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  1. Yep. You're reading this right. I'm bringing this back from the dead. For one last hurrah. I mean after all its been ten years of these....except for last year...which you can find on my blog. cheap plug is supremely cheap...follow me But ever since I've distanced myself from SBC as far as I have, I always couldn't help but feel like my departure from sharing these was as abrupt as it was. I mean I just decided to drop everything like a fly and just moved on to do my own thing. Which has gone fairly okay-ish. My blog may not be as active as it use to be, but I've taken on a few minor writing gigs on sites like Fiverr and have had a few interviews. Still keeping at it despite not being as active as it was last year. That being said, I know where I got my start and found my passion for writing through this tight knit group of friends and I would like to thank you all by finishing up what I started with the "tenth" and final anniversary of doing these lists on here for one last time. After all, it is the holidays and we need to spread Christmas cheer and give back to our friends and loved ones. And I will be sticking to sharing this post on my blog like I did last year, but sharing it on here as well at the exact same time. So whether you chose to read my blog or SBC, the decision is up to you. But I will be sharing my 2020 lists in this thread as well to make up for some lost time on here before I get around to sharing my lists on here for 2021. So happy ten years and looking forward to sharing my year-end lists next month. And looking forward to reading yours as well if you chose to do a couple yourself.
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  2. Straight from the Blogspot Vault, here's my 2020 Worst List: 2020. Do I need to go any further? When my children ask me what year was the worst to live through, I’ll tell them 2020. While I had two personal highs this year in terms of buying my first house and meeting my nephew, the cultural zeitgeist was just too hard to ignore. The entire world hitting a screeching halt with a pandemic that killed millions, massive protests over social injustice that led to civil unrest, the ever-looming threats of another world war, the political divide becoming all the more toxic. And that was only the first five months of the year. I didn't even get to an overactive hurricane season, the election, and murder hornets. I’