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  1. Honestly surprised there wasn't already a thread for this yet. Anyways, been seeing tons of raves (and lots of YouTube recommendations) for this lately so I guess I should give it a chance.
  2. Last reminder: You have until November 30th to submit nominations!
  3. dhar mann is our lord and savior

    1. Danny DeVito

      Danny DeVito

      SBC becomes Dhar Mann stans, you won't BELIEVE what happens next!!!

  4. A brand new skin is now available for everyone in the skin selector as a Thanksgiving present: Breaking Sponge, a Breaking Bad and SpongeBob crossover skin! Over the past few weeks, we allowed Loyal Customers to pitch their own skin ideas, and whichever one the staff liked most would become real. @Fa's Breaking Sponge idea was the winner, so special thanks to him for the idea.
  5. 5/10 In "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost", there was going to be a scene showing Patrick actually at the manure field, but was cut due to time.
  6. "Bubble Buddy" is now called "Scooter's Noble End"
  7. Loki easily wins for me. Felt the most consistent, fun, and streamlined of them so far. Need more batshit craziness like this in the MCU. Can't wait for Season 2. Wanda started off good and interesting, but I felt they were cramming and rushing too many plot threads toward the end (although I guess somewhat understandable due to Covid restrictions). F&WS had a couple of individual good moments, and I can't complain about seeing Zemo again, but it was overall kinda dull and many characters had confusing motivations. What If S1 was mostly meh to me, outside of the Dr. Strange episode and maybe the first part of the Ultron two-parter. Feels like a couple of episodes needed more time, and others had plain awkward writing, but nothing particularly awful. I am curious to see what will happen in Hawkeye.
  8. 114. Memeagascar: Escape 2 Afurrica Film: Madagascar: Escape 2 Afica In Afurrica, RDSP the lion tries to teach his son Imrustyokay how to fight, but the cub is more interested in dancing. Rival male OBAB challenges RDSP for the title of alpha lion, and during their fight Imrustyokay is captured by poachers. The crate containing Imrustyokay falls into the ocean and drifts to New York City, where he is renamed Rusty and grows up at the Central Park Zoo with Omair the zebra, Dman the graph-ahem, giraffe, and Katie the hippopotamus. Years later, following their adventure in Memeagascar, the zoo animals—Rusty, Omair, dman, Katie, the penguins jjs, Clappy, Trophy, and Storm, and chimpanzees OWM and JCM in a cameo—prepare to return to New York aboard a battered airplane piloted by the penguins, accompanied by the lemurs King 4EverGreen, Renegade, and Appy. The plane runs out of fuel and crash lands in continental Afurrica. The animals find themselves at a watering hole on a nature reserve, and are excited to meet others of their species. Rusty is reunited with his parents and impresses them with tales of his status as "the king of New York". Omair fits in with a herd of other zebras who look and sound just like him. Dman, a hypochondriac, is distressed that the reserve has no doctors, so the other giraffes appoint him their witch doctor, Salmon. Seeking romance, Katie attracts the attention of the smooth-talking male hippo Hippy the Hippo. Meanwhile, the penguins set about repairing the plane, assisted by numerous chimpanzees recruited by OWM and JCM. They steal vehicles from several groups of New Yorkers who are on safari and strip them for parts. Betty White, a tough old woman who slapped Rusty around during the events of Memegascar (which I didn’t show oops), takes charge of the stranded tourists and helps them survive in the wilderness. The zoo animals' excitement soon turns to disappointment. In a scheme to oust RDSP as alpha lion, OBAB insists that Rusty complete a rite of passage which Rusty mistakes for a talent contest. It is actually a fighting contest, and OBAB tricks him into choosing the strongest lion as his opponent, resulting in Rusty's humiliating defeat. Faced with the duty of banishing his son, RDSP relinquishes his title as alpha and OBAB takes over, with his first decree demanding everyone simp for Hatsune Miku. Meanwhile, Omair is dejected by the realization