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  1. My pooch is a Havanese, so I'm horribly biased. But all dogs are good.
  2. It's here, it's here, it's finally here! I decided to premiere this on my eleventh anniversary on this danged site, and totally not because I meant to premiere it on New Year's Day and missed my deadline or anything, and wanted 23 more days of wiggle room. What? Quit being so suspicious! Yes, I'm talkin' to you! Anyway! This is the final capper of my big, giant, stupid music project. I will be counting down my 100 favourite artists of all time in this thread, which I carefully have been curating over the past couple months. I am hoping that this list remains with me for the rest of my life, regardless if I may find new artists to appreciate in the future. I'm 25. Time is running out for me to change my opinion, guys. Well, not really, but I figured this would be a good testament to how my opinions have changed over the years, and hopefully serve as a permanent window into my general music tastes. With all that said, a few guidelines for how I would appreciate you interacted with this thread: - Please, please, PLEASE keep the "where is this artist" comments to a minimum. I promise you, there are literally hundreds of artists that failed to make the cut for me, but could reasonably be considered runner-ups. I do like music. If your favourite artist doesn't happen to crack the top 100, I'm sorry. What I would encourage you to do is, and I'm being genuine here, make your own list! My opinion is not the be-all and end-all of musical taste on SBC, and I'm sure plenty of you are way cooler than me anyway. Have at it! I didn't invent the "Top 100 Artists" trope. - If you would like to make predictions, guesses, or wishes, that is fine. I humbly request you put them in spoiler tags, as some of you may know my music taste better than others, and I would like this to be as unpredictable an experience for everyone as it possibly can be. - I will be listing my favourite song by each artist after each entry. I have ranked sixty different billboard year-end charts over the course of six years. Opinions change over time. Anyone who comes at me with "but you ranked x song higher than this one in the summer months of 2017" is going to get a stink-eye from me. And you will feel it burning through your monitor, I promise you. Don't do that. There! Now that I've finished my tyrannical rant, here we FINALLY go: Wumbo's Top 100 All-Time Favourite Artists (100-91) Well, there you go! Look for a new entry every Sunday until we get to #1!
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