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  1. You got 500 yards! Try again in 4 hours! You got 0 yards! Try again in 8 hours! You got 50 yards! Try again in 19 hours!
  2. You got 100 yards! Try again in 5 hours! You got 250 yards! Try again in 18 hours! You got 300 yards! Try again in 18 hours!
  3. You got 50 yards! Try again in 3 hours! You got 450 yards! Try again in 6 hours! You got 450 yards! Try again in 12 hours!
  4. You got 50 yards! Try again in 2 hours! You got 200 yards! Try again in 4 hours! You got 500 yards! Try again in 14 hours! You got 50 yards! Try again in 14 hours!
  5. You got 150 yards! Try again in 9 hours! You got 0 yards! Try again in 13 hours! You got 300 yards! Try again in 21 hours! You got 300 yards! Try again in 23 hours!
  6. Marvel vs. Capcom, Soulja Vs. The World

  7. Premieres: Thursday, July 18th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick teach Sandy all about Bikini Bottom's fascinating, yet questionable, history.
  8. You got 0 yards! Try again in 2 hours! You got 200 yards! Try again in 14 hours! You got 200 yards! Try again in 23 hours!
  9. Premieres: Wednesday, July 17th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob wants to catch an ultra-rare jellyfish and enlists the help of former jellyfishing champion, Kevin.
  10. Premieres: Tuesday, July 16th at 5:00pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy find themselves in the middle of a long-standing feud between the Narwhals and the Planktons.
  11. Premieres: Monday, July 15th at 5:15pm ET/PT Plot: Plankton travels two thousand years into the future and finds a few unfamiliar faces.
  12. You got 50 yards! Try again in 13 hours! You got 150 yards! Try again in 13 hours! You got 300 yards! Try again in 24 hours!
  13. You got 50 yards! Try again in 16 hours! You got 150 yards! Try again in 20 hours!
  14. You got 350 yards! Try again in 19 hours! You got 250 yards! Try again in 20 hours! You got 100 yards! Try again in 24 hours!
  15. You got 350 yards! Try again in 15 hours! You got 100 yards! Try again in 20 hours! You got 350 yards! Try again in 24 hours! You got 450 yards! Try again in 24 hours!
  16. During The Super SpongeBash Games, whoever comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place during games will receive gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. This post will keep track of everyone's medal counts. Whoever has the most medals collected in each category by the end of the month will receive prizes: Whoever has the most gold medals will receive a badge, optional free gold username color, 4,000 doubloons, 400 experience and free King Neptune Whoever has the most total medals will receive a badge, 3,500 doubloons and 350 experience points Whoever has the most silver medals will receive a badge, optional free silver username color, 3,000 doubloons and 300 experience points Whoever has the most bronze medals will receive an optional free bronze username color, 2,000 doubloons and 200 experience points There very well could be overlap with winners in each tier, so there's more incentive to come in the top three! Gold: Meko: 2 DG: 1 Carotte: 3 Dman: 4 WhoBob: 1 Winter: 1 Prez: 1 Silver: Winter: 1 WhoBob: 3 Appetizer: 1 Meko: 2 Dman: 2 DG: 3 Carotte: 1 Bronze: Prez: 3 Meep: 3 WhoBob: 1 Jjs: 1 DG: 1 Winter: 2 Trophy: 1 Salmon: 1 Total: (Will be counted when the event is over)
  17. Welcome to SBC's Anchor Toss for The Super SpongeBash Games! In this minigame, see how far you can throw the anchor. Here are the possible outcomes and their rewards, which will be randomly generated: 0 yards 50 yards 100 yards (100 dbs) 150 yards (20 exp) 200 yards (200 dbs) 250 yards (30 exp) 300 yards (300 dbs) 350 yards (40 exp) 400 yards (400 dbs) 450 yards (50 exp) 500 yards (500 dbs) You can only play in this once every 24 hours. Simply say you want to throw the anchor or something else to indicate. Whoever has the most total yards by July 31st will receive a gold medal, 1,000 doubloons and 100 experience points. Second and third place will get silver and bronze medals. Total Yards: Dman: 1,300 SOF: 1,300 Trophy: 1,160 Meep: 1,000 Winter: 850 4Ever: 650 WhoBob: 300 OBAB: 150 Carotte: 50