that the other zebras can do everything he can, believing himself no longer unique. Dman comes to believe that he is deathly ill, and Katie's interest in Hippy saddens him since he has secretly loved her for a long time. The four friends argue heatedly with one another. Katie has a date with Hippy, but loses interest when she realizes he is only attracted to her because of her size. After a pep talk from King 4EverGreen, Dman finally reveals his feelings for Katie. The next day, the animals panic when the watering hole dries up. Determined to redeem himself, Rusty mends his friendship with Omair and they leave the reserve to investigate upriver. King 4EverGreen suggests that offering a sacrifice to the nearby volcano will restore the water. Dman, forlorn and believing he is dying, volunteers to be sacrificed. Katie stops him from jumping into the volcano, and realizes that he is the perfect guy for her. Rusty and Omair discover that the stranded New Yorkers have built a camp and dammed up the river, and Rusty is captured by them. RDSP rushes to his aid, but Rusty saves them both by dancing for the tourists, who remember him fondly from the zoo. Omair, Dman, Katie, the penguins, and the chimpanzees arrive in the repaired airplane and help Rusty destroy the dam, restoring the water. OBAB angrily makes a stand for control, but Rusty tricks him into being subdued by Betty White. RDSP offers Rusty the title of alpha lion, but he declines, and father and son become co-leaders. jjs the penguin marries a bobblehead doll from the plane, and he, the other penguins, and the chimpanzees head off to honeymoon in Monte Carlo. Rusty, Omair, Dman, Katie, and the lemurs happily decide to stay on the reserve for a while.
  9. Based on the leaks I've seen, this could end up being a mess, but I'm still excited, especially after that trailer.
  10. Premieres: Friday, November 19th at 8:00pm ET/PT Plot: GrandPat prevents his precious memories from being sold at a family yard sale.
  11. I am now a diehard porygon z stan

    1. WinterArcanine


      An Arcanine would beat a Porygon Z

  12. Premieres: Friday, November 19th at 7:15pm ET/PT Plot: After falling down the drain, Plankton finds an unlikely ally in the sewers. This episode has already leaked online.
  13. Premieres: Friday, November 19th at 7:00pm ET/PT Plot: Two familiar faces from SpongeBob's past visit Bikini Bottom, but they bring a big problem along with them. This episode has already leaked online.
  14. Notice: Deadline to submit nominees is by November 30th! If anyone needs more time, let us know.
  15. about time https://www.hottopic.com/product/spongebob-squarepants-eels-and-escalators-the-board-game/15460575.html#q=Spongebob&start=10 Credit to CD for finding this
  16. The Patrick Star Show: Friday, December 3rd 7:00pm EDT: Just In Time for Christmas (?): Patrick travels through time to find last minute Christmas gifts for his family. (Christmas episode) SpongeBob SquarePants: Friday, December 10th 7:00pm EDT: SpongeBob's Road to Christmas (272): SpongeBob and his pals journey to the North Pole to give Santa a present. (Half-Hour Christmas Special) And that's a wrap on the SpongeBob universe premieres for 2021. Better luck with more next year.
  17. As is tradition for the past few years, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have leaked ahead of launch. If you're expecting this game to have ORAS/HGSS level changes, or for this to pull from Platinum's content, you will be in for a huge disappointment is all I can say. It saddens me to say as a longtime fan, but this will probably be the first Pokemon game I skip. I personally don't feel it's added enough changes or new content to justify $60 for what is essentially a glorified port of a DS game from 15 years ago. This is coming from someone who didn't even hate Sword and Shield. Be careful what you wish for, Poke fans. More power to those who are getting the remakes, I truly hope you enjoy, but I've decided these aren't for me. In general I'm kind of over remakes and would prefer new spins on revisiting an old region like Legends (which is what I've been more interested in from the get-go anyways) is doing. On that bright note, Legends coming right after will hopefully wash the taste of this out of my mouth, so I'm not mad.
