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  1. that was great finale (again), and it was great way to end min0movie event to celebrate 10 year anniversary of Storm Racers. Really liked fight scenes between UF and Pax's minions. I'm also like final battle between Darsun and Pax in that scene the team istill got it since they last fight. it's one of my favoritte spin-off series since i started reading in 2011. Truly one of best finale i've read. Thank you for 10 years of fun, exciting and action series. Finale Grade: A+
  2. happy 5th year anniversary to one of my favorite Nicktoons series: The Loud House, and I honestly can't wait for the TLH animated movie this summer!

  3. Part III was great, i really liked Pax's backstory which was interesting, and how he turnsinto villain as he wants to vows revenage after his parents wee killed which exolans why. Nora has been getting more improved as she's been getting new things to fight as Dash suggested her to join his class which is funny. the fight squence was great, too. Can't wait for final part.
  4. Doofenshmirtz


    can't believe April went by fast?
  5. Doofenshmirtz


    isn't gintama longest running anime right now?
  6. I thought Part II was great, and I liked seeing how the gangrelived on riding their vehicle for old time's sake. while Pax's evil plan seems interesting on getting old enmeies to recruit and oof Sitters brothere were killed as Pax plans to strike Senato next. Overall, it's nice to see them back in action. Final Grade: A+
  7. Doofenshmirtz


    which animated series you want to binge watch?
  8. Doofenshmirtz


    have you watched it?
  9. Doofenshmirtz


    can't wait for Loud House 5th year anniversary?
  10. It's nice to see Storm Racers were reunited again as it's been 10 years since they first met Dersun. I'm glad to read this series for old time's sake. Pax seems interesting new villain as I wonder what was this thing, and why he wants to collets the prisoners. Overall, great way to start of mini-series. reunion special. Final Grade: A+
  11. Doofenshmirtz


    yeah, she does has best scenes?
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