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  1. Did you see anything suspicious before you were knocked out?
  2. Did you see SpongeBob talking with anybody before that?
  3. What did you talk to SpongeBob about?
  4. Did you talk to SpongeBob about anything?
  5. Did you talk to SpongeBob about anything?
  6. What did you and SpongeBob talk about? Did you see Plankton and the Flying Dutchman talk to SpongeBob?
  7. I'm surprised a topic wasn't made for this. But the SpongeBob SquarePants anime is basically a fan made web video of what would happen if SpongeBob was made into an anime. The youtube user Narmak made an opening and an ending before making a full on short episode, and all have been pretty popular. Sub: Dub: I don't know about you, but I'd totally watch it if it were a real thing.
  8. Well, it's nice that we're finally getting new episodes, but why wouldn't they air the rest of Season 12?
  9. Chapter 16: New Beginnings Back in Cullertown, the group was once again hanging around in the Hewitt Backyard. Wally was not among them and they were all forced to wait around for him since he said he needed to take care of something before sending Ollie, Dean, and Rook back home. He had been up in his room for nearly an hour now that the four had fallen asleep while waiting for him. Finally, Wally emerged from his house and entered the backyard while wearing his goggles over his eyes and carrying his backpack. Nina was the first to wake up. “Wally, there you are.” After they all awoke, Ollie confronted him. “Alright, Hewitt, you kept us waiting long enough.” He impatiently said. “Can you tell us what’s going on?” Lifting the goggles from his eyes, Wally explained, “Well, I figured that since we’re a team now, it’s important for each of us to be able to travel to each other dimensions, so…” Wally opened his backpack and dug around inside until he pulled out something that left the others speechless. “Are those…” asked Dean. Wally held out three interdimensional portal watches, which now had straps attached to them just like the one he owned. Ollie, Dean, and Rook each take a watch. Even Ollie couldn’t believe it. “No way!” “Maisha toso charoumenos!” Rook happily shouted as he jumped into the pool. “This is amazing, Wally.” Nina said, “Where did you get those?” Wally answered, “Those robots we fought had them. I figured with a few alterations I could put them to better use. Speaking of which…” He took the power charge crystal from his backpack and placed it on the ground. Wally took a hammer out of his backpack and smashed the crystal into four pieces. He gave Ollie, Dean, and Rook each a piece of the crystal. “Interdimensional watches must come with interdimensional chargers.” Wally stated. “Good thinking, Wally.” Nina congratulated. “You can say that again.” Dean sheepishly admitted, “Honestly, I don’t think we would have gotten this far without Wally. It was his plan we were following after all.” “Yes, it was.” Rook said as he held his new hydration collar and scooped it with water before locking it around his neck. He got out of the pool and added, “It was Wally as well who made this device to help me be on the surface.” The three boys look at each other and turned to Wally as they came to the same decision. “You know” Dean said. “I think Wally is the best person to be leader of this team.” “I hate to admit it, but I guess you’re right.” Ollie playfully punched Wally in the arm. “Congratulations, leader.” Wally smiled humbly, not expecting the others to choose him as their leader. “Gee, thanks, guys. I don’t know what to say.” “How about what the name of your team is gonna be?” Nina suggested. They fell silent as they tried to think of a name for themselves, having not had the time to really think of anything. “I haven’t really thought of that.” Wally admitted. Suddenly, Rook leapt up and shouted, “Interloopers!” Wally, Ollie, and Dean reacted in confusion over what Rook had said, believing it to be another of his Atlantean phrases. “Inter-what?” Ollie asked. “He called us “interloopers” before.” Rook explained, reminding them of what the First Trooper had referred to them as last night. “That should be our name. We truly are interloopers.” Wally frowned at Rook’s naivety and obvious mispronunciation of the word “interloper”. He attempted to correct him, “Uhh, Rook? That’s not how you pronounce interlope-” “I like it.” Dean said with a shrug. Ollie thought it over. “We’re interdimensional heroes called the Interloopers. I guess it could work.” Wally smiled as he too felt the name starting to grow on him. “Interloopers it is, then.” “Great.” An enthusiastic Nina said, “Now that you guys got your leader and your name, I will make sure you guys do your job to protect our dimensions, as your new manager.” “We’ll also need someone to help keep our interdimensional traveling confidential.” Wally suggested. “Leave that to your manager as well.” Wally stepped forward and announced, “Then I suppose this