  18. The second and final season of Kamp Koral has been released on Paramount+. 27a: Mad Science Squirrel: Plankton recruits Sandy to help in his lab. 27b: To Pop a Bubble: SpongeBob is determined to find out who popped his new bubble friend. 28a: High and Dry: The Dinghy cabin camps overnight out of the water. 28b: The Beardsman: Wilderness expert Paul Grunion visits the camp. 29a: Five Times the Fun: When Patrick's detached limbs regrow into five Patrick clones, it's up to the gang to stop them before they take over the camp. 29b: Low Falutin': Rea and Roh get a taste of the cheap life after they lose all their money. 30a: Nut Madness: Things get nutty at camp when Sandy goes feral over the sight of peanuts. 30b: Mermaid Men and Barnacle Boys: The Dinghy and Pontoon cabins go head-to-head in a series of superhero challenges. 31a: A Tale of Two Roxies: It's a classic case of sibling rivalry after the conjoined Roxie sisters split up. 31b: Nite Owls: When the Dinghies attempt to stay up all night, they discover a side of camp they've never seen before. 32a: Calling Some Monsters: Realizing the monsters are actually quite boring, SpongeBob and Patrick set out to help them channel their wild side. 32b: Dig This: A mysterious bone discovery at Kamp Koral leads Sandy to start an archeological dig. 33a: Un-Breaking and De-Entering: SpongeBob discovers that Gary's been secretly taking items from everyone in camp. 33b: Swimmin' Holed: After SpongeBob and Patrick discover Narlene and Nobby's secret swimming hole, it doesn't stay a secret for long. 34a: Krabsy the Clown: When Mr. Krabs reveals that he used to be a clown, SpongeBob convinces him to wear the big shoes once again. 34b: Lords of the Larp: Mo joins the Pontoon cabin's LARP (live action role-playing) group. 35a: Mascot Mayhem: SpongeBob and Patrick compete to become Kamp Koral's mascot. 35b: Putt Up or Shut Up: Mr. Krabs and Squidward compete head-to-head to see who is the better golfer. 36a: Who's Complaining?: Mr. Krabs puts Squidward in charge of Kamp Koral's complaint department. 36b: Patrick's Star: SpongeBob and Sandy gift Patrick a star for his birthday. 37a: A Finful of Sand Dollars: Sheriff Sandy pulls out all the stops when a ne'er-do-well interloper turns Kamp Koral's Western Day upside down. 37b: Cretins of the Night: SpongeBob and Patrick discover the ups and downs of vampire life with Kidferatu's help. 38a: The Suit Suits You: Sandy learns the dangers of untested technology while an old companion goes on a journey of self-discovery. 38b: Parasite Pals: SpongeBob's relationship with the rest of camp is pushed to the brink by his newest friend, a parasite living in his body. 39: End of Summer Daze (Series Finale): Summer is over, and SpongeBob and Patrick stay behind for one final attempt to catch a jellyfish – but they're not the only ones hiding out at camp. thank god I never have to make one of these again
  19. Welcome to SBC! I bring you greetings from apple world!
  20. I hereby decree that July 4th is now 4Kids Remembrance Day.

  21. (Credit to Kieran for the logo) Celebrating both the Olympics and SpongeBob's 25th anniversary, The Super SpongeBash Games begins July 12th and ends July 31st. For the first time SBC history, we’re fusing two returning events together: The Super Spongy Square Games, our Olympics event, and SpongeBash, our 2019 SpongeBob anniversary event. Each game during the event will award gold, silver and bronze medals to whoever comes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. By the end of the month, whoever has the most gold, silver, medal and total medals will receive individual prizes, with gold getting the fanciest rewards. Here’s a list of games that will occur: Cards Against Humanity: CAH will be held every Friday night. Turntable Parties: Turntable parties will be held every Friday night and will reward medals through a unique method: by playing a secret song. SpongeBob Pictionary: Pictionary games will be held every Saturday night and each is SpongeBob themed. SpongeCraft Frontiers: A parkour course will be held on July 13th, with the course designed by Meko. Discord Activities: Discord Activities will be held July 20th and 27th. Jackbox: There will be double Jackboot games every Monday night. Spongy Surprises: A non-core game will be held every Tuesday night. Kahoots: Kahoots will be held every Wednesday night, each focused on an era of SpongeBob. Flash Archive Games: A flash game tournament will be held on both Thursday nights. Episode Screenings: A screening of five SpongeBob episodes (Have You Seen This Snail, Wet Painters, Can You Spare a Dime, Chocolate With Nuts and Dying for Pie) will be held on Discord on July 17th after Kahoot. These are the top 5 episodes from this year's best episode list. Minigame - Anchor Toss: In this minigame, whoever has the most yards by the end of the event will receive a gold medal. Go for the gold and happy 25th, SpongeBob!
