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  1. In case you guys haven't seen it yet, I'm devolping a spin-off of Spongebob entitled "My Leg!: The Adventures of Fred the Fish." The show's pilot should be ready sunday or monday, and then 2 more before thrusday (I'll be out 'till the next monday, then school starts so I'll be less active probablly) Please check it out.

  2. Ok so this my new Spongebob spin-off show. Basiclly it stars Fred the fish (the fish that screams "My Leg" on Spogebob) as he returns to Bikini Bottom after moving to Kelp City for 4 years, and he learns Bikini Bottom is much different then before.

    Characters: Fred is the main character, and he will interact with most of Bikini Bottom, giving them more character than in Spongebob, although he will also interact with characters from Spongebob, like Patrick and Squidward for example.

    Main Storyline: Fred the Fish is tired of getting hurt all the time in Bikini Bottom, and due to the fact that his Health Care can't cover him much longer, so he heads off to Kelp City for affordable care. Four years later, Fred is a bum on the street, and decides to return to Bikini Bottom rather than live in the hell that Kelp City has become. He returns and sees some instant differences. Stay Tuned for the pilot episode, coming exclusively to SBC real soon.

    If you have any comments and/or questions about the spin-off, feel free to list them below

  3. The only ones I really liked from CN were: Ed, Ed, and Eddy, Camp Lazlo, and sometimes Courage the Cowardly Dog. I thought Dextar's Labratory was okay, same for Johnny Bravo, and I never really gave Cow and Chicken a chance, but I probably wouldn't have liked it.

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy was awesome, Courage was awesome, Lazlo was decent

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