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  1. WHAT'S THIS?! It actually took me LESS than a WHOLE week to start writing on the next episode?! Maybe I'm starting to get my efficiency back, knock on wood! (Whatever THAT means!) In any case, it's time for the Penultimate episode of "Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back!" Hope you're ready for it! / Sniz is in a dance studio, and he says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back, (Clips of the previous episode play throughout), we were down to the Final Four; Po, Jenny, Bubble Bass and Private. Po and Jenny made the BIG mistake of insulting Private's seeming lack of challenge potential ri
  2. Happy Birthday, smartcookie20! Hope you enjoy your birthday treats!
  3. Never thought they'd bring back Cro-Magnon Sponge, Snail Sponge, Knight Sponge, and SpongeBuck again! And as far as seven worlds go? "Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom" only had 4 levels, but each level had 10 stages, and optional challenges that made the game feel longer and harder than that! Maybe this upcoming game will have a similar deal; a small number of levels, but a healthy amount of stages, and a bunch of optional challenges to extend the game beyond the regular game-play! It's definitely something I'm putting on MY watch list! Enough said, true believers!
  4. In movie theaters, I have recently seen "Respect" (the Aretha Franklin movie biopic), and "Paw Patrol: The Movie". Both were good in their own ways.
  5. I...cannot BELIEVE it took me more than a year to get back to writing this episode! I actually wanted to write it down sooner, but life kept getting in the way. So, I apologize for the delay. I'll write down this part of the episode segment, and hopefully, it won't take me ANOTHER full year to write down another episode! Here's the second and final part of the "Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back" episode, "Beasts Of Burden!" (Dedicated to Charlie Watts) / The commercials finally end, and Sniz says: "Okay, everybody! It's time to discuss what you all need to know!" Tigress snarkily says: "Why it
  6. Tough call between Clinton and W., but as much as I HATE to admit it, the cartoons were SLIGHTLY better during the W. years (probably because the jokes were a LOT easier to come by!)
  7. Knock Knock, Who's Danny Devito? ("Knock Knock, Who's There"?)
  8. I'm calling Incidental 6, he's green, and other than Fred, he's had the most screen-time of any of the incidentals I've seen.
  9. "Fangface" (a criminally under-rated Ruby-Spears cartoon series from 1978).
  10. Happy Birthday, Bob Carotte, and anybody else having a birthday! Happy Birthday Cake!
  11. A live album by Creedence Clearwater Revival called, "The Concert", a collection of songs originally recorded on January 31, 1970, at the Oakland Coliseum. Sounds pretty good, as to be expected by John Fogerty and company.
  12. A $100, obviously, because it is LITERALLY worth 100 times MORE than a REGULAR $1 bill!
  13. That fish is purple, and Rube is purple...maybe those two fish are related somehow! Hint hint, fanfic writers!
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