if I'm not active for the next couple of days, that's why.

  8. So today is the one year anniversary of when I applied to be a moderator. Feels weird.

  9. Well, i think i failed that Ap Gov test.

  10. for the first time in months, I'm the only one online :3

  11. Over 9000 posts.


  13. Internet-less Jelly is no more! This time I mean it :D

  14. Scared I've lost some friends :(

  15. I hate the signature size limitation.

  16. I've decided to unresign from my position as moderator. Hopefully, I'll use my powers for more than a month this time.

  17. Last night you were in my sex dreams, doing really nasty things, making love in my sex dreams~

  18. RIP Clappy's Beard

  19. 9000 posts, all in a weeekends work

  20. So I watched Mission Marvel yesterday. Really good. I decided to miss Wander Over Yonder, to do an errand, though.

  21. 200,000 profile views and 100 likes. What a day.

  22. Today I had the unfortunate discovery of knowing that, there are in fact people, that believe Katy Perry's Sweet Treats is actually a quality stuff pack. I have now lost a lot of faith in humanity.

  23. You know what would have made Chum Fricasse better? If Squilliam knew Squidward owned a five star restaurant.

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