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  1. To celebrate the end of our SWYAD, we'll be having a music party on our turntable starting tonight at 7pm EST! The password is "speakeasy" if you haven't already accessed the new turntable. There will also be a raffle held there for anyone who visits, and we'll be giving out fun prizes!
  2. Storm Racers Reunion: Part IV The Undersea Force’s vehicles race after the Vihil speeders, which are leaving intense smoke trails in their ravenous paths towards the council. “Let’s show them what our vehicles can do together.” Nora said ecstatically. The vehicles all catch up to the Vihil speeders in the badlands, a grand total of sixteen. The grunts look back at this annoyed, but are prepared to fight. Some of them hold out laser guns and begin firing away. The Undersea Force evades the blasts, with several hitting their vehicles, but they press onward, undeterred. “Is
  3. Storm Racers Reunion: Part III The Undersea Force carefully heads down the dark outpost hallway, one step at a time. “Hold on.” Darsun warned to everyone, stopping them from going forward. She waves one of her hands, letting out a mystical blue glow, which reveals several red lasers acting as a security system down the rest of the hall. “How did you know?” Nora asked, surprised. “My powers have given me heightened senses and reflexes. I can tell when something is amiss on our destiny paths forward.” Darsun retorted. “That’s the easy part, now how do we actually t
  4. I mean, follow me guys: If a mosquito is buzzing around you and it bites you in the ass, you don't go gunning for the mosquito's attorney! 

  5. Storm Racers Reunion: Part II The Vihil’s ship is shown flying through a cold, dark pocket of space. Dusturia is left behind in chaos in its wake. Pax exits the prisoner room, and puts his mysterious artifact away. Several grunts are left behind to watch over the prisoners and make sure they don’t try to escape. They stalk around the cells, giving intense glares to the prisoners, who look back in fear. Hadar wants to say something, but knows it’s not worth it. He looks out from his cell, recognizing a few of the prisoners, noting them as Galactic Alliance senators. “Why doesn’t he j
  6. Premieres: Friday, April 30th @ 7:00pm ET/PT Plot: Plankton needs help to steal the secret formula, so he hires an intern who knows more about Mr. Krabs than anyone else. Note that this episode along has already aired overseas, along with being available on the S12 DVD. Clip:
  7. It never changed. You click this button in the post editor for spoilers: It's next to strikethrough.
  8. After six years, this thread temporarily returns for a special occasion. To celebrate this spin-off's tenth anniversary, here is Storm Racers: Reunion, a special mini movie which I'll be posting in four parts. Storm Racers: Reunion Part I Bikini Bottom is shown, the sunlight shining across its landscape. It had changed over the years, with many people and places leaving and joining. It was different, but yet, still the same in many ways. However, the absences of a certain group was one notable missing piece of the puzzle. Today marks ten years since the Undersea Force first formed an
  9. until
    SpongeBob watches Mr. Krabs's house while he's away and goes to extreme measures to prevent burglary.
  10. LMAO your avatar's saul goodman with drip


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      your honor, my client is simply built different

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      better call saul is like my favorite tv show of all time oml

    4. Keanu Reeves

      Keanu Reeves

      I plan to eventually binge bcs I need more of him 

  11. Premieres: Friday, April 23rd @ 7:00pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob watches Mr. Krabs's house while he's away and goes to extreme measures to prevent burglary. Note that this episode along has already aired overseas, along with being available on the S12 DVD. Clip:
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