  18. Slippin' Jimmy with a law degree is like a chimp with a machine gun!

  19. Backstory: For those unaware, this is a shitpost parody I made of tvguy's infamous Spin-Off Action: The Reboot back in 2011. I never publicly posted it on SBC however, it was only available in my various spin-off stores. I'm mainly posting this so it's no longer locked behind PMs and because it was close to becoming lost media. A 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT DUBBING PRODUCTION (S6E1) Episode 1: The Reboot ("Kirby Right Back at Ya!" theme plays throughout scene) On a stage in Coralwood, in front of millions of fish sea-wide, stood renowned host Perch Perkins. Dressed in a black suede suit, this would be Perch's first televised appearance since the "last" season of the hit show, Spin Off Action. The show had taken the ocean by storm, and now in his late 30s, Perch had been asked to do another season of the show, a reboot. Perch had agreed, eagerly, having not done anything with film or television since the show. He greeted the audience, microphone in fin and grin etched into his face. "HELLLOOOOO, OCEAN DWELLERS! HOW YA DOING TONIGHT?" he hollered and the audience replied with an enthusiastic jumbo, although Perch could make out a few "Good!"s and a couple of "Awesome!"s. "I can tell you we have an amazing season compiled here for you, and the producers from Clapmaster Entertainment Studios really hope you enjoy it! Are we READY!?!" This time a huge "YES!" swept over Perch. "GREAT!" He grinned and took it all in. "LET'S INTRODUCE OUR CONTESTANTS! We have THREE tribes this season! First tribe... the FISH SMASHERS!" Naomi (Bikini Top), Sebastion (Journey of Sebastion), Leo Burnett (the devil), Stuart (The Spongebob Show), Gakuto (Guru Gakuto), Skodwarde (Skodwarde), Erika (Coral Drive), Fred (The Minorly Average Show), and Zed (The Krusty Train) all walked onto the stage, waving their hands at the crowd and smiling. They were all dressed nicely, in dresses and suites. "Ladies and gents, give it up for the Fish Smashers!" A roar of applaud exploded into the Fishiac Theater in Coralwood. "Now... welcome our second tribe, the Anchovy Flingers!" Ginger (Down Under), Frank (Prince Neptune), Pablo (Gone Nutty), Mango (Generation Patrick), Mindy (Unordinary Family), Bruce (Z-Storm), Cody (Jackfish), Ava (SpongeCraft), and Whaleblubber (Shark Shore) all joined the other tribe on stage, also grinning and waving. "Sadly, our third tribe could not be here. SOA... er... lost them in the jungles of Kelp Forest..." (Cut to nine more spin off characters hacking their way through the forest. They are dirty and tired. "ARE WE THERE YET?!" Log the Dog (Ghost Fish) screamed. "Nope," replied Dan (Eelz). "Boy, what's taking so long?" Hank Hill asked. "I dunno," Clay (The Brave Kaiser... Underwater) said absentmindedly. "Shut up, Clay," said Squidlerd (Squidlerd). "I'm hungry!" cried Danny (Anchovy Busters). "We iz all hungy, Carl. Plz be quietz," said Spongdod (Spongdod the Movie). "LOL," Alec said (Squidtastic hero). "This tribe stinks!") Cut back: "So here we go! THE VERY FIRST EPISODE OF THE SOA REBOOT, SEASON 6!" Perch announced. ("Kirby Right Back at Ya!" theme ends) ---- There is static on the screen. Then we see the outline of a person and then the camera falls over. Blackness, before we see an image. Somebody is sitting. "Oh good, this is on," Naomi said, and leaned back. She was in a stall, like the bathroom you would see on a TDI show. "Well, I hate being here. The people are annoying, my tribe smells terrible, and I just can't take it anymore. They took us to the Kelp Forest. Seriously? I thought this season was supposed to be Conch City." ----- Hank Hill sits in front of the camera. "My tribe is fine, boy. First day here in Kelp Forest. Woohoo, I guess. Now, I