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  1. Yeah in season 5 (before the show was originally cancelled and then brought back when Poof was born) there was an episode called "Mooving Day" when Timmy wishes that his mom was the best real estate seller ever, and she sells the house and they move to Dimmadome Acres where everybody dresses, acts, and lives in houses that look exactly alike because the milk they drink brainwashes them into acting that way and makes them wanna drink nothing but milk. It was a weird episode that wasn't really that good. I thought the show went downhill in season 4 after the TV movie "Channel Chasers" cause after that Butch Hartman made Danny Phantom and stopped writing for FOP.

    I hate that episode, and yeah after Channel Chasers it hasn't been even close to being as good as before

  2. I enjoy this show alot. I liked alot of the characters of the show, as I thought they seemed like they could be real, and I liked alot of the show's storylines/situations. My only real complaints are, it wasn't very funny (like lol funny) and I disliked a couple of the characters (Khan and Lucky particularly) but I still consider this show one of my favorites. 9/10 Awesome

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  3. I kinda agree with you about finding stuff on tv gross, but the way it was animated looked kinda disgusting if that makes any more sense 428899.gif

    I can understand why you guys would think it was gross (the fungus was pretty ugly looking), I wasn't disgusted by it, just a little disturbed by it.

  4. Season 1:

    Best: Pizza Delivery

    Worst: Nature Pants

    Season 2:

    Best: Frankendoodle

    Worst: I'm your Biggest Fanatic

    Season 3:

    Best: Nasty Patty

    Worst: Krabby Land

    Season 4:

    Best: Best Frenemies

    Worst: All That Glitters

    Season 5:

    Best: The Inmates of Summer

    Worst: A Flea in Her Dome

    Season 6:

    Best: To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

    Worst: Slide Whistle Stooges

    Season 7:

    Best: Model Sponge

    Worst: Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

    Season 8:

    Best: Tunnel of Glove

    Worst: Enchanted Tiki Dreams

    Frankendoodle was season 3 428899.gif

  5. Season 1:

    Best: SB-129

    Worst: The Chaperone

    Season 2:

    Best: Survival of the Idiots

    Worst: The Smoking Peanut

    Season 3:

    Best: Chocolate With Nuts

    Worst: Spongebob B.C.

    Season 4:

    Best: Have you seen this Snail?

    Worst: Rule of the Dumb

    Season 5:

    Best: Sing a Song of Patrick

    Worst: To Love a Patty

    Season 6:

    Best: Plankton's Regular

    Worst: The Splinter

    Season 7:

    Best: Single Cell Aniversery

    Worst: Summer Job

    Season 8: Too Early to rate

  6. Episode 2: Good Job Hunting

    It's been about 2 weeks since Fred returned to Bikini Bottom, and he has been living in Patrick's rock since. He realizes that he needs to get a job soon in order to keep up with the rest of the town, and so he decides to look for some job ads in the paper, and since Patrick had been recently laid off by Plankton for being unable to come up with other slogans, he decides to get a job with Patrick. They then talk about getting jobs.

    Fred- So Patrick, I was looking through the ads and I saw some ads for some jobs, nothing big just things like working hotels, or being fry cooks at fast food places. What do you think about...

    (As Fred mentioned fry cooks, Patrick started to tear up.)

    Fred- There's no need to cry, buddy.

    (Patrick quickly regained his composure.)

    Patrick- I've never had a job in my life, except a few small jobs at the Kr-r-rusty Kr-r-r-rab-b-b-b-b-b.

    (Patrick began to tear up again.)

    Fred- It's ok Patrick, we'll find a job, together.

    And so, Fred and Patrick went together to go find a job.

    They tried being painters, but they just couldn't make a masterpiece.

    They tried being exterminators, but Patrick wasted the gas on his house, leaving termites to eat other Bikini Bottomites houses up.

    But, for some unknown reason, Patrick refused to work as fry cook at another fast food restaurant.

    They were guranteed jobs at one place, and yet he refused to be around "That greasy hellhole."

    Fred can't understand why though.

    Why does Patrick have a distinct hate for fast food restaurants?

    What is his reasoning?

    Finally, Fred and Patrick earn a job working at a fancy food restaurant, which Patrick reluctantly agrees to do, but only as waiters. When working there one night, they noticed one particular customer who looked familiar. He was a squid, and both were curious at who this fancy fish was. Luckily, Fred became his waiter, and so when he saw who it was, he was shocked. It was Squidward Tentacles.

    Squidward- Hello sir, tonight I would like the crab legs, along with a side of coral brains.

    Fred- Yes sir. Um, I was just wondering, but are you Squidward Tentacles?

    Squidward- Why Yes I am. Why do you ask?

    Fred- Well I know. I was in your marching band, you know from the Bubble Bowl a long time ago?

    Squidward- I don't remember anything from before 4 years ago, as in I don't want to remember my very forgettable past.

    Fred- Ok, but can you at least tell me how you earned a spot among the elite of Bikini Bottom?

    (Just then, a bright light shined on Squidward, specificlly a badge in his chest.)

    Fred- Is that an attorney's badge!?

    Squidward- Sir, I want my crab legs! No more chit-chat!

    Fred then leaves to get Squidward's meal, but he had feeling he'd be seeing Squidward again, and not just in the restauraunt. But he had to go get those Crab Legs made, and so his train of thought was disrupted once again, but Fred knew something had happened 4 years ago that changed everything. And he was going to get to the bottom of it.

  7. Hello, companions 125508.gif Just wanted to apologize for being inactive this week. I've been preoccupied with school and speaking of that, I gotta prepare for tomorrow, so this will be my final evening post.

    Welcome Back!

  8. This show is ok overall, but it's too reptitive and characters are too flat, also a couple points off because it airs on CARTOON Network! I mean seriously, live action on Cartoon Network is as dumb as sci-fi on TV Land (oh wait they already do that.) 4.5/10 Weak

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  9. Sorry, time flies. Here's a plot anyways:

    TV.com: a brilliant, magnificant forum of viewing your dreams fantasies come to life. Until one forum was attacked! Hundreds, thousands of Spongebob fans banned by the lurker from the deepest of all oceans: WhaleBlubber! *cue maniacal laugh* Can one separate group of n00bs, and regular members succeed into stopping this madness? TV.com...rated PG, coming-when-Steel-Sponge-has-enough-time.

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