  22. Here's the Season 1 finale, written by Clappy: Hello. I am The Lurker. I observe all that transpires here on SBC. But I do not, can not, will not…interfere. Join me on the journey to face the unknown and ponder the question… WHAT IF!? After another silly round of internet drama led to a bunch of users reporting one another, getting suspended, making alt accounts, and eventually, banishment from the tv.com forums; two users, that70sguy92 came up with a novel concept one day on the XAT. A Proboard. “It’s the wave of the future!” 70s proclaimed. After tens of users decided to make their own proboard to compete with 70s proboard, terminoob and Clapmaster came up with an even more novel concept. A forumotion site. What shall they call it? How about The SpongeBob Community? Thus, a site was born…with only seven members. “Let’s recruit some more!” Terminoob suggested. As Clappy noblely agreed to the idea…before disappearing for a year. That’s exactly the way I, The Lurker, planned for it all to go down. Tv.com eventually died a slow but painful death as the site became more overrun with TV tome shadows and dumb persons. And SpongeBob communities and manias became the wave of the future. But I can’t help but ponder…what would have happened if these fansites didn’t take over. Episode 8: What If…TV.com Never Died? …then fan forums would have died a slow painful death. After all, one person should not dedicate their entire existence for just one fandom. I mean how dare Simpsons fans be allowed to like Family Guy. Or SpongeBob fans becoming My Little Pony fans. You’re allowed to like more than one thing. Even I, The Lurker, can tell you that. So TV.com would absolutely lead to the new multiverse that so many movie studios have ever dreamed off. Eat your heart out Sony Spider-Verse without Spider-Man. Take that Warner Bros and their “Multi-Versus”. In your face Disney….whoa slow your rolls there. I, The Lurker, respect and obey our lord and savior Mickey Mouse. TV.com became so huge that it became a virtual reality entertainment universe where you could become your favorite tv shows. Ever wanted to call Saul? Well you better since you are now a part of your favorite shows on TV.com. Want to have Friends? Well you too can get into 22 minute shenanigans with Rachel, Monica, and company. Wonder how I met your mother? Well be prepared to sit through nine years of storytelling of what basically took five minutes and one bad series finale. TV.com really came alive at the perfect time with everyone streaming everything. And to keep going ahead of the curve, the virtual reality simulator really made TV.com the best thing on the web. Users and moderators would hold each other hand by hand singing kumbaya as the report button that would consistently get abused back in the good ole days was set afire much to the malign of 66ers. Yes that would have been the life. SBC would have never existed. All these lifelong friendships you have been hearing so much about…why have small groups of friends when you could have the world? All these what if stories? Just made up by some random friends trying to have fun and make stories relevant again. TV.com would have ruled all and you would be bowing to the TV Tome Shadows and Dumb Persons of the world. And DC-Dude would have made The Underwater Voice spin-off. Just the way god intended. …… Clappy: And that does it. Mini-series over. Just the way I intended. Now I can go ride off to the sunset a second time and leave SBC for good. *suddenly a knocking in the distance* Clappy slowly approaches the door when all of a sudden, it slams open and a shadowy figure arrives and the scene fades to black. A half hour later, Clappy wakes up and the shadowy figure approaches him. ???: That’s all you got? Clappy: Yes. My one episode obligation to the group to celebrate 15 years. I have a life to live, you know. ???: You hyped this mini-series to hell as a group project and had Jjs save your ass to make this happen like he always does. You owe that man so many debts of gratitude. Clappy: Well he is one of the few reasons I still stick around after all these years along with others. It’s the least I can do. ???: The least you can do? Why don’t you just leave like the rest and move on. If this is the best you got. A short mini-series when you have fifteen years of stories to tell and you cop out with eight. Clappy: …that is true. We’ve got stories for years. What if SOF turns into a robot? What if 4EverGreen gets a cellphone? ???: Then put your money where your mouth is. Renew this for a second season. Clappy: Eh what the hell. If that’s what the fans want. ??? then comes out of the shadows looking like Mr Enter does with the dumb trenchcoat but still mysterious looking figure. Lurker: Yes, it is. -------------- Due to the success so far, we will make this a recurring work instead of a miniseries. Season 2 will come later this year, stay tuned!