means that the Interloopers are now united.” Nina and the Interloopers, who now wore their watches, stack their hands together to celebrate the start of their new lives. In the office of Agent Feller, he was sitting at his desk, typing on a laptop until a knock was heard at the door. “Enter.” Agent Feller called. The door opened, and Agent Muldoon came inside. As he approached the desk, Agent Muldoon stated, “Sir, we have reports from the retrieval squad that the Troopers who were brought back from the mission are missing their interdimensional portal watches.” Agent Feller barely reacted to the news and responded, “I was afraid of this.” He tossed a folder across the desk towards Agent Muldoon. “Here. These are your new orders.” Agent Muldoon took the folder and opened it. He saw that inside the folder were photos that each contained an image of the four Interloopers that was taken by the Trooper during their battle. He was confused since there were no instructions on what he was supposed to do with the photos of boys he had never seen before. Agent Feller explained to him, “Those are residents from each of the dimensions you discovered suspicious activity from. I want you to find out as much about them as possible.” “But sir, these look like children.” Agent Muldoon pointed out. “Children who have stolen our technology and pose a much bigger threat than any of us realize. We need to uncover as much information as we can about them if we are to apprehend them and retrieve the watches. Do I make myself clear?” Closing the file, Agent Muldoon straightened his posture and answered, “Yes, sir. I’ll do my best, sir.” As he sat back in his chair, a confident Agent Feller stated, “Things always end in our favor. The favor of the Society.” The End
  10. Chapter 15: New Resolve After losing the battle to the Troopers that took Nina with them, leaving Wally and the others with the threat of coming to Sparkle Sity and surrendering themselves, Wally sat there with his head hung in defeat while Ollie and D. Evil regained consciousness. D. Evil turned to see Rook lying on the ground, asphyxiating. Thinking quickly, D. Evil surrounded Rook in dark energy and levitated him into the air, dropping him into the pool. Ollie approached the pool, hoping Rook hadn’t been on dry land for too long. Suddenly, there was a splash, nearly wetting Ollie. Rook emerged, looking better than ever as he relaxed on top of the water. Wally rushed over to them, asking, “Are you guys okay?” “Yeah, I think so.” Ollie responded. “But those robots got away.” “And they took Nina with them.” D. Evil mentioned. “All because they want Wally’s portal watch.” With a heavy sigh, Wally shamefully admitted, “This is all my fault.” D. Evil removed his mask, revealing his equally ashamed face. “This is all our faults. We were so wrapped up in who would lead this team that we forgot how to act like a team.” Wally, Ollie, and Rook looked away in remorse as they realized it was their petty fighting that caused Nina to get kidnapped. Despite this, Wally still couldn’t help but feel solely responsible since he was the one who brought them all together in the first place. As he stared at the interdimensional portal watch, it became clear what decision Wally had to make in order to fix everything. Wally noticed the sun starting to rise. He picked up the power surge crystal and held it up towards the sun, letting the sunlight shine through the crystal and illuminate onto the watch. The watch’s battery charged all the way, and the screen turned on. Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook were amazed that the rock really was able to charge the watch’s battery. Wally sadly informed them, “Look, I’ll make portals to your dimensions right now and I’ll turn myself in to save Nina. There’s no reason why you guys need to be dragged into this.” He was about to turn on the watch until Rook grabbed his arm and stopped him. Wally looked up in surprise to see Rook out of the pool, staring at him in determination. “Do not give up so easily, Wally.” Rook encouraged. “Nina is my friend as well, and I want to help save her.” He gasped and became breathless, but remained positive as he spoke with a rasp, “Even if I do not survive.” Before he completely suffocated, Rook rushed back to the pool and dove into the water. Wally stared in surprise, having not realized Rook cared so much about him and Nina. He was even more surprised when D. Evil and Ollie came to his sides. “We all wanna help save her.” D. Evil told Wally, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Ollie asked Wally, “Didn’t you say before that you had a plan to help us win?” Feeling touched by their words of encouragement and willingness to help him rescue Nina, Wally smiled and nodded. He then noticed Rook soaking the hand towel in the pool and wrapping it around his neck, even though it would not keep him hydrated for very long. Wally’s eyes locked onto Dale’s stacked plastic rings that sat on the patio and he brightened with an idea. “You guys sit tight for a bit.” Wally enthusiastically said. “I’ll be right back.” He ran off towards his house and undid the stack of rings, grabbing the biggest ring at the bottom before going inside. Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook stayed in the backyard, wondering what it was that Wally could be doing at a time like this. “I thought what we said was very inspiring.” Ollie pointed out. In the dimension containing Sparkle Sity, the sun had just rose over the city where mythical creatures flew through the morning sky. In the park were squirrels, rabbits, and pixies, along with the two Troopers that held Nina hostage. Struggling to get out of the Trooper’s grasp, Nina yelled, “You’re gonna be in so much trouble when Wally gets here!” Watching from the First Trooper’s eye, which broadcasted onto Professor Sanders’s computer, the professor asked, “Are you sure this is going to work, sir?” “It has to.” Agent Feller stoically replied. “Children can be easily persuaded with the right motivation.” It seemed that Agent Feller was correct when they looked at the screen to see a portal appear in the park. Knowing who would be emerging from the portal, Agent Feller put on the headset, preparing to speak through the First Trooper. From out of the portal in the park came Wally, Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook. All of whom had sheer determination on their faces as they stood against the Troopers. “I am pleased you all decided to come.” The First Trooper spoke to them, “Now, I trust you will hand over your watch and come with us to our dimension. I assure you that your friend will not be harmed afterwards.” “Don’t do it, Wally!” Nina called out to him until the Trooper covered her mouth, muffling her voice. The First Trooper held its right hand out, anticipating the group to come over and Wally to hand over the interdimensional portal watch. Wally looked at the watch on his wrist as if contemplating what to do. He looked over to Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook. The three gave him assuring smiles. “Ready when you are.” D. Evil said to Wally with a wink. Feeling encouraged and knowing his friends were right behind him, Wally smirked and hid the watch behind his back. He shouted, “Ollie and Rook, to the right. D. Evil and I will take the left.” Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook nodded with a confident smile. Wally shouted, “Now let’s unite to save Nina!” The four split into action, which was all viewed by Agent Feller and Professor Sanders from their monitor. The former narrowed his eyes in anger and shouted, “Apprehend them! Do whatever it takes!” Rook stopped for a moment and touched the plastic collar he was now wearing around his neck, which covered his gills. Wally had made it for him in order to help Rook breathe on dry land so he could accompany them, and Rook was relieved to see it was working. Rook confronted the Second Trooper and shouted, “You are to be bested by Rook!” he held his arms out while his tattoos glowed, but realized that he was not controlling any water- because there was no water to control. “Aww, shakaht!” he shouted in dismay. The Trooper charged at the defenseless Rook. But just like last time, Ollie quickly moved in between them, deflecting the punch by holding out his wand; only this time with the intent of defending Rook rather than trying to show him up. As he held the Trooper’s attack back, Ollie said to the Atlantean, “Rook, right over there! There’s a small pond with water you can use!” Rook turned his head to see an area of bushes and tall grass, which he believed was what Ollie was referring to. Focusing intently, he held his right hand out towards the area and the tattoos on his hand and wrist glowed as a long stream of water lifted into the air. Smiling in satisfaction, Rook swung his arms and moved the water around the Second Trooper, constricting its arms to its side. Ollie twirled backwards and pointed his wand at the Second Trooper, shouting, “SPARKLE GLITTER BLAST!” A blast of glittery magic hit the Second Trooper and it fell on its back. Rook and Ollie cautiously approached it and saw the glow from its single eye fade as it powered down. Happy that they managed to defeat the Trooper on their own, Ollie high-fived Rook while cheering, “Awesome!” “Efcharisto, Ollie.” Rook cheered as well. Even though he has no idea what Rook was saying, Ollie kindly responded, “No. Efcharisto you, Rook.” From the other dimension, Professor Sanders informed Agent Feller, “Sir, I’ve lost contact with Trooper 2.” Realizing what this meant, Agent Feller shook with fury and demanded, “Keep control over the remaining one. Let me handle the rest.” Wally and D. Evil were taking on the remaining Trooper. D. Evil hovered in the air, and flew towards the First Trooper, holding his right fist out. But anticipating this move, the First Trooper held Nina up like a shield, causing