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  1. 39b. Gary left (Gary Takes a Bath) Gary left Chinhupul (Chichewa detected phrase for 'the same') Bob: Gary! Looks like a whole week: rainy season! .../ Let's start with water. You need to go to the bathroom, Gary. Now, Gary, we can do it the hard way, or the easy way, or the middle class, or the light heavyweight class, or the hard way. .. .../ This is it! How do you want to play, okay? .../ Gary! Please rate this new game. Ikamate! [He throws the ball to Gary. Back to SpongeBob and Boomerangs and read the box] .../ Huh? Boomerang pet "new" ball
  2. 2. A Boney to Pick The first challenge of the season continues as the grouped-up contestants pick a path to find the two treasures. Dawn, Ella, Katie, Sadie, Amy, Rodney, Leonard, Sammy, Beardo, Blaineley, and Eva would all be heading northwest towards the skull cave while Justin, Trent, Tyler, Brick, B, Staci, Anne Maria, and Topher all walked along the northeast path leading to the Fun Zone. Dawn and Ella are the first group to be shown, as they are being approached by a tall mutant animal. The mutant let out a roar, signifying its aggression, startling Ella while Dawn prepared t
  3. Spob, can I get a glass of water?

  4. Looks like Frying the Coke still has a chance to shine.
  5. I must apologize that I've decided to delay the second session again, and mid-way into it as well. The main reason for that is because I got too sidetracked with the project I was working on when I realized I should've planned most of it ahead. Other than that, I just lost the drive to keep consistently writing it, so I've postponed this session to next Thursday. To make up for that, my near-finished project from a couple days back will be posted later today.
  6. Word count for the first hour: The Main Detraction: 176 words Total word count: 176 words
  7. NOTE: I have delayed the second session to the day after at the last minute. I've decided in giving myself a bit of a break by doing some small writing on that before I can start my session. This will be explained more by then.
  8. Word count for the twelfth hour: Total Drama Treasure Tour Episode 2: 4,438 words Total word count: 4,438 words The episode has not been completed for the day, but it's close to done now. As you guys could probably make out, I've gotten myself stuck and distracted several times. Compared to my previous session with Side Quest, I'm not sure whether or not I've done more or less. What matters though is that I still managed to churn out enough. Anyways, while I already await my next session tomorrow on Friday, I might shift gears in terms of my writing projects. So we'll see
  9. Word count for the first hour: Total Drama Treasure Tour Episode 2: 208 words Total word count: 208 words
  10. 4/19/2021 It's been a while since I've done my announcements for the previous quarter. Of course, I was going to do this earlier, but due to being pre-occupied with the recent Riffing Theater miniseries for a moment, I ended up forgetting about this and delayed it a bit. The first quarter of 2021 turned out to be a slow start, so I didn't manage to get a lot of what I've planned done for that period, so I'll be taking my time with this period. First things first, while there are two upcoming projects for this year that are yet to be announced, they won't be announced for this quarter, how
  11. Triangle man hates particle man. They have a fight. Triangle man wins.

    1. 4EverGreen Remembers

      4EverGreen Remembers

      Universe Man, Universe Man, is as big as the universe, man. Usually kinder to smaller men. Universe Man. Person Man, Person Man, lives his life in a garbage can. Hit in the head with a frying pan. Who came up with Person Man? Triangle Man, Triangle Man. Triangle Man hates Person Man. They have a fight, Triangle Man wins. Triangle Man.

    2. trollf face

      trollf face

      pizza man just want a slice

  12. 24. Side Quest (Part 2) “Just my luck,” Chester griped in a sardonic tone. “Just my luck, I found a sidekick!” Sarah beamed. “Now I can start my whole journey of self-discovery that I’ve been yearning to have!” “Hey, I never said that I could be your sidekick!” Chester chided. “What about that clumsy horse of yours? What are you doing going up to call someone you don’t even know as your potential animal sidekick when you already have one?” “But Jumpy’s useless,” Sarah pointless. “Other than that, I have no other method of going places and I got permission from my mom
  13. 24. Side Quest (Part 1) Here it is, finally. This one-shot, alongside In His Honor, is part of something in which that I've been yearning to share for quite some time: original content. Likewise with that other one-shot I wrote, this has its own story to tell. For starters, this story ended up being so long that I had to split it into two parts. The main reason for that was because this concept had given me so many good opportunities for jokes, and the story in general had so much to tell. In other words, Side Quest was equally driven by comedy and narrative. Then there were all these cha
  14. Okay, so I've just realized that the second dose of the vaccine is what I should be more cautious of. While I got my first dose without any problems, the scheduled date will remain the same, and each day will last from 8AM-8PM.
  15. Alright, since I didn't do one of these last month, I'm going make up for it a bit by doing two of these in two consecutive days in two consecutive weeks.
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