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  1. It's been a hot minute since I've posted an update on my works, so as a holiday weekend present, I'm dropping my own Spin-Off Direct (if you wanna call it that). Yep, I've got a huge loot to unveil for what I've got in store in 2021, and this is going to be my biggest year for my works yet. Get ready. First I'll start off with my current works. 1. Pirate Legends The final 10 chapters will arrive next month. Not going to give any dates, I'll post them whenever I can. Here are their titles: A special thanks to anyone who did read this, I hope the end ride is worth it. 2. SBCinema 2021 will be a big year for SBCinema, as it reaches its 100th chapter and the 6th season. The next three chapters (95-97) will be parodies of the Star Wars original trilogy (long overdue), with a rebooted cast. The 100th chapter will be a parody of Joker to close out S5. It's been fun running the show thus far, and another reminder guest write spots are still open if anyone wants to contribute. Now...to announce FIVE brand new works! Yep, you heard that right. This may come as a surprise given my dwindling interest in writing the past few years, but I've had a drive to make 2021 a special year as after realizing several works are turning 10 years old (as hard as it is to believe). 3. One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now? A fun little spiritual successor to Wumbo's One-Time SB Characters, created by @DOWMinick the Donkey and I. We've been working on this in secrets for a few months now and I'm pleased to announce it will be ready to release in early 2021. It'll have a short, 10 chapter season detailing the totally canon whereabouts of your favorite obscure SW characters, with potentially more seasons to come depending how well this does. 4. Storm Racers: Reunion To celebrate Storm Racers' 10th anniversary next year, I'm doing a special, four-part revival miniseries for it, which can be fused together into a movie. This will drop in spring 2021, and I look forward to writing about these characters again. 5. Riffing Theater 3000: The Critic Chronicles Yep, you read that title right. Riffing Theater is coming back...sort of, as a limited miniseries! In this, we'll be riffing reviews of Nostalgia Critic (using transcripts on the Channel Awesome wikia). We're riffing him so you don't have to. SBC Theater 4000, the original inspiration for JRT, is also turning 10 next year so I felt like this would be a nice bone to toss to riffing fans. With how much of a punching bag Doug is to the site nowadays and how he inspired much of early JRT, it feels poetic to riff the "master". Note this is only going to be 12 episodes long, I'm not going to milk this out longer than that because there's only so much you can make fun of about Nostalgia Critic, which is why I made it a miniseries. I'd rather have 12 really amazing riffs than 40+ where we get repetitive and have nothing much to say. Sometimes, less is more. Therefore, this isn't a full blown return for JRT, just a fun little "getting the band back together" occasion. OMJ and Steel have already made their own entertaining theaters to continue on the riffing legacy (which, as an aside, I'll be guest riffing on an ep of Steel's theater soon, so look forward to that), so I'm not gonna steal their spotlights. In some ways, this could even serve as our "final goodbye" to Doug, which I'm sure some may appreciate as there's only so many times we can diss on him. If anyone wants a certain episode riffed, let me know and I'll try to fit it in. If any of the old riffers want to come back, just let me know, which a few already have. If any newcomers would like to take a stab at this, you're welcome as well. No release date right now, going to give time for people to sign up and accommodate people's schedules around that. I'm truly looking forward to this. And yes, The Wall will be riffed which was a given. And to cap it all off, here's my final announcement, with another familiar face... 6. Skodwarde Expanded Universe For the past few months, @Old Man Jenkins and I have been mulling over doing more for Skodwarde after realizing his 10th anniversary is also in 2021. While we are perfectly content with ending the main show and that will stay ended (sorry to those who wanted to see more post sequel parodies), we are going to continue his presence in another way. We decided to celebrate by doing not one, but two projects for the occasion. The first of which will be Skod on the Run, the Skodified version of movie 3. This will take place after the Skodwarde series finale and serve as an epilogue, think of it as our El Camino. We'll be turning it into a miniseries, with both OMJ and I writing it. This is going to be very different than the actual source material, but we'll still reference a few elements from it. The second will be, you guessed it, a Skodified version of Kamp Koral (title currently TBD), which will be a limited series. This will act as our Better Call Saul of the Skodwarde franchise, and unlike the actual Kamp Koral, we do plan to make this a legit prequel. How will that work? You'll have to wait and see. OMJ and I will both be running this too, but if any past writers wanna come back for the lulz for even just one episode, let us know. Both of those will act as a launch to a "Skodwarde Expanded Universe", where even though Skod's main story has ended, there are several other stories in his universe waiting to be told. I'm giving this that label in case we decide to Skodify the other upcoming spin-offs in the future (we'll see). Unlike the actual show, I don't view this as milking as we're only doing this as an anniversary gift to the fans. We technically didn't even have to do this in the first place as both OMJ and I were content with letting Skod rest. That's all folks, and I sure hope I didn't overstuff you. I think 2021 will hopefully end up being the most fun I've had doing spin-offs and lits in a long time. Doing a bunch of small miniseries will work out better for me as I doubt I'll have time for larger scale works again, but can gladly do works that are short, sweet and to the point. Having less chapters to focus on allows me to hit harder and make each stand out more in their own ways. I hope this also drives up some interest in the section again from others.
