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  1. Congrats to Dman, who won for the Krew!
  2. You got a Reese's! Try again in 7 hours! You got nothing! Try again in 8 hours! You got a liquorice! Try again in 17 hours!
  3. You got a gold ghost! Try again in 7 hours! You got a white ghost! Try again in 8 hours! You got a pink ghost! Try again in 17 hours!
  4. You got 6 apples! Try again in 7 hours! You got 2 apples! Try again in 8 hours! You got 3 apples! Try again in 17 hours!
  5. Tonight at 7pm EST, test your knowledge of Halloween with a terrifying quiz, located here: Whoever is first to get 100% on it will get 1,000 haunted doubloons and a point for their side.
    • Graded Mode
    • 25 minutes
    • 20 Questions
    • 1 Player
    For OF2020.
  6. The results are in: 1st: Dman 2nd: RDSP Overall Candy: Dman: 23 (WINNER!) RDSP: 21 Fred: 6 Mythix: 3 Congrats Dman, with this victory, you are now the overall winner of Trick or Terror! Your prizes will come shortly. Thanks to those who played, and I may try another experiment in the format with games like this in future events.
  7. Round #5 (Finale): The fifth and final house the challengers go to for candy is a haunted house. This challenge is split into two parts. For part one, you must answer these riddles: 1.) What room do ghosts avoid? 2.) What type of music is a mummy's favorite? 3.) Where does a werewolf like to hide? 4.) What is a ghost's favorite dessert? 5.) How do you fix a jack-o-lantern? 6.) What kind of make up is a ghost's favorite to wear? 7.) Why did the vampire take art class? 8.) What instrument does a skeleton play? 9.) Why didn't the monster eat the crazy person? 10.) Which part of a road do Ghost's love to travel the most? Good luck. After you message me those, I will send you instructions for part two. Whoever has the most overall candy after this challenge is the winner of Trick or Terror.
  8. Reminder: Final round is tonight at 7pm EST!
  9. You got a chocolate bar! Try again in 4 hours! You got M&M's! Try again in 17 hours!
  10. You got 4 apples! Try again in 4 hours! You got 1 apple! Try again in 17 hours!
  11. You got a green ghost! Try again in 4 hours! You got a red ghost! Try again in 17 hours!
  12. Tonight's event: 7:00pm EST: [5th] Trick or Terror Round
  13. Congrats to Fred, who won for the Buddies!
  14. You got a candy corn! Try again in 10 hours! Whoa! You got the Candy Apple pin! Try again in 15 hours!
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