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  1. say whatever happened to high guardian spice

  2. 43. It was a wonderful day (Opposite Day) It was a wonderful day SpongeBob and Patwick: .../ consciously! prajem duwthday, squidwawd! .../ please die for two years. happy cake two days .../ please die for two years. taiw, a demonstration of the rope. .../ please die for two years. prajem duwthday, squidwawd! Kanrinkan (Japanese detected phrase for 'Can forest') Bob: Yeah wong, squidwawd, hello, by two, I don't know. Tomorrow: anathew yeaw owdew. squid: I'm gone for two days now. .../ It melts when I leave the area. maiki (Bulgarian d
  3. 42. Gary and Mark (Gary & Spot) Gary and Mark [The event begins the night in a bikini.] Sand: Neighboring Wild Her old friend Cindy Gal and Bikini are finally a historical reality It was a long day and all the germs of the city were ready to release the grass [Fred is shown brushing his teeth and Debbie talks to Richard about his baby while he sleeps.] Where: Hello! [The scene goes to SpongeBob's house, where SpongeBob and Gary are getting ready to sleep.] Sand: Even SpongeBob and Gary look good with their tired heads Kanrin: Lee Po bea
  4. 10 years ago this month, this very forum had entered its brony phase whereas several member have changed their pfp and signatures to fit the MLP:FiM theme. I have changed just my pfp to celebrate this small occasion.

  5. 7/19/2021 Even though I said I was going to take things slow with the previous quarter, I ended up hitting a wall in terms of my writing activity for that period. So the type of announcements that you'll be seeing here will be more of the same, but there is some new things I plan to have out moving forward. Q2 2021 (July-September) Announcements: -Total Drama Treasure Tour: I didn't keep my promise when I said that this was going to me my most-focused work for the second quarter. In the time between the announcements for Q2 and today's announcements, I have completed zero
  6. 25. The Main Detraction Here it is: my newest one-shot story. That only took me what, three months to complete even though I intended to get these out once per month? I'll talk about where I'm going with my one-shots up to this point on my Q3 announcements topic, which will take place tomorrow. Anyways, I should explain where this story came from. Sometime around last year, before we all went on lockdown, I've been getting into Jenny Nicholson's videos and I came across her review on Escape from Tomorrow, which was a 2013 black-and-white indie horror film that intended to smear Disney's n
  7. 41. Lakra Co (Pull Up a Barrel) Lakra Co Metaphoric crabs: do nothing. I no longer have asshiles (Hindi detected word for 'infallible') or empty dollars. Hunting, don't be afraid. Or scorpions up to 5 miles. We may be here too soon. Once you have a mattress, food and snacks. skwid: Yes! Gumbo, are you saying Mwafuka (Maltese detected phrase for 'you're exhausted') week was anger master an hour ago? Metaphoric crabs: When that happens, you can go. skwid: Lumenj! (Albanian detected word for 'Rivers') .../ Excuse me, Mr Hunting, don't be afraid. But it
  8. But the fact is I need help, I'm failin' all my classes. They think that I need glasses. I just really wish that I could pass this.

  9. 40. Water development in Lot and Atlantis (Atlantis SquarePantis) The limitation: You believe .../ Hi friends, the good weather in China is bad. Some music took me to the woods. In the end, my film is still working on this film. .../ !! Oi! The expensive Fracton song! .../ If the money hadn't come sooner, I would have remembered the ugly story of the comics! .../ Whoever shouts yes, has excuses. Start the jacket. This is not easy: Yes, Paddy has released another new copy of SpongeBob. where are you The limitation: I want to live to be one hundred and f
  10. And the rocket's red glaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

    The bombs bursting in aaaaiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. And speak of the devil: The main voice cast has also been announced as well, and as foreseeable, it's bringing in some star power.
  12. https://screenrant.com/my-little-pony-animated-movie-show-netflix-development/ I know, I'm late, but I might as well change up some things with the G5 topic since MLP is entering G5 sooner than later now. While there will be new information regarding the upcoming My Little Pony: A New Generation film being reported every once in a while, here's what's known about it so far: No exact release date is announced yet, but it's currently planned for September of this year. I've been a fan of the G4 series for a while, so of course I'll be there to see this, even disregarding the wh
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