D. Evil to stop mid-flight. The First Trooper swung its other fist towards D. Evil, who had no time react. Wally swung his whip around D. Evil’s ankle and yanked him backwards to save him from the Trooper’s punch, unlike last time when he did so out of spite. “That’s dirty!” Nina yelled to her captor for using her against her friends. Wally stepped forward and confronted the First Trooper. From his safe position, Agent Feller spoke to him through the Trooper, “You’re making a big mistake, young man. You’re tampering with forces beyond your knowledge.” Wally boldly responded, “Thankfully, I love to learn.” He swung his whip into the air and called out, “D. Evil!” Flying through the air, D. Evil caught the end of the whip and swung Wally, who held onto the other end of his whip. Wally held his legs out and kicked the First Trooper to the ground, causing it release Nina. The two kids tumbled through the air. But before they could hit the ground, they were surrounded with dark energy thanks to D. Evil and were levitated safely to the ground. Once they were safe, a frantic Wally held Nina’s shoulders and asked, “Are you okay, Nina?” Shrugging her shoulders, Nina calmly answered, “Yeah, Wally, I’m fine. Those jerks don’t scare me.” The First Trooper was standing back up as it spoke again, “You’re all making a big mistake.” Whatever else it was going to say was cut off by D. Evil’s energy blast, shattering its single eye. Ollie and Rook approached the others just as D. Evil proceeded to finish First Trooper off by lifting it into the air with his demon strength. “Some assembly required.” D. Evil taunted before smashing the Trooper to the ground in pieces. “Wally. D. Evil.” Rook said with joy, “You have bested your opponent.” D. Evil proudly responded, “Looks like you and Ollie didn’t do such bad job yourselves.” Wally held his chin and said, “But I can’t help but wonder where those things came from.” “Who cares?” Nina shouted in excitement, “You guys did it! You saved me and you beat the bad guys! You really are the perfect team!” She wrapped her arms around the four and pulled them in for a hug. Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding their victory, they started to feel proud of themselves, realizing that after working together, they managed to save the day. Wally’s eyes glanced down at the pieces of the First Trooper that lied at his feet. Among the debris was the Trooper’s arm with an interdimensional portal watch attached to its wrist, not even scratched thanks to its indestructible exterior. Wally snuck away from the group and pulled the watch off the arm, realizing that it was just like the other two he already had. He glanced over at the remains of the Second Trooper, and spotted another portal watch on its left wrist. Realizing that he had three extra watches in his possession, Wally smirked as he began to form an idea in his head. In the other dimension, Professor Sanders solemnly announced, “I’ve lost contact with both Troopers now.” Agent Feller removed the headset and threw it on the ground in a calm fit of rage. “I’m going to send orders to retrieve them. But before I do, show me the Trooper’s surveillance footage again.” “What for, sir?” Professor Sanders asked. “That’s an order.”
  11. Chapter 14: The Fallout With two Troopers in his backyard and remembering how violent they could be, Wally knew he would be in so much trouble if his parents woke up and saw this. If they found out his new team were from other dimensions and that he was being attacked by robots from other dimensions, who knew what they would do. “Excuse me?” Wally sheepishly said as he cautiously approached the Troopers. “My parents are trying to sleep, so can you maybe come back in the morning?” What Wally didn’t know was that the First Trooper’s mechanical eye was broadcasting an image of Wally all the way to a monitor that was being operated by Professor Sanders. Agent Feller was standing behind her, wearing a headset. The First Trooper spoke to Wally in Agent Feller’s voice, “So you are the one in possession of interdimensional portal technology and have been illegally dimension hopping.” “Whoa, it talks now.” Nina said in surprise. The First Trooper continued, “You will hand over the watch, and then you and the rest of these interlopers will come with us.” Hearing this, Wally’s eyes widened in shock. Not only were the strange intimidating robots invading his dimension, but they wanted to take the watch he discovered and take him somewhere. While the thought of seeing another new dimension did intrigue him, he did not feel comfortable accompanying a violent robot. Wally moved his left arm containing the watch behind his back and responded, “No way. I can’t give you my watch.” Ollie, Dean, Rook, and Nina come to Wally’s side to confront the Troopers. Dean said to the Trooper, “And I don’t see any reason why any of us should go with you.” Rook yelled out to the Trooper, “You are not acting very nice!” “So pfft to