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  1. Joined this website exactly ten years ago. Whew, where'd all that time go? <333

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. That Excited SpongeKid
    3. NegiSpongie


      I'm coming up the ten year mark too. I had NO IDEA that I joined on Christmas.

    4. Katniss


      happy 10th anniversary dude! :plankton2:

  2. Whoa, MA back in the top 10 with a vengeance! Love it!
  3. KOTM cracking the top 10
  4. That was a great final (and fitting) wrap-up, guys. I'm truly proud of the way the theater has entertained and united the community over the last few years - cementing itself as a true legacy. Hats off to you, Jjs, and to all the riffers and fans who made this ride well worth it.
  5. Wow, a huge thanks to the fans and readers who made it possible for Team SpongeBob's series finale to secure #1. You guys have been the best .
  6. Whoa, MA and TS came back with a vengeance, haha.
  7. Good riddance to this catastrophe. Loved you guys' riffs and ending rants. Really summed up everything that sucked about this.
  8. I deadass spit out my water when I read this. Hoo boy, xDDDD. Another really awful episode imo, but great riffs as usual.
  9. This show definitely has a lot of problems with humor and pacing, but these riffs are at least making it somewhat bearable to get through xD. Great job, guys.
  10. Very happy that Team SpongeBob took it's first #1 spot on the SpongeBoard . Huge thanks to the fans!
  11. Holy damn! Team SpongeBob's views are lit <3 .
  12. Nice conclusion,everyone. I had a great time riffing this, and it was fun to take one last crack at one of my most lulzy works . The sad thing is, Jjs was right,..there's a decent spin-off buried somewhere in this mess, and under better writing back then, it could of been good.
  13. I think that was the most boring episode. At least the others had lulzy stuff going on.
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