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  1. Congrats to Fred, who won for the Buddies!
  2. You got a candy corn! Try again in 10 hours! Whoa! You got the Candy Apple pin! Try again in 15 hours!
  3. You got a silver ghost! Try again in 10 hours! You got a blue ghost! Try again in 15 hours!
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  5. The second CAH game for OF2020 is tonight at 7pm EST. The winner will receive 1,000 haunted doubloons and a point for their side.
  6. You got a chocolate bar! Try again in 14 hours!
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  9. Tonight's events: 7:00pm EST: Pictionary 8:00pm EST: [2nd] Halloween Boovie Night: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  10. Sit back, relax, and grab your popcorn for our weekly movie screenings during OF2020. Tonight at 8pm EST, we'll be streaming a movie screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas on Discord.
  11. Tonight's events: 7:00pm EST: [2nd] Jackbox - Murder Trivia Party 8:00pm EST: [2nd] SBC Music Ghoul Party Friday
  12. Congrats to dman, who won for the Krew! The last round will be next Friday, same time and same place.
  13. No easy way to say this so I'm gonna just rip the bandaid off now: Pirate Legends I know I had originally planned Season 2 to start tomorrow...and yeah, that's not happening now. Sorry to anyone who was genuinely looking forward to it (if any), but I honestly have not been motivated to continue this. The more the weeks passed by, I couldn't bring myself to care much for this. And to be honest with you guys, after looking back at Season 1, I wasn't entirely satisfied with it. While I did put in some intriguing novel-esque character delves, at the end of the day, I was still writing around the first POTC movie, which felt very creatively restraining in quite a few chapters. The more I looked at it, the more I realized having 20 chapters doing nothing but mostly following a film's events (with a scant few divergences and Mando elements slapped in there) seemed...lame? Uninspiring? Disappointing? I wouldn't blame people for thinking so when I know I'm capable of doing better and more original works. And looking at my Season 2+3 plans, having to drag those films out over 20 chapters also didn't seem exciting anymore, nor something to stretch out for another year. I guess I wanted something easier to write, and in fairness I did advertise this as more of an "POTC expansion" than an original work, but in doing so, it felt dishonest to myself and it didn't sit right after a while. Plus, it felt kinda unnecessary given I already did SBCinema parodies of the first three movies last year. The lack of apparent readers also didn't really give me much desire to continue this neither. Normally I say views don't matter as long as you enjoy writing it, and I still hold that to be true, but truthfully I wasn't even personally enjoying writing this by the end of Season 1 and was kinda on autopilot with those last few chapters. Combining all those factors together, and the fact I don't really have the time I used to for a long term fanfic right now, has just made me not really want to go forward with this anymore. Think I jumped into this one a bit too fast and I probably should've left my writings be at Light of SBC (which imo I still view as a mostly satisfying end to my works) before trying to force myself out of retirement again so soon. Currently, I've debated three options for myself: A.) Cancel it and leave it where I ended Season 1 (which does kinda work as a standalone for the most part and I at least can feel better stopping it there than I did with say, Wasteland) B.) Sell the spin-off's rights off to someone else who is more passionate about continuing this with their own original spins; if anyone genuinely wants this offer, let me know and I'll send my planned outline for what would've been its future, then we can talk from there C.) Try to force myself to do a Season 2 at a later date, but make it the last one; this does mean I'd have to fuse my ideas for Seasons 2 and 3 together, which might be kinda rushed but can at least give it an ending So yeah, I dunno what I'm going to do with this. It's in limbo: it's neither officially cancelled nor continuing right now. When I've made a concrete decision, or someone genuinely wants option B, I'll follow up this post. Someday I might make a new proper spin-off again, but I don't think this was the one which my heart has been telling me for a while. I'm content with running SBCinema for now.
  14. You got liquorice! Try again in 9 hours! You got Skittles! Try again in 11 hours! You got M&M's! Try again in 14 hours!
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