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  1. Let's gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song, y'all, because it's time for the 7th edition of the SBC Community Mixtape! This is, of course, the occasional feature where we all get together, throw a bunch of songs in a pot, and see which ones... which ones, uhhh... which ones stick to the inside of the pot? Really, brain? Can we finish a metaphor for once? Well, with that said, our theme this time shall be: GUILTY PLEASURES As Todd in the Shadows once put it: "I don't mean I actually feel guilt for the things I like. That's stupid, especially for music, which doesn't really have to follow logic or anything like that. No, when I call something a guilty pleasure, all that means is, I have difficulty finding anything good to say about it, and I'm painfully aware of its faults." You got any songs in your collection that you aren't exactly proud to say you enjoy? Ones that you know are hated, but you still enjoy anyway? Well, that's what the bread and butter of this here playlist. I dare you to get as uncomfortably honest with your tastes as possible! As always, the rules: Length limits per person: you have a total of 30 minutes worth of music to play with. (This site is great for calculating the times.) Try to post your submissions using a Spotify playlist. If this is not possible for you, at least make sure that all of your submissions are available on Spotify. Joke/troll entries can and most likely will be excluded. No repeat entries (can't submit the same thing as somebody else). Most of all: have fun with it! Tentative submission deadline is this Saturday, January 28th, but as always, I'm willing to be flexible with the closing date. (Also: I've been sitting on the last two CMs for a while now, thinking I would go in and manually put them in a proper order, but after procrastinating on that for way too long now, I'll probably just compile them quick and be done with it. Expect to find that in the Discord.) Let's get silly, y'all!
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