  2. Yep, this old SBC tradition returns tonight! As Snowcember reaches its close, tonight we'll have a competition to see who can stay up the longest. There are several ways you can do this: posting on the Discord and SBC, watching our movie screening, participating in the remaining Snowcember games, and more. Whoever stays up the longest tonight will receive 500 doubloons and the Snowflake pin. Note that we will have multiple winners depending on your timezone. This will not count for team points, this is just for fun. Be sure to post either here or on Discord your logoff point.
  3. I got: -Clothes -New computer chair -Animal Crossing New Horizons -Mario All-Stars -Link’s Awakening
  4. SBC's holiday iFish contest returns once more, this time hosted at SpongeBob's pineapple! Whoever impresses our three judges (jjs, SOF and OWM) with the best costume for the season will receive special gifts! Of course, you're free to use this year's brand new a iFish items, and we have many old items from the past for you to mix and match! Rules 1.) In order to submit an iFish, you will need to use our new system, which you can either request in that thread (but you must make it clear you are submitting for this contest) here, or DM to me/Patty privately, whichever you prefer. 2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting. Prizes -1,500 frozen doubloons -A point for your team on the scoreboard You have until December 27th to submit an iFish, and we will pick one the same day. Submissions Fred:
  5. Welcome to SpongeBob Whodunnit?, a Snowcember Ball event! Yup, it returns for the seventeenth edition! In this event, the goal is to figure out who stole carrots. Case Synopsis: As the private detective, your goal is to figure out who stole the snacks. The Magic Conch Shell only gives you two hints: it is someone who was at the contest, and they left their sculpture at one point. By December 27th, PM me who you think is the culprit! On December 28th, all is revealed and the winners will receive 200 doubloons and depending on who got it right from your side, a team point! Note: as usual, you only get one guess. Once you PM me your guess, that's it. Anecdote dates: SpongeBob - December 12th Gary - December 12th Squidward - December 13th Patrick - December 13th Squilliam - December 14th Plankton - December 15th Sandy - December 16th
  6. This returns from previous years. Here are the rules: Submit a written winter/holiday/Christmas themed work. You may use an existing spin-off, or create a completely separate entry. It does not have to be specifically about Christmas or any holiday, it can be about winter in general. It does not have to be SpongeBob related. Your creation must at least be 300 words. It must be something you have written, do not plagiarize someone else's work. Post it in this thread by December 27, 2020 by 7pm EST. Me, OWM and Cha will be the judges. The winner will receive a point for their side, 1,000 doubloons, and a special GCA-style trophy you can display in your profile/signature. Have fun, and let the games begin!
  7. Hop across icebergs to win a prize! How many you hop across will be randomly generated. Here are the outcomes: Six in a row - 500 Doubloons Five in a row - 400 Doubloons Four in a row - 300 Doubloons Three in a row - 200 Doubloons Two in a row - 100 Doubloons One - 50 Doubloons Zero - Nothing In order to play, just say "I'd like to hop across icebergs" or something else that lets me know. You can only play in this once every 24 hours.
  8. See how well your randomly generated snowball throwing skills are to win a prize! Your snowball will be thrown at a target, which has six different outcomes: Red - Snowflake Collectable Pin Blue - 500 Doubloons Gold - 300 Doubloons Silver - 100 Doubloons Green - 50 Doubloons White - Nothing In order to play, just say "I'd like to toss this snowball" or something else that lets me know. You can only play in this once every 24 hours.
  9. A returning game from the previous two years. You think you have what it takes to steal Christmas presents from the Bikini Bottom Christmas Tree this Snowcember? You do? Then have at it! Be warned though: this tree is well guarded! Try your luck at stealing a present from the Bikini Bottom Christmas Tree each day. These are the different outcomes: You get caught, and get nothing (maybe some coal, if Santa feels like it). Red Present – 50 Doubloons Orange Present – 100 Doubloons Yellow Present – 200 Doubloons Green Present – 300 Doubloons Blue Present – 400 Doubloons Pink Present – 500 Doubloons Purple Present – 600 Doubloons Gold Present – 700 Doubloons Just say something that indicates you want to go present-stealing (i.e. "Time to steal!"). You may only play this once every 24 hours.