must clear something out of the way, to avoid further questioning. Yeah, I sell propane and propane accessories." He winks. ----- The Fish Smashers Camp 7:29 AM Naomi woke up, and discovered Leo was trying to steal her money. "Don't tell anybody, and this will be alright! Give me your money!" Leo demanded. "UGGHHH!" She kicked him and clambered out of the poorly made shelter and looked up at the cloudy sky. They had made camp in a tiny clearing after being pushed off a helicopter by Perch Perkins. They had wondered around for a few days before finding a decent spot with food and all the stuff they needed. Sebastion had helped. ---- "Ugh, Sebastion smells terrible. AND I HAVE TO BUNK WITH HIM!" Naomi sneered in the camera. ---- "Vwe need to vrepare vreakfast!" Skodwarde said. "Um, who let the German guy in here?" complained Naomi. "It is unwise to complain, Naomi," Gakuto said, raising a bony. "Who the heck do you think you are?" Gakuto stared at her, and then Naomi dragged Erika and Fred off into the forest. "Okay, you two are the most normal people here, so---" "We aren't normal," Fred said. "Yeah, my life is basically sad," said Erika. "Doesn't MATTER," Naomi sneered. "We need to form an alliance." "Are you sure that's safe?" Fred asked timidly. "What?" "Is it... safe?" "What do you mean 'Is it safe?' IT'S WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO DO, FRED!" "No need to yell," said Erika defensively. "Fine, fine," Naomi said. "I'm sorry, it's just I've had to deal with too many vampires and bullies in my show." "Dang, really?" Fred said. "That sucks." "I know." Naomi stared at Fred, like she was in a trance. "Okay, okay, who do we want to vote off first?" ---- "I don't like Naomi, I don't like her face, and I hope she disappears," Erika said. "But I need to get in an alliance, and make it to the end... so yeah." ---- Meanwhile, Gakuto and Skodwarde aligned while Zed and Leo aligned. LEo wanted to steal some more, but Zed tamed him. "Save the stealing for challenges," Zed had advised. "Save stealing for challenges!" Leo had said. ---- The Anchovy Flingers Camp 7:43 AM Whaleblubber, Cody, and Ava were all in the corner having a threesome while Bruce, Mango, and Pablo built the camp. They'd spent the night sleeping on the floor because they'd all been too tired to build after being pushed from the helicopter and wandering the jungle. ---- "I'm so excited to be here!" Cody said. "Ava is fine and I love Whaleblubber's jokes!" ---- "Wanna be in an alliance, gaiz? I like chocolate donuts," WhaleBlubber said. "Sure," the two others agreed. "That's what we're supposed to do on this show, right?" "I think so," said Ava. "Okay, stop. I have a cold." ----- A few hours later, the shelter had been completed. Frank and Bruce had gone off to search for food while Mango and Ava tidied things up inside the shelter. It wasn't anything special. It was like a box, with a few holes (windows) and one crawlspace (a door, supposedly.) "Alright, Mango," Ava said as she finished laying out a blanket. "You. Me. Alliance. Okay?" "OKAY," Mango screamed. "Shhhh!" "WHAT!?" "You have to be quiet..." "OTAY!" ----- "I am going to win this! I am the most capable, even if I have to have colds half of the time to throw people off my scent..." Ava sniffs and then says, "Dang, I smell terrible." ----- Unknown Camp 7:54 AM Hank Hill had cooked up a grill outback for the gang, and began to cook steak. "We will NOT lose this challenge," said Log. "We can't. We need to get rid of Spongdod." "YAH LET'S GET RID OF SPONGDOD!" screamed Spongdod as he shoved bananas up his nose. Log rolled his eyes. "What about this Hank Hill guy?" asked Squidlerd. "He's a keeper." "Nah, too Texan." "Clay?" "Too cool." "Alec?" Log thought for a moment, long and hard. "Yeah, I guess Alec can take