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  1. In movie theaters, "Priscilla" (surprised they didn't use MORE Elvis songs, but it WAS her movie; so more power to her), and "Napoleon". My only complaints about that movie is that they didn't cover the Battle of Trafalgar, or how Napoleon's brother; in his attempt to seize Portugal in 1807 cost France thousands of casualties, untold sums of money, and contributed to the eventual weakening of the Napoleonic Empire. Other than that, pretty solid movie. Enough said, true believers!
  2. 9/10. In "The Salty Sponge", there was going to be a scene where Flats The Flounder barged into The Salty Spittoon, wanting to officially become one of the toughest creatures in the sea, only to BOLT for it as soon as he saw Spongebob working there. It was cut due to executives fearing that NOBODY would remember the episode Flats ORIGINALLY appeared in!
  3. Let's see...on the Nintendo Switch, I've beaten a bunch of "Sonic The Hedgehog" games that I've never had the chance to beat before. "Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear version), Sonic CD, Sonic Chaos (Game Gear version...which I ONLY say because it was APPARENTLY released on the Sega Master System in Europe and Brazil), Sonic Spinball (Game Gear version...same reason as above), and "Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble" all via "Sonic Origins Plus". Right now, I'm currently playing, enjoying, and beating the Nintendo Switch re-make/remaster of "Super Mario RPG"! Enough said, true believers!
  4. Santa, he actually GIVES you Christmas presents if you've been good all year! The Grinch just TAKES them REGARDLESS if you've been bad or good, and the less said about Krampus, the better. Enough said!
  5. This episode is significant in TWO ways. First off, this marks the FIRST episode segment of THIS show to NOT feature Spongebob in ANY way, shape or form whatsoever! Second, it's the FIRST time we see a SIGNIFICANT interaction between Bubble Bass and Squidward! Initially just FORCED to tolerate each other's company on a train ride (with Squidward going to the clarinet convention and Bubble Bass going to a comic book convention), there is no shortage of ARGUMENTS between them, as Bubble Bass CONSTANTLY thinks with his stomach (much to Squidward's annoyance and detriment), accidentally causes them to lose a baby (it's revealed to be fine) and their tickets, forcing them to walk until they get to Old Man Jenkins' farm! Thankfully, he allows them to ride with him on a plane! Not so wisely, he packs SNACKS on the plane, and when Bubble Bass goes to get some, the rear half of the plane detaches! When it lands, Squidward (not wanting to deal with trying to retrieve a coin that landed in Bubble Bass' belly button) decides by using the rear half of the plane as a makeshift rickshaw, manages to get the both of them to their hotel! However, the rooms they booked were given away since they were supposed to check in YESTERDAY! Thankfully, there IS another room available, but they both have to share it! Squidward does NOT want to share a bed with Bubble Bass when he EATS in bed, and is DISGUSTED by how Bubble Bass SOMEHOW managed to leave an entire RUG of his own BODY hair on the floor! Thankfully, they manage to get through the night, and are on their way to their conventions, with both of them commenting on the ridiculousness of the costumes that some comic book cos-players and clarinet players wear! Not only are the two conventions right NEXT to each other, Old Man Jenkins ACCIDENTALLY causes his plane to CRASH into the Comic Book convention, causing it to EXPLODE (but at least, the citizens inside survive), one of the statues that Old Man Jenkins' plane hit, CRASHES into the clarinet convention, causing it to float UP to the surface! On top of that, they don't have RETURN tickets to Bikini Bottom, forcing them to use a handcart rail-cart to get back to Bikini Bottom, with a mother AND her baby furiously seeking them! Even though they LOATHE each other, they HATE getting hurt by someone else a WHOLE lot more! I hope we get to see more episodes like this in the future! I give this episode a 9.9 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  6. Interesting concept, but I feel that the whole concept of characters conforming has already been done BETTER, in the episode regarding the Jellien invasion! Also, why did SQUIDWARD have to become an anchovy at the end?! HE was the one who actually went out of his WAY to help Spongebob et al become their normal selves again! At least they had the good sense to feature Dan Doppler again. I'd give this episode a 6.5 out of 10 at best. Enough said, true believers!