  10. Premieres: Saturday, November 7th @ 11:15am ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob explores the melodious dreamscapes of his sleeping neighbors. Note that this episode along with its partner have already aired overseas. This episode is also 6 minutes long.
  11. This DVD will include several remaining episodes that have not aired yet in the US: "My Two Krabses", "Knock Knock, Who's There?", "Patrick's Tantrum", "Plankton's Intern", "Pat Hearts Squid", "Lighthouse Louie", "Hiccup Plague", "Bubble Bass' Tab" and "Kooky Cooks".
  12. Since the movie is out in Canada, I figured I'd make this now for any Canadian users that see it (or if you're shady, non-Canadian users that find other ways to see it). Please note that since not everyone will be able to see this, be sure to mark any potential spoilery things in spoiler tags. Reviews: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/filmchat/2020/08/review-the-spongebob-movie-sponge-on-the-run-dir-tim-hill-2020.html https://nowtoronto.com/movies/review-the-spongebob-squarepants-movie-is-baffling https://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/film/reviews/article-spongebob-squarepants-sponge-on-the-run-is-straightforward-and-not-as/
  13. The next spin-off series has been announced: https://deadline.com/2020/08/spongebob-squarepants-spinoff-series-the-patrick-star-show-set-nickelodeon-bill-fagerbakke-1203006633/
  14. until
    What is SpongeBob Pictionary? SpongeBob Pictionary is a weekly game in which contestants one at a time, are asked to draw a picture of a given word, and the other contestants must race to be the first to guess the correct word, just by looking at the picture drawn. Do not worry about the quality of your drawing talents, because that does not determine how you win this game at all, but rather, your interpretation skills of other players’ drawings. What will SpongeBob Pictionary use? In its original iteration, we used a custom coded room. In this iteration, we will be using the online site sketchful.io as our room. Note that the sketchful.io room link will change week to week, but luckily we have a solution talked about below to make that process easier to follow. The winner of each game will receive 2,000 doubloons and the Pictionary Champion badge! We also have a separate Discord server setup just for Pictionary (similar to Jeopardy having its own Xat server back in the day). We will use this server to ping people weekly for the sketchful.io room links, along with any after game chatter and game statistics. You can join the server by following the link below. https://discord.gg/MvjBcBn
  15. 12 years later, and we've got an actual new game.
  16. New decade, new teams. That’s right: Teams 4 is here! The Band Geeks, Drasticals and Independents are officially disbanded after 5 years, and two new teams rise from their ashes. Our fourth iteration of teams will be... VS. KRUSTY KREW VS. CHUM BUDDIES! Yup, for the ultimate team culmination, we're doing a Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket theme for this edition of teams! There's nothing that screams a heated team rivalry more than these two restaurants duking it out, with you, the members helping them! Krusty Krew will be led by @Mr. Eugene Krabs himself, and Chum Buddies led by @Plankton himself. There will be no more “team leaders” in the traditional sense. Those two will act more so as mascots for both teams. Here’s a run-down of the new features Teams 4 has: Solos: Don't want to be on either team? That's okay, because if you do not want to be on either team, by default, you will be a "Solo" (cue Han Solo jokes) now. These are a new version of the Independents, but instead, it is no longer an organized "team" in any sense (which is more in line with my original vision of Indies). What will happen is that if you are not a Krusty Krew or Chum Buddy member and win a team event, then you get the point. If say, Kev and G4ry are both "Solos", and they win events, then they both each get a point for the scoreboard. So from now on, you will be literally on your own if you choose to not be on either team. If you want to be Solo, then don’t post in this thread! Major League & Minor League Events: From now on, team events will be divided into “Major League” and Minor League” through the year. The “Major League” events will consist of the big season events: March Madness, the summer event, Octerror Fest and Snowcember Ball. Starting in this year, we will have “Minor League” team events in-between those, which are smaller scale team events that will only last a week, but are a way to keep the team activities going during downtime and give people more opportunities to help their team if they didn’t do well last time. It’s okay if you don’t think you’ll make it to every team event, as long as you contribute to the team in some way. We think this will be a fresh new spin on teams, adding a lot of great fun to them this year. If you want to be on either team, just simply sign-up in this thread (yes, you must post here). You will have until February 28th, 2020 at 6pm EST to sign-up, at which point the two team leaders, Krabs and Plankton, will pick their team members, like we did for the 2014 Teams 3 Draft. March Madness 2020 will then kick off two days later, which will be the first event with these new teams. After the initial draft is over, I will keep this thread open for anyone else to sign ups after the fact, similar to how the previous teams thread worked. If you have any other questions, let me know! (Credit to @Old Man Jenkins for several of these ideas)
  17. damn it, I couldn't stay away from these. The spark has returned. This idea was itching at me for some time and my conscious was telling me to make it happen, so here you go, my surprise return to spin-offs, mateys! With my 10th SBC anniversary coming this month, this will be a cool way to celebrate my SBC creations. (Note: I'm still 100% done with SBC related literatures however) (Credit to @Aquatic Konquest for the logo) Coming soon, ar ar ar!
