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    Everyone has a right to their own opinion; I was the March 2017 Employee Of The Month; I Was King Neptune on 8-27-2020!
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  1. I'm listening to the "Essential Etta James", a double-disc CD album of her greatest hits!
  2. 15b. "Pinball Wizard" Squidward FINALLY discovers the ONE thing he is GENUINELY good at, beating ALL the high scores on all the pinball games! Mr. Krabs, the opportunist that he is, decides to enlist Squidward as a professional Pinball Wizard! Hilarity ensues!
  3. I'll try Patrick's Rock this time.
  4. So many apples, so little time.
  5. Inset obligatory "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You" joke here.
  6. Pretend I'm saying something witty about Pac-Man chomping down on ghosts here.
  7. I'll try Mrs. Puff's House this time.
  8. Insert obligatory "Luigi's Mansion" joke here.
  9. I just bought "Super Mario 3D All Stars" for the Nintendo Switch from Target, so I will be playing, beating, and enjoying that game as soon as I possibly can!
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