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  1. I've been critical of practically all of Taylor Swift's singles from reputation, but her latest one is honestly excellent and I hope it blows up on the charts:


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    2. Fisher the Breezebuilder

      Fisher the Breezebuilder

      For sure, it'll blow up....only for it to drop significantly after a few weeks because female pop song purge.

      With all seriousness, the top 20 could really use a song like "Delicate." Although, I'd say the best single I've heard from reputation, despite being promotion only, is "Call It What You Want."

      "End Game" is also a guilty pleasure for me, if I might add.

    3. Pac-Man


      haven't heard delicate but i doubt it can surpass the greatness of look what you made me do

    4. Funyarinpa


      It's different than the rest and definitely a huge step up, wouldn't say it should be at the top of the charts but at least I can't deny it being respectable.

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