  18. Premieres: Sunday, November 18th @ 11:00am ET/PT Encores: Sunday, November 18th @ 2:00pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick have their peaceful day of jellyfishing disturbed by Sandy's competitive nature. Clips: N/A This will be another extended episode like "Feral Friends", "Back to the Past" and "Shanghaied", meaning it is 16 minutes long instead of 11.
  19. That's right, we have a brand new SBC user group! But wait, some of you might be asking...didn't we have a group called "Loyal Customers" back in 2013? Yes, we did. That was a group name to replace the Representative Board. It was originally meant to be a VIP group like Good Noodles, but it never panned out. However, it's finally panning out now. As a throwback, we're naming our new VIP group after them. Loyal Customers is SBC's exclusive VIP group, similar to our old Good Noodles group, but with a lot more advantages. You can buy access to this group for 15,000 doubloons. What do they get? Here's a list... Exclusive Loyal Customer group badge: Green colored username (if chosen as primary group). Access to an exclusive club and forum called "The Secret Box", where you can just chill, suggest ideas to SBC's staff (we can't guarantee all will be used/possible however), and get sneak peeks of future SBC projects/events. Increased signature image size: All other members' signature pictures cannot go beyond 700 x 200, but Loyal Customers' limit is 750 x 300. Only a small difference, but hey, it's something. Exclusive iFish items in the Costume Store. More will be added in the future, but right now they have access to 28 exclusive items for your fish! Access to exclusive skins. Much like the iFish items, more will be added in the future, but right now, LCs can see 6 skins, which are: "Tropical Sandy", "The Gary Community", "Attack on Bikini Bottom", "Sea Legs", "Midnight in Bikini Bottom" and "8-Bit Community" (this one is buyable through the skin store). Special SpongeCraft advantages. If you're a Loyal Customer, you get access to the following things in SpongeCraft: 1.) Skin uploads, which can be accessed via a generator in the directory. 2.) Use of TNT and Fire items. Do note abuse of these will result in loss of VIP privileges. 3.) Ability to spawn creatures such as Squidwards. 4.) Ability to add fancy effects to your character. Access to Takin' Out the Trash forum. Can upload up to 4.5MB in attachment size, as opposed to 2MB for everyone else. ...and more features to come in the future! The item can be found in the store, titled "Become a Loyal Customer" under the "Doubloon Store" category. If you have enough, feel free to buy it! If you don't, start saving up! We decided to offer this as an alternative for those not interested in Teams, and also to give you guys an incentive to work for something new in the store. Note: If you already in a group like Retired Employees, Band Geeks, or Drasticals, the item will put your primary group as Loyal Customers. Please let me know if you want it display LC as primary or secondary after buying. If you are already say, a Retired Employee and want to buy it, it can be a sub-group for you and all of the features will still work. Note 2: If you have any issues with buying the item, using the item, or anything with the group in general, please respond to this topic.
  20. Since tomorrow is the opening day for the new movie, I figured this topic should be used as an official review thread for it. Discuss and grade the film here whenever you see it. Please be courteous and note that everyone may not have seen it when you are writing your review, so mark any possible spoiler-y things in spoiler tags.
  21. #178 - Hello Bikini Bottom Premieres: Monday, October 8th @ 8 PM ET/PT Encores: N/A Plot: Spongebob and Squidward form a two-man band, but when Mr. Krabs takes over as band manager for SpongeBob and Squidward, he threatens to bring the first show down in flames if they don't give him money. Clips: http://spongebob.nic...egins-clip.html http://spongebob.nic...arket-song.html http://spongebob.nic...nel-carper.html
  22. Just so we don't get bombed with 1,000 comments saying "I CAN'T LOGIN!", post any bugs on the new site here. EDIT: What an outdated thread. I've updated this to be a general help thread.
  23. Yup, a Spin-Off rerun topic. How does this work? Basically, you post an old or new episode from any of your spin-offs in this thread. This will (sorta) give Spin-Offs a real TV show vibe. However, you can only post in this topic twice a day. Pretty much a Spambox 2.0, just with Spin-Off episodes as the spam.
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