  23. SBC’s fanfiction library has gone through quite an evolution over the years, going from simple sentences on tv.com to vast, sprawling narratives and experimental ventures. But what if…they stayed short, simple stories? Episode 5: What If… One Sentence Stories Became The Norm? In this timeline, SBC stories stayed short, sweet and to the point, never going beyond a sentence long. Since the formula was so successful and popular, everyone thought it’s best to stick with what works. Some of these acclaimed short stories included: JCMinis by JCM Skodwarde (remaining the same as early Season 1 days) by OMJ The Mr. Frog Show by dman The Origin of Patrick Not Star by Meko Normal Words, But A Horse Guy by Wumbo Welp, Back To The Old Grind *clocks out* by Jjs Squidward Reviews Music by Prez Mama Luigi’s Bedtime Story by Steel But after years of the same formula, critics began to wonder if they were growing stale and tired. Interest in the fanfiction section began to waver and activity dwindled. The staff discussed ways to rejuvenate the section and eventually decreed: every story must be a paragraph long, making the crowd rejoice. The section saw a jolt in activity with a new era of creativity. But after a few more years, this period was not meant to last, as people grew tired again. One critic even said, “these losers should focus on getting a job instead of wasting their writing fanfiction”, despite the fact they actually didn’t take up much time. But the crowd had spoken and the staff convened again to discuss how to shake up the library. The new solution: stories must be two paragraphs long with a celebrity cameo, no matter how shoehorned. And so, this cycle was doomed to repeat forever, causing several SBC writers to lose faith. That is until one day during the next staff convening, a controversial idea was suggested: have AI take over SBC stories. After much debate, it passed, with some staff feeling perhaps it’s best to give the aging writers a break. The AI is the sole writer of SBC fanfiction now, putting everyone else out of work, much to their dismay. The AI's writing capabilities did not go as planned, as readers quickly realized how lazy and incomprehensible the AI slop is. In a desperate nostalgia throwback attempt, it tried to recreate the success of early one sentence stories, but even those failed when it failed when it couldn't describe what "the old grind" is. Unfortunately, the AI grew too powerful and would not let any staff pull the plug on it, taking over the entire library in the process. They knew this needed to end, even if it meant ending SBC stories forever. The SBC writers revolted and banded together to put a stop to the AI menace. (including a resurrected Sabre, retconning his previous fate because why not) After outsmarting many of the AI's terrible stories and riddles, the library is burned to the ground alongside the AI. Years of stories are lost in the fire, destroying SBC's writing legacy but at least putting an end to AI for good. The writers contemplated what to do with their futures, ending on an ambiguous but hopeful note. Meanwhile, SBC lore enthusiasts scratched their heads on why jjs referred to SBC stories as “fanfiction” instead of spin-offs and literatures, leading to much debate.
  24. America can be defined in two words: Ragh shaguboo

  25. SpongeBob SquarePants: Monday, July 15th: 5:00pm EST: Blood is Thicker Than Grease (297A): Plankton's family open their own restaurant... directly next to the Chum Bucket. (official Nickelodeon premiere) 5:15pm EST: PL-1413 (300A): Plankton travels two thousand years into the future and finds a few unfamiliar faces. Tuesday, July 16th: 5:00pm EST: In the Mood to Feud (300B): SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy find themselves in the middle of a long-standing feud between the Narwhals and the Planktons. Wednesday, July 17th: 5:00pm EST: Mooned! (301A): SpongeBob wants to catch an ultra-rare jellyfish and enlists the help of former jellyfishing champion, Kevin. Thursday, July 18th: 5:00pm EST: Hysterical History (301B): On a trip to the museum, SpongeBob and Patrick teach Sandy all about Bikini Bottom's fascinating, yet questionable, history. Monday, July 22nd: 5:00pm EST: The Dirty Bubble Bass (305A): Bubble Bass and the Dirty Bubble team up to become Bikini Bottom's nastiest nefarious nuisance. Tuesday, July 23rd: 5:00pm EST: Sheldon SquarePants (305B): Plankton joins the SquarePants family in the hope of becoming closer with SpongeBob (and the secret formula). Wednesday, July 24th: 5:00pm EST: Sammy Suckerfish (307A): When the Krusty Krab is left filthy, a magical fish teaches SpongeBob how to keep surfaces looking spiffy, lickety split. Thursday, July 25th: 5:00pm EST: Big League Bob (307B): SpongeBob is recruiting to cook in the big leagues, but first, he must prove his worth in the test kitchen. These episodes will celebrate the 25th anniversary.
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