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  1. 34 minutes ago, Merry Swiftmas said:

    Do tell? :Laugh: 

    - The not solely platonic encounters begin with Pacifica encountering Mabel at a book store.

    - Mabel does more gifts/surprises, but Pacifica's are just impactful due to a spacious wallet.

    - They're honeymoon starts off at a Costa Rican resort, before steering off into a safari of sorts because Mabel loves to take pictures of wildlife :P

    More to come in the future

    5 minutes ago, Renegade the Santacorn said:

    This song is amazing?:


    Whoa, been awhile since I heard the Butthole Surfers. Really takes me back to the good ol days of Middle School :P

  2. This saddens me most about this election I think. We have audio tapes of him talking about these things, practically flaunting it, and yet here we are. I don't want to judge anyone, but it says a lot that we can overlook this sort of thing. I'm going to hold hope that the machinations of American Government hold up and he's a footnote in our history in however many years, but I still can't believe it's gotten this far.

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  3. Week 9 thoughts:

    - Score doesn't say it, but that loss to the Ravens was absolutely deflating. All around bad game from Ben looking out of sorts to Bell getting nowhere fast to the blocked punt. Bad timing for the Cowboys to come to Heinz Field. So much bad.

    - I can't remember the last time the Packers looked so ordinary in the Aaron Rodgers era. This is by no means an indictment on Rodgers alone (I mean the lead running back rn is a converted WR) but at this rate, we're looking at Aaron Rodgers missing the playoffs for the second time in his starting career perhaps.

    - I think it may still be too late for Carolina to recover from the 1-5 start, but they're back on track enough for me to keep the fork out of them for the time being. On the other hand, stick it in the Rams. May as well start Goff and see what you have in him.

    - If they weren't already, it's safe to say the Raiders are back after a rather dominant win on SNF over Denver. Most encouraging for them has to be the running game gashing the Broncos for 3 touchdowns and out possessing them by a near 2-1 ratio. At 7-2, you gotta think Raiders are on track for at least a playoff berth if not a division title.

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