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  1. Welcome to SBC. I bring you greetings from apple world! Also, we are honored by this endorsement:
  2. EPISODE XXVI: REVENGE OF THE EMPIRE & FIRST ORDER Your favorite tyrannical empires have even more stories to share. With so many soldiers, it was a given they'd have several individuals whose stories fall into obscurity. Let's see if joining either group was a good choice for them. Bazine Netal After leaving her lover Grummgar to die in the rubble of Takodana Castle (although she didn’t really care about him), Bazine ran for the winds like a ninja. The First Order met up with her, who paid handsomely for her tip, then they parted ways. However, the First Order sta
  3. Episode XXIV: Merchants No, we’re not covering Star Tours characters or anything like that. We’re covering some of the galaxy’s greatest hustlers, and where their business may or may not have taken them. Dok-Ondar On his homeworld of Ithor, Dok-Ondar made his living selling galactic knick-knacks and other nifty treasures that came his way. It was his true passion, but the poor sales he was getting in return just weren’t cutting it. If his shop was to survive, he needed a change of business model. Taking a ship to Tatooine, the Ithorian trader sought out the old maste
  4. EPISODE XXII: RESISTANCE (show) Now we take a look at characters from Star Wars: Resistance, the Filoni family’s third child. This show and its cast may have been abruptly forgotten, but some of these characters still deserve to have their stories closed. Bibo Bibo and its mother continued to drift through the vast seas of Castillion at peace. Bibo longed for the Colossus crew to return, missing them. One day, the crew did return, and got to reunite with Bibo for a sweet moment. As the years went by, Bibo got older and bigger, almost reaching the size of its mother. Se
  5. Per @OWM's suggestion, here's our 36th SWYAD theme for fun: SpongeBob incidental characters! Change your username and avatar to your favorite SpongeBob background characters. This will last from September 17th to September 24th. On the last night we hold a turntable party to close out the SWYAD. You have until September 17th to sign up through here or Discord. If you miss the deadline to sign up, that's okay, as anyone can join in late.Here's a complete list of incidentals if you're unsure who they are: https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_characters/Background Participants:
  6. 109. Soundcloud Rapper: Please Don’t Stop The Beat Film: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Told in the form of a musical documentary, Kevin Friel is a musical prodigy at an early age, and he forms a Soundcloud rap group dubbed "The SBC Boyz", with his Floridan childhood friends Fred and Salmon. They almost instantly gain fame in the music industry, inspiring many of today's musicians. However, after failing to receive credit for writing Kevin's guest verse on the Popheads-winning single “Please Don’t Stop The Beat", Fred leaves. After the SBC Boyz disband, Kevin becomes a solo act,
  7. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/michael-k-williams-the-wire-star-dead-at-54-1235009002/ This is coming at a really tragic and unfortunate timing since I was just planning to watch The Wire. RIP.
  8. The film will be called "Saving Bikini Bottom", although it is unknown if this is a working title. Source: https://losalamosreporter.com/2021/08/16/plans-to-film-scene-from-new-spongebob-movie-in-los-alamos-scrapped/
  9. You performed Scooter's High Tide Ride, giving you 400 dbs! That was your final turn!
  10. You got 50 dbs! That was your final turn!
  11. For the final event of Kamp SBC, we'll have a posting contest lasting from 7am EDT to 7pm EDT. Whoever posts the most on SBC within that 12 hour timeframe will win 500 doubloons and a Ukelele. Any posts made before or after that timeframe will not count.
  12. The third and last Jackbox for Kamp SBC will be tonight at 7pm EDT, hosted by dman on Discord. The game will be Guesspionage. Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons.
  13. You got the Surfboard pin! Try again in 20 hours!
  14. You got the Marshmallow Pin! Try again in 20 hours!
  15. Congrats to Hawk (Central) and JCM (Eastern)!
  16. Congrats to Slug and Salmon who won!
  17. You got 300 dbs! Try again in 4 hours!
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