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  1. 7 hours ago, Cha said:

    Even though most parents aren't, I feel like Ozu is pretty tech savy bc runs a bunch of business and has to really? like more than even his son is :Laugh:

    Yeah he's a swaggy daddy :Laugh:

    58 minutes ago, E.V.I.L said:

    what would wendip do once they found out about Mabelfica?

    Dipper would be really confused at first but ofc would be totally supportive of Mabel and also warm up to Pacifica. Plot twist: Wendy knew before Dipper oops :Laugh:

  2. 22 hours ago, E.V.I.L said:

    :bruh: that's right, or Torrie willl steal your poptarts?

    I eat em too fast for her.

    45 minutes ago, Cha said:

    which song reminds you of wendipper the most?

    Hmmmm ik I kinda have Head Over Heels to some extent because of that dancing fic I did. I'd also say You're the Inspiration and that Peter Cetera song "Glory of Love. (Rather 80s themed :P)

  3. 32 minutes ago, E.V.I.L said:

    I'm all yours? :Laugh:



    14 minutes ago, crushingmayhem said:

    Ever thought about learning Spanish?

    I took two years of Spanish in high school but I struggled in it pretty bad. Maybe in the future I'd give it another try as I admittedly wasn't the most focused on it in HS

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