you!” Ollie shouted while blowing a raspberry. Seeing that the kids were not going to come quietly, Agent Feller gave the signal to Professor Sanders. She typed on her computer and gave the orders for the Troopers to attack and apprehend the group. Once they received the signal, the two Troopers lifted their arms out and slowly advanced towards the group. The four boys reacted in surprise as they realized the Troopers were not going to leave them be. Staying calm as she hid behind Wally, Nina whispered to him, “Something tells me they’re bad guys and it’s time for your first battle as a team. Think you can handle it?” Wally took off his backpack and reached inside until he pulled out his trusty whip. After releasing the whip, Wally responded, “There’s two of those things and four of us, so I think if we...” Before he could announce the plan he already formulated in his head, Ollie interrupted, “Whoa, whoa, hold on there, nerd. You’re not the leader of this team.” But Dean joined in on their arguing, “Neither are you because I should be.” Even Rook argued, “I believe I make a good leader.” “Excuse me!” Wally yelled over them, “But I’ve already formulated a plan for victory.” With the group distracted, the two Troopers advanced towards them, but Wally, Ollie, and Dean were too busy arguing with each other to notice. “What, are you gonna take notes and study it?” Ollie mocked Wally. Like Wally, Dean also didn’t appreciate Ollie’s mockery and decided to dish out some of his own, “Are you gonna twirl around like a fairy princess and wave your wand?” This pushed the wrong kinds of buttons for Ollie and he was ready to pounce on Dean. “Oh, that does it!” Ollie snarled. “Guys! Watch out!” Nina called out to them. Since Wally, Dean, and Ollie were arguing, they were too distracted to notice that the First Trooper was right next to them and was about to strike them with its fist. However, it was suddenly pushed away from them by a large stream of water. They saw Rook standing by the pool with his hand held out while the glow of his tattoos dimmed down. “Do not worry!” Rook enthusiastically shouted as he jumped up and down. “As leader, I shall protect my friends!” He ran towards the Troopers, eager to prove himself as a born leader. But Ollie quickly realized his intent. “Oh, no, you don’t!” Ollie angrily yelled at Rook, “I’m the leader!” Ollie removed his brooch and it magically changed into his wand. Afterwards, he ran towards the Troopers in order to prove that he was the better choice for leader. Dean approached the First Trooper, smiling in confidence as he held up his right hand. “Watch how a real leader does it.” He said as he snapped his fingers and transformed into D. Evil. Watching the whole scene in fury, Wally narrowed his eyes in dismay. Nina didn’t even approve of how everyone was behaving. She turned to Wally, hoping he could convince everyone to work together. “Wally, are you seriously gonna-” But Wally was not even listening to her and only believed she was concerned that he won’t get the position of leader. He responded, “No way, Nina. I’m not gonna let them show me up.” “That’s not what I...” But rather than listen to her concerns, Wally ran off into battle. Nina groaned in annoyance. In the lab, Agent Feller covered his microphone and stated, “We are experiencing some resistance. Prepare apprehension by force.” Professor Sanders responded, “Yes, sir.” She typed the orders on the computer, and they are transmitted to the Troopers. The Second Trooper split apart from the first one to apprehend the some of the boys. Rook confronted the approaching Trooper by levitating a stream of water that he shaped into an eel. He faced his adversary with eager determination. “You are about to face...” Rook started to say until he became breathless and realized that the towel around his neck was no longer wet enough to help him breathe. He was forced to use the water he was controlling to form a sphere of water around his head, giving him relief that he could breathe again. Since Rook had no way to defend himself, the Second Trooper approached him and was prepared to strike Rook from behind. Ollie quickly moved in between them, deflecting the punch by holding out his wand. As he held the Second Trooper back, Ollie said, “Step aside, Rook. A real leader doesn’t need Magical Girl magic to win a fight.” With a yell, Ollie jumped forward and started hitting the Trooper with his wand since he refused to use magic, knowing that the others would see him twirl around while waving his wand, and they would never take him seriously as a leader. But despite this preferred method, using the wand like a blunt object proved ineffective, and the Second Trooper nonchalantly smacked Ollie away. Ollie flew across the yard until he crashed into Rook and they both fell to the ground. While Ollie ended up unconscious, this proved far worse for Rook because he lost his water sphere and was lying on the ground, gasping for breath. The Second