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  1. This one was a lot of fun, I like this kind of theme
  2. My favorite month of the year has to go to July. Re-integrating into SBC culture and being accepted so warmly has genuinely done wonders for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Playing a game practically every day with the community was an absolute blast, very honored to be a part of the final teams event after being there when teams were introduced. Great times all-around!
  3. "I hate Ex." - Jjs Goodman

    1. Dr. Eggman

      Dr. Eggman

      You must be confusing that for when I famously said "I hate Krabby Patties."

  5. Sorry for the delay, want to get on an every 4-5 day schedule but my sleep schedule is pretty horrible at the moment. I slept 24 hours into today, wish the government would stop me. Also, i'm messing around with different settings and such so if picture sizes and such end up inconsistent I apologize. Chapter 2: In Theaters October 21st This beginning is soooooooo long, but we're finally getting somewhere! Next episode will be the first that is mostly gameplay and not cutscenes. Everyone cheer! I will also be including a segment where I provide some info on our pokemon friends, since they're going to be from my realm of knowledge not everyone may be familiar (though this episode has one most people here should be familiar with, I wouldn't be surprised if they get more obscure as we go on) The roster so far: bye bye
  6. Anything gummy!!!! I love gummy stuff, so i picked other. But i will eat literally anything that combines chocolate or peanut butter. Also kinder eggs and those bueno bars ugh yes
  7. Let's goooooo I wanted to make a throwback to the days when people would post screenshot forum lets plays. Everything is randomized- enemy teams, wild pokemon, their types, their moveset, their abilities, and even who they evolve into. Exciting! My rules are as follows: 1. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered "dead" and stored in the PC box forever. 2. I can only catch the first 'mon I encounter on any route. If it's a duplicate, I may reroll the encounter. I'm also allowed all gift encounters but not two from the same place (So only one Samuel Oak mon) 3. Must nickname all Pokemon after someone based, badass, or tight as hell. (TW: NSFW jokes, nothing extreme but your average shitty internet humor. Light sexual references etc etc) Alright, let's go Chapter 1: Exposition That wraps up the first part! Lots of exposition, so I think from now on we're gonna blitz through this beginning. I'm gonna trim a lot of the fat so we don't end up with any more do-nothing parts, but I wanted this nice welcoming Chapter 1. The decision to cut a lot of the beginning story out should hopefully not be a problem, I hope nobody is using this as their definitive way to experience the game for the first time LOL. But if you are... hey! Stay a while. I love ya. I love all of you
  8. Sweet and to the point. 2 points for Demon Whiskers The resemblance is uncanny.. 3 points if it means we never speak of this again. Hello everyone, long time no see! I kept forgetting to update this because I am bad with things like deadlines, remembering to update, and responsibility. I hope everyone liked the last creature, that adorable kitty cat is Nyabon from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! Great game, check it out. Today's guest:
  9. damn, thats fuckin weird. wonder what happened there
  10. What's the last good movie you watched? Last not-so-good movie?
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