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  1. Happy birthday Katniss! Happy birthday cake!
  2. In Groucho Marx's voice: "Nobody here except us ghosts!"
  3. Well, now we know the secret of Apple Pumpkin Pie!
  4. Out of the two episodes that premiered tonight, this was definitely the better one of the two in my honest opinion! I honestly thought we would NEVER see Mystery The Sea Horse, or the Sea Bunnies, make a cameo appearance again! Still, you have to wonder how did SOMEBODY manage to make a SEA BEAR into a pet, or how SANDY managed to make the ALASKAN BULL WORM into a pet! It's pretty amazing how this type of plot hasn't been done before; although it does seem weird how Squidward suddenly develops an allergy to worms, when he never HAD such an allergy before (than again, in real life, allergies CAN start occurring to people at any given time, if the circumstances are right). And it seems weird that Plankton would LET his potential customers use HIS materials to disguise themselves as pets, instead of keeping them at his restaurant to eat his food. Although, it could be chalked up to that maybe Plankton either doesn't WANT his customers to realize his food is TOO horrible to eat, or maybe he's just trying to show that he's NOT as one-dimensional as people think that he is! It's nice to see Health Inspector Yellowtail again, although, I don't know why he STARTED the problem, if he ended up going AGAINST the problem later, although we at LEAST got a nice new song out of the deal. Too bad the Fire Marshal had to end it, due to "Reality Ensues", as an eating facility cannot have TOO many customers in it at any given time, as it creates a fire hazard! At least Mr. Krabs will always have Spongebob, and at least Squidward's allergies didn't get as GROSS as they could have gotten. I'll give this episode an 8.8. out of 10. Enough said, true believers!
  5. No arguments there, Chuck. Although to be fair to Karen, this isn't the FIRST time that Plankton has FAILED to focus on her! By her calculations, he's failed at LEAST 4,000,000 times! And, if Karen REALLY wanted to entice Plankton to pay attention to her, she should have just told him in ADVANCE that she was trying to synthesize the Krabby Patty Secret Formula! (Of course, if she had, we wouldn't have gotten the plot that we did!) And it seems like Plankton REALLY grabbed the "Idiot Ball" in this episode (which is really SAYING something, considering that's usually PATRICK'S job!) Plankton's intelligence REALLY takes a nose-dive whenever the prospect of getting the Krabby Patty Secret Formula comes around! You would EXPECT, that he'd try to SELL OUT Patrick as a TRAITOR, trying to take Karen AWAY from him while he was 'Inconveniently Indisposed'. And instead, he immediately dresses up in his Ray-Ray persona, and acts like Karen is just going to REVEAL the Secret Formula to him, like it was NO BIG DEAL! So, Plankton really only has himself to BLAME for the situation he got himself into in this episode! One thing I noticed about this episode, is that with the exception of a very QUICK cameo, Spongebob wasn't IN this episode at all, so it seems that the writers are getting more confident about NOT having to shove Spongebob into a plot if it isn't necessary. Still, I'd only give this episode a 7.5 out of 10, because the plot has kind of been done before. Enough said, true believers!
  6. "I Always Feel Like, Somebody's Watching Me"!
  7. Getting apples SHOULDN'T be THIS hard!
  8. I'm listening to the "Essential Etta James", a double-disc CD album of her greatest hits!
  9. 15b. "Pinball Wizard" Squidward FINALLY discovers the ONE thing he is GENUINELY good at, beating ALL the high scores on all the pinball games! Mr. Krabs, the opportunist that he is, decides to enlist Squidward as a professional Pinball Wizard! Hilarity ensues!
  10. Inset obligatory "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You" joke here.
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