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  1. 5 minutes ago, illiniguy34 said:

    I'll be honest, it wasn't until yesterday when it finally sank in that the Cubs were World Series champions. Hey, 108 years does stuff to you XP.

    Did it set in during that huge parade? :P

  2. - New England is the Super Bowl favorite until proven otherwise. I think the gap between them and the second best team is just that big right now.

    - NFC Least East is really competitive so far, although it seems like it'll come down to the Eagles and Cowboys it looks like.

    - Will Pittsburgh please stop losing these road games to terrible teams like Miami? It's hard to feel good about them in times like these.

    - The Raiders being competitive for the first time in my adult life is fun. Hoping they look good under the prime time lights these next few weeks.

    - The Vikings Offensive Line has gotten bad these last few weeks. Really bad. (sorry trophy)

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  3. 1 hour ago, Sandy said:

    what does your username mean... is it from something? :P

    Like Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls :P

    1 hour ago, Katniss said:

    Are you rooting for the Cubs or Indians?

    Nationals over Dodgers

    It's really hard to root against either team because both have been mediocre or "lovable losers." I'll say Cubs because National League bias, but it wouldn't break my heart if Cleveland got a second championship this year either after 50 so years of suffering.

  4. On 10/4/2016 at 7:22 AM, Cha Has Come For Your Pickle said:

    ever heard of Supertramp and/or ELO?

    Yeah I really like ELO sometimes. Give a Little Bit is the one Supertramp song that sticks with me.

    On 10/4/2016 at 3:34 PM, Invader Zimmer said:

    Even our ballboys out here doin better than Odell? 



    I mean if Larry Fitz got drafted by Dennis Green while being one of his in Minnesota then....

    I find the kicking net thing he does to be very annoying honestly. It was kind of funny in a dumb way, but now its too drawn out.

  5. 19 hours ago, Invader Zimmer said:

    Like we have a legitimate shot against Carolina if only we can block for McKinnon and not have our only runs for 4+ be a goddamn wildcat and a random play with Asiata on a drive that Matt Kalil allowed a sack which ended it at midfield anyways? I'm not sure if we'll counter Carolina's receivers but I'm pretty sure Zimmer can get these guys to cut down on the penalties enough so as long as we can run block would you expect me to be able to brag in JCM's face?

    Its a tough task, but get a few strong runs and if Bradford looks anything like he did on SNF there's definitely a chance with that defense

  6. 20 minutes ago, Invader Zimmer said:

    That game was legitimately close only because our guys committed uncharacteristic penalties (13 to like our 5.5 per game from last year wtf the packers got more from penalties than actual offense in the first half and 2/3 of that was from one play) and we couldn't get our OLine to learn to run block? Like should we fire Sparano he also missed out on the Beavers draft pick I'm starting to think it's him.

    There definitely needed to be more from the running game in the future, especially if AP is out for a bit. But still they held Rodgers to a pretty mediocre game, which will help most teams beat GB more often then not

  7. On 9/12/2016 at 6:33 AM, Invader Zimmer said:

    How much would you favor our chances of winning another game with only defensive TD's and field goals? :P

    You've become the 2015 Denver Broncos

    On 9/12/2016 at 4:45 PM, Cha said:

    I wrote another km story if you want to check it out?

      Reveal hidden contents

    "A road trip, you want me to go? What's with this all of a sudden?" Guano said to Ozu who was packing a filled to the brim suitcase in his bedroom with a Don't Touch By Penalty of My Fists sticker on it. 

    "Well I thought since work will be rather slow for me this weekend, I thought we could all take a road trip up north, maybe visit some family and see the cities there." Ozu explained to Guano. 

    Usually the fam would travel via airplane to quickly get to any location they need (and because they're rich they could pretty much whenever) but Guano had never been on a family road trip, let alone any kind of road trip. He wasn't sure what to do or how to feel, like most family activities. He remembered when he brought a candled birthday cake to his parents' anniversary and spent the entire night up with them. He wasn't quite sure why they asked if he could maybe go get ice cream or dry cleaning or doing just something outside from them.

    "WELL SOMEONE'S GOTTA WATCH THE MAIDS FROM STEALING ALL OUR STOLEN HOTEL ROBES AND SOAPS!"  Yes Man popped out of  Ozu's suitcase and all his stuff came exploding out.

    "AAAHH!" Ozu didn't see the loud glasses man coming for once and made a Guano-like pitchy yell.

    "OH my gosh! Was that you Ozu?!" Yes Man literally fell on the floor and kicked his feet in the air, laughing as did Guano.

    "Yeah, yeah. Startling an old man is fun and all that, boys.." Ozu going along with their childish behavior and smirked himself.

    "No, no wait! I wish I recorded that!" Guano never had the room to poke fun at his boss, this was the one chance ever probably and he lived it up.

    "But I did, Ozu Junior!" Yes Man pulled out his phone and swiped the video. Annoyed now, Ozu simply tossed their phones out the window of the penthouse. They landed on Yoshi in the parking lot and he instantly got a concession.