Spongdod's spot." "WHO IS SPONGDOD!?" shouted Spongdod. Banana was now mushing out of his ears. "I'm going to disappear into the Shadow Realm!" Dan exclaimed. "Sure," Log agreed. ----- "Basically, everyone in my group isn't smart. That's how I'm going to win!" Log stared into the camera with an evil grin. ------ Challenge 1 10:00 AM As the three tribes filed into an arena by the Kelp Forest lake, Perch Perkins began to speak. "WELCOME, TRIBES!!!" They said nothing to him. "EXCUSE ME..." "I tell you what boy, you got some nice scenery," Hank Hill said. "Now, we--- um... yes?" Alec from Unknown Tribe had raised his hand. "Why are the," he yawned, "challenges in the morning? We're all tired." "Too make it harder, Alec!" he grinned. "Now, here's the point of your challenge. First, you run across these planks that extend over the lake. The planks can break with too much weight, so you'll have to choose your people wisely. Oh, and you must have EACH PERSON from each tribe over to the other side without the planks breaking. First tribe to get each member to the other side of the lake without the planks breaking wins! The last tribe to do this goes to the Loser Ceremony." "How long is the lake?" asked Log. "A mile horizontally!" Perch replied cheerfully. "READY... AND GO!!" Dan, Pablo, and Skodwarde all took off first for their tribe. "Come on," Naomi whispered to Erika and Fred. "We'll go around the lake." "Um... why? He says it's a mile straight across. If we go around, that's taking into account the bends and twists, which will take LONGER," Erika said. "Shut up, let's go!" And so Naomi led them around. ------ "She's mean," Fred said. ------ Spongdod was now racing across the plank for Unknown Tribe, making record time. "MY LEGS GO FAST!!!!" he screamed, but he tumbled into the water. Log was waiting in line, facepalming, when he noticed Naomi, Erika, and Fred from the Fish Smashers Tribe sneaking around. He rounded up his own alliance (excluding Dan and Spongdod, which left him with only himself and Squidlerd) and raced after them. As they jogged, Squidlerd asked, "Why are we going this way, Log? Doesn't it take LONGER to---" "Shut up, Squidlerd." ----- "Okay! We now have one person left from each tribe! Five contestants have suddenly gone missing, but being as our funds are low, we'll just say, "THEY'LL SHOW UP EVENTUALLY!" The last people left to go were Zed, Mindy, and Alec. As they sprinted across the plank, Zed pulled ahead. There was a sudden snapping sound and Zed's plank cracked. Zed tripped and fell into the water. Mindy made it to the other side of the lake and Perch Perkins announced," The Anchovy Flingers win the first challenge!" Loser Ceremony 9:00 PM "Let's begin voting." Perch said. So they voted. ------ "I'm excited!" Zed said. "I know I have a target on my back today for losing the challenge, but I have numbers. Gakuto and Skodwarde joined Leo and I's alliance, and then we asked Sebastion to join as well so I have FIVE people in my alliance!" ------ "Yeah, I know about their little alliance," Naomi sneered. "That's why I had Stuart join OUR alliance after the challenge." ------- "Naomi is scary," Stuart said. ------- "I just can't wait to see what happens," Gakuto said wisely. "Whatever happens... I'm just glad I got accepted to be on the show!" ------- "And now for the votes!" Perch Perkins said. "First vote... Spongdod, who's not even on this tribe, so it doesn't count." Zed giggled. "Second vote... Spongdod, again..." Stuart giggled. "Third vote... Sebastion. Fourth vote... Naomi. Fifth vote... Sebastion. Sixth vote... Sebastion. Seventh vote... Naomi. Eighth vote... Sebastion. First person voted off of SOA Season 6 is Sebastion. See ya later, loser!" "Bye...," Sebastion said, crying. He ran out of the arena, bawling. "What a