Trooper approached the two fallen boys and when it tried to grab them, Nina quickly moved between them with her arms spread apart. “No!” she yelled out defiantly. While she didn’t have any weapons or special abilities like Wally and his team, she was prepared to defend her new friends. Meanwhile, the First Trooper was attempting to grab Wally with its giant fists, but the boy dodged and rolled out of the way. D. Evil hovered in the air as he fired an energy blast at the Trooper, doing minimal damage. It suddenly grabbed D. Evil by the ankle and swung him across the yard. Seeing this, Wally smirked in pleasure, believing that it proved he was the efficient leader who could now finish off the robot himself. Wally deflected the Trooper’s punch by swinging his whip at it, causing the Trooper to recoil. “You are wasting your time, son.” The First Trooper spoke to Wally. “Surrender yourselves and I assure you that by tomorrow, all this will be nothing but a dream.” Wally paused for a second, wondering what the robot could possibly be talking about. But he quickly dismissed it as nonsense and scowled. “I’ve already dreamt enough about a discovery like this. I’m not gonna let you or anything else take it away from me.” He swung his whip at the First Trooper and it wrapped around its ankle. Wally proceeded to yank on the whip in order to cause the Trooper to fall on its back. But this proved to be a struggle due to the Trooper’s large size and Wally couldn’t even get it to budge no matter how hard he pulled. The Trooper just stood there in place, watching him struggle, as if it were toying with him. However, this did provide a distraction so that D. Evil could fly down and punch the Trooper in the face, sending it flying across the ground. But this unintentionally caused Wally to be yanked forward with it thanks to his whip still being attached to the First Trooper’s leg. As they watched from the monitor, Agent Feller and Agent Sanders reacted in shock from their Trooper being taken down. In all their experience dealing with people who threatened to expose interdimensional travel, they have never met this much resistance. After getting over the shock, Agent Feller spotted the image from camera connected to the Second Trooper and quickly formed an idea. He regained his stoic demeanor and stated, “Do as I say.” D. Evil hovered above the fallen Trooper with a smirk of confidence, knowing he had just proven why he was the best choice to be made leader of the team. As he sat on the ground, Wally glared at D. Evil, angered by what he did, believing it to be some form of sabotage for a chance to take the spot as leader. But D. Evil did not notice and powered his hands with dark energy. “Time to blow your tin can into the next dimension.” He taunted. When he was about to fire the finishing blow to the First Trooper, Wally’s whip wrapped around his ankle and he was yanked towards the ground, slamming his face into the grass. He looked back to see Wally with his arms crossed as he uncaringly said, “Whoops, sorry.” Appalled by what Wally had just done, D. Evil confronted him. “Wally, what the heck?!” Getting in each other’s faces, Wally argued, “If you get to hinder my ability to lead, why shouldn’t I hinder yours?” “Oh, I’ll give you a lead.” Dean threatened with his fist held up. “A five minute one.” Before their fight can escalate, a scream was heard. They turned and reacted in shock when they saw the Second Trooper holding Nina while she struggled to get loose. “Let go of me!” screamed Nina. “Nina!” Wally cried out. He and D. Evil were about to charge in and save her, but the First Trooper smacked both of them away. Wally landed against a tree, opening his eyes to see the Trooper that was restraining Nina standing next to the First Trooper. “I’m afraid if you’re not going to surrender, I will have to give you some incentive.” The First Trooper stated, “Once you’re ready, come to Sparkle Sity. I’ll be waiting there with your friend.” A portal appeared, and the Troopers walked through it. Nina was carried into the portal as she screamed, “Wally!” When the portal disappeared, Wally stood up and collapsed to his knees over losing his best friend. “Nina…” he muttered in despair, “…no.”
  12. Hey, a while ago, they released a new patch for the game, which fixed some of the problems I had stated on my previous post. The new patch reduces the price for Mr. Krabs's golden spatulas, bringing it back down to the original game's price scaling of 500 per spatula. Also, the movie theater now shows concept art for the game. Since my last post, I had played horde mode and can now give an opinion of it. While it was pretty cool fighting Robo-Squidward and playing as Gary and Squidward, it was also pretty underwhelming and I feeling there could've been more to it, like a storyline, dialogue, or some kind of reward at the end. So, I'd rather just stick to playing the single player mode.
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