    "We're going up north for a comic convention too!" Kiyoko was sitting on the bed behind Ozu, dangling her legs in delight to see her boys, Guano and Yes Man.

    "We never said we were going there." Ozu turned around to see her. "And have you just been there the entire time?"

    "You know it old man. Also your screaming video already has nearly 200,000 views. Aaand you got a message saying your voice was dubbed over a video from something called 'RedTube' Oh wait...oh.. uh.. lord..." Kiyoko looked at her phone in horror but Ozu went in to grab it as they wrestled for it on the bed.  

    "Wait this would mean sitting in the car together for many hours in a confined space." Guano freaked out, he knew that personalities would definitely clash during this experience.

    "I call shotgun!" Kiyoko said reaching her hand out of the mangled mess and gave a thumbs up. "Yay no driving!"

    "WAIT! Don't you think that's a bad dynamic, Mama? You and Ozu sitting in the front, me and Yes Man sitting in the back?! It literally causes the most problems when we're paired like that." Guano reasoned but it was too late. The three already pushed him into his room to start packing.

    "We'll take turns baby!" Kiyoko said to him from behind the door as they walked away.

    2 hours later, Guano and his parents were sitting in the parking lot still. Guano had two suitcases of stuffed animals, Kiyoko had two suitcases of manga, Ozu brought two cases of earplugs and YM had zero bags because he's broke. 

    "Ugh, what could Yes Man be doing up in the penthouse that takes this long. Kiyoko, can you make sure he's not drowning in the fish tank again?" Ozu asked her.

    "Sure dude." She said while taking out doritos. "Guano sweetie, can you go see what little Yes Man is up to? This weekend
    won't be here forever." 

    "But Mama, Ozu just told you to do it." Guano said softly while playing with his Barb-, uh action figure.  But she motioned with her hand for him to go and he obeyed, getting out of the car. 

    Before Guano could walk more than five inches, he slammed right into the legs of someone and got startled.

    "Oh hey Guano! You like fun runs in parking lots too?!" The man said as Guano looked up the tall tower to see its' blue hair.

    "Hi Gonard." Guano said with a smile but then looked confused to see also Lily, Mitsuki, Mikey and Yes Man standing next to him. "Er, what?"

    "Ozu told me to bring stuff to the road trip and I'm bringing along them!" Yes Man said as they looked sorta uninterested.

    "Ooh, I'm sure you guys could come if you wanted to. But you'd probably have to ask Ozu and my mama first. It's a long drive up north for like 6ish hours one way." Guano told the tall humans.

    "We're not going dweeb, I have better things to do than to spend my time mashed between four sweaty guys, a smelly furbag,
     a smug mangaka ..and what's her face?" Lily said as Mitsuki let out a quiet sob.

    "UH, says you girlfriend. I hear the North has SMOKIN' hot babes (and maybe guys if I wanna get feisty.) The ones that aren't made of pillow feathers and lie by my side at night." Mikey said.

    "Yeah, Mikey wants a girlfriend who isn't a chicken!" Gonard put his arm around his bff and they nodded in agreement.

    "And Mitsuki's going for her somewhat awkward long time obsession over Mikey!" Gonard said very out loud and Mitsuki felt like sobbing again.

    "Shut up! I take you all now!" Yes Man picked up the Lilymu actors with Godzilla strength and loaded them in Ozu's small car.

    "WHAT THE HECK are you doing Yes Man?!" Ozu said as Yes Man was physically trying to cram six people in the backseat.

    "This is not how a 5 seated car works!" Kiyoko tried to say as her and Ozu were being pushed forward.

    "I'm feeling pain every where in my body right now!" Guano spoke out in the mash of his friends.

    "GET US OUT OF HERE!!" Lily screeched.

    "Lily, your elbow against my ribcage.. I feel so wonderful." Mikey said enlightened.

    "Um, I'm on the ground, face first.." Mitsuki said politely with her mouth on the carpet.

    "OKAY WE'RE IN, YOU CAN GO NOW!" Yes Man yelled. Mikey and his friends were really close together, closer than they would have ever wanted to be. The backseat was only meant for three individuals anyways.

    "NO WAIT!" Gonard used his butt to lock down the door. "Okay, now we can safely go!" 

    Ozu and Kiyoko looked at eyes of regret of even having a road trip in the first place as the car literally
    imploded from the inside. Later on, they all decided to take the roomy Lilymu limo as Ozu literally sat on Yes Man, 
    visibly very pissed off and arms crossed. Everyone talked among themselves as the limo driver drove the car.

    "Sorry your mama couldn't come with us." Kiyoko said as Gonard was basically a family friend to them.

    "Oh that's okay! She's in the alps with my uncle's cousin's sister's stepsister-in-law but she said to say hi to you and that she was on forWednesday for brunch." Gonard told her casually.

    "Well tell her I say hi back." Kiyoko smiled. "And not that I owe her at least fifty bucks.."