loser," Leoysaid. Eliminated: Sebastion ~~~ (S6E2) Episode 2: Balloon Bop The Anchovy Flingers 11:54 PM While Ava, Whaleblubber, and Cody had their conversation in the corner, Mindy, Pablo, and Frank sat in the shelter. "We need Ginger out," Frank started. "Like right now." "No, she could be a valuable asset," said Mindy. "Yeah," Pablo agreed. "But who else can we get in our alliance?" "Bruce?" Frank suggested. "Do you want to ask him? Because I still think we need to get Ginger out." "Nah, let's wait," replied Pablo. "Let's see what they do." "Who?' "The other alliance!" They peeked out of the little square in the side of the bamboo hut, at the three spin-off stars talking. "Ava is smart," said Frank. "Maybe we should try to recruit her." "Ewww, no," Mindy said instantaneously. "No, no, no. Not in a billion years!" ---- "Ava sounds like she's one of those sneaky, smart, alliance-flipping, traitors," Mindy said, staring eerily into the camera. "And she threatens my girl power!" ---- Ava walked up to Mango. "Hey!" she smiled. "HEY AVA!!" And Mango hugged her. "Whale...," Cody said. "My leg is stuck in my zipper." "Yeah, my blubber is stuck in my whale," Whaleblubber said nonchalantly. "Who would you like to vote out if we lose?" Ava asked softly. "I DUNNO WHO DO YOU WANT OFF?" "Sssh," she said. "I'd like to get Whaleblubber off." "OOOOH," Mango said nodding, like it was the news of the century. “Whatever,” Ava replied. ----- "Mango is such a pushover," Ava says to the camera. ----- Bruce was now officially a part of the opposing alliance. Ginger was now the only unaligned person out there. ----- "I don't need an alliance. I'm my own alliance. Check dat!" Ginger smiles. "I swear, I wish I was Texan. That Hank Hill guy has some stuff going on!" She snaps her fingers. ----- "Yeah... I want to stay away from her," Hank said. "Boy, thank goodness that we're in separate tribes." ----- "So are we voting for Ginger?" Bruce asked his new alliance. "Yeah," Mindy said. “I’ll be ready,” Bruce said. ---- Unknown Tribe 9:00 AM "You guys seriously were terrible," said Log the Dog. "Like honestly, what happened up there?" They all put their heads in shame. "I SORRY BOG," said Spongdod. "IDK WHAT HAPPEN." "It's LOG you moron." Log threw a jelly donut at him. "MMM... TASTES LIKE CANDY!” "But because we need to stay as a healthy alliance, we'll vote off Hank." ----- "See, the thing is, I'm going to win," Hank says. "I got the power of Strickland on my side, and the love of my family and friends. That is power, I tell you hwhat.” ----- Second Challenge "OKAY!" Perch announces. "Today’s challenge is....A WATER BALLOON FIGHT!” And so, a war begun. Water balloons were threw across the field like no tomorrow. Log was stuck down first. ------- "Boy, the water is in my eyes!” Hank yelled as he rubbed them. ------ Finally, Leo and Stuart finished up in the same place, while the rest of the Fish Smashers had lost. "Now... the remaining contestants must fight each other with water balloons!” Cody stepped up and threw a balloon at Leo, but dodged. "ARBOK EVOLVES INTO SEVIPER!" Leo yelled, distracting Cody. In the end, Leo came out victorious. “Oh yes, that is the power of the Shadow Realm!” Leo yelled. When he returned to camp he'd realized that he'd missed voting, so he raced back. A janitor was sweeping the floor. Just then, we saw Danny being eliminated. "WHAT HAPPENED!?!?" he cried. "Well, when Unknown Tribe went here, they tried to vote off Hank, so Danny ended up going home instead, and a fight occurred. Danny was then sent home.” "That's terrible!" "Nah, not that bad. Just a minor implication. He is gone now, so no worries.” “Ah, I see. G’night!” Leo chuckled, walking off with money he took from the janitor. Eliminated: Danny ~~~~~ lol
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