  7. This episode is significant in a couple of ways. First, it firmly establishes in "Spongebob Squarepants" canon from "The Patrick Star Show", that "The Kelpbed Kids" (which Grandpat Star and Grandma Tentacles were a part of) IS an in universe, old movie reel shorts from the 1930's (including their OWN reference to "Hooky")! Second, it gives a long awaited day in the limelight to Old Man HOOPS Walker! Both in "The Kelpbed Kids" (and even out of it), Hoops Walker was the Gadget Genius of the group, coming up with ways (usually involving hoops) to help get his fellow friend kids out of trouble. When Spongebob and Patrick go to visit him, they find out that Hoops' in-universe kid bully, has now grown up into an old man bully, who has NOT matured beyond his petty means of bullying, so Spongebob and Patrick decide to help Hoops teach that bully a lesson! While this episode segment was good, I'd really like to see ANOTHER episode of Grandpat and Hoops interacting together, and maybe see MORE of "The Kelpbed Kids"! I'd give this episode a 9.9 out of 10.
  8. It's been a LONG time since the writers of this show have done anything significant in regards to the Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff relationship, but at long last; we have this episode. Just when it seems Mr. Krabs is FINALLY getting the hang of actually DATING Mrs. Puff by NOT being too cheap, and also NOT spending too much; he ends up feeling insecure when he gets caught in the undertow of the Blue Lagoon, necessitating the need for Larry to save his life! And of course, when Mrs. Puff blows Larry an innocent kiss as a token of thanks, Mr. Krabs...does NOT take it well! Mr. Krabs decides the only thing to do is for Mr. Krabs to regain his youthful strength by going to the gym! Apparently, the cheapest gym in town just HAPPENS to be Larry's Gym! Even though Mr. Krabs tries to go incognito (with Spongebob's old rainbow wig from "No Weenies Allowed"), Larry can EASILY tell it's Mr. Krabs; but decides there's no harm in letting Mr. Krabs train at his gym if he WANTS to! However, it isn't until Spongebob reveals the BEST way to motivate Mr. Krabs, is with the use of money that he starts making progress! Unfortunately, in a case of "Surprisingly Realistic Outcome", a mere week of working out does NOT make Mr. Krabs significantly stronger! Unfortunately, when Larry takes off HIS shell in order to take a dip in a sauna, Mr. Krabs gets an INSIDIOUS idea; Mr. Krabs takes off HIS shell, and puts on LARRY'S shell! Unfortunately, just like Spongebob did when HE got the Anchor Arms in "Musclebob Buffpants", Mr. Krabs uses his stolen, muscular shell to act like the BIGGEST jerk on the beach, and letting EVERYONE there gawk at his muscular body, and causing Mrs. Puff to rightfully FUME at Mr. Krabs' arrogance! Thankfully, it doesn't take too long for Larry (having to wear Mr. Krabs' REAL shell), to come to the beach, DEMANDING Mr. Krabs return what is RIGHTFULLY Larry's! Craig Mammalton, seeing Larry and not knowing the full story is, thinks Larry merely stopped exercising for a few MINUTES, and frantically begins pumping iron! When Larry accidentally eats fondue and falls into Goo Lagoon, Mr. Krabs decides it's HIS turn to save Larry! Unfortunately, because Mr. Krabs is SO arrogant about the save, it prompts Mrs. Puff to inform Mr. Krabs that muscles meant absolutely NOTHING to Mrs. Puff, it's the personality of a MAN that endears Mrs. Puff to him! Mrs. Puff leaves the beach with Larry, causing Mr. Krabs to tear OFF Larry's shell in desperation; leaving Mr. Krabs NAKED and trying to claim that his attitude was just a joke! Only time will tell if this is a permanent writing change or not. I'd give this episode a 9.9 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  9. Call me WAY late to the party, but I'm FINALLY starting to catch up on watching episodes of "The Paw Patrol". Why, oh WHY did I wait SO long to start WATCHING the series?! Now, if shows like "Teen Titans Go!" and "Velma" could JUST make episodes that were at LEAST 1/10th as good as an average episode of "The Paw Patrol"...that would be GREAT!
  10. Looks promising, let's see if Aardman can deliver another home run! Enough said, true believers!
  11. Turkeys, though penguins come in as a close second. For fictional birds, the Chocobo, and the Cucco which is harmless...UNLESS you're STUPID enough to attack it TOO much!
  12. Whatever happened to that OTHER shark family that appeared in that one scene in "Spongeguard On Duty"?
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