    "Man Guano, Ozu and Kiyoko are the nicest married rivals I've ever met! Tell me, how are you so close to them again?" Gonard asked the furry man who quickly and nervously hid his Nintendo DS with a Hello Kitty dress-up game.

    "They're his parents, dweeb." Lily said who didn't want to be there but would secretly feel lonely without everyone.

    "WHAT?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!" Gonard said in utter shock.

    "Oh god.." Ozu rubbed his face and stretched it down. "5 more hours of this and it's already 6 pm.."

    "It's okay dad- OZU! I MEAN OZU!" Guano sweated bullets, having not called their producer that in front of his friends before.

    "OOOOOOHHHHH!" Everyone but confused Ozu said in a teased tone as horrified Guano looked on fearfully.

    "I swear, I meant Ozu! Please don't hold it against me!" Guano was weirdly sobbing and everyone kinda backed down awkwardly until Guano silently resumed playing his videya game.

    "So it takes that long to get up and down there, should we stay in a hotel, Ozu?" Mitsuki said finally getting a line again. She had been idolizing
    that one piece of fallen hair on Mikey's shoulder for nearly an hour so that may be the reason.

    "I guess so, I really don't feel like sleeping in a limo and it'll be late when we arrive there anyway. But staying up past midnight is what all the kids are into now." Ozu said.

    "Chillax Ozu, this weekend will be tons of fun! No work, tons of arcade games, cities with all kinds of restaurants, babes." Mikey
    nudged Ozu at the last word.

    "Do you even know what you're saying to me right now?" Ozu looked utterly offended.

    "I thought you said Mikey was a bit brighter than Gonard..." Kiyoko silently but not silently said.

    "C'mon it was a joke, you gotta lighten up now that you're a family man once again." Mikey took a Captain Impressive comic book from Kiyoko's stack and put his feet up on Guano.

    "HE'S A FAMILY MAN? WHAT! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!" Gonard said in utter shock once again.


    "Hey Lily! Slug Bug!" Mikey, Gonard and Guano later said and all sat around her, giving her karate kicks in the face. She grabbed their heads before they could knock her teeth out.

    "OW! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MORONS?! THAT'S NOT HOW SLUG BUG WORKS!" Bruised face Lily growled. As they were giggling, she stuffed some comic books from Kiyoko's collection into their mouths.

    "Hey! I was gonna read those in a few seconds flat! What's with you dudes and talking my junk, man." Kiyoko said and got them out of the boys' mouths, they were covered in slobber and she looked grossed out, gagging.

    "That Captain Bunningham chapter tasted really good! Great writing on it!" Gonard said complimenting her but she was still busy wiping slobber off of her hands and onto her pants (and secretly on the back of Ozu's jacket.)

    "C'mon guys. Let's keep this a fun environment! I know! Let's play charades! Someone can turn off the light and we can do
    animals! You start off first Yes Man!" Mitsuki said but Yes Man looked like he had passed out due to being under Ozu too long.
    Kiyoko nursed the glasses man back to health by cradling him with a juice box.

    Mikey went first and made some pretty lewd hand 'creatures' so Ozu moved him off. Lily decided to do one for the fun of it as the other seven started guessing out.

    "A bunny!" Mitsuki said all cutesy but Lily shook her head.

    "A giant used jock scrap?" Mikey asked but was wrong.

    "ME! IS IT ME?!!!!" Yes Man yelled excitedly with an apple juice box in his hand. Guano secretly took a sip from it when he wasn't looking.

    "The crumbling of Lilymu Studios?" Kiyoko said.

    "The classic Shonen Jump male protagonist? " Guano asked.

    "YELLOW GLASSES GUY! IS IT HIM?" Gonard also asked.

    "Oh! Is it Mikey's decapitated head?" Ozu joyfully guessed and a right sound went off. 

    "Correct!" Lily said happily.

    Everyone nodded in agreement as if this was normal. 

    "HELP I CAN'T SWIM!" Gonard randomly shouted out and everyone looked confused once again at the psycho dude. But they
    all heard the loud sound of a car tire deflating, even on a highway. They all panicked, asking for the aid of the 
    limo driver who didn't answer. They notice the limo go off an exit and to the side of the road. They got out and Mikey marched to the door of the limo driver, taking the lead as usual of the 8 besides Ozu. 

    "Excuse me? Should we exchange the flat tire for the spare? Or can you do that yourself?" Mikey asked nicely but still seemed likehe was in a rush to get it over with. The window went down and it was Yoshi! 

    "Yoshi? You're our limo driver?" Mikey asked. "Man, I need to keep up with the updates on this kind of stuff."

    "Uh, not usually.." In at two seconds, he stepped on the breaks and flew, leaving the 8 behind on the side of the street. But Yoshi forgot one of the tires was flat, and the limo did some double back flips before exploding on the hard pavement.  So anyway the 8 had to walk 20 miles before hitchhiking which involved creeps, truck drivers, an underground governmental scam and an army of senior citizen college students, but that was another story for another time.


    When Gonard showed up >>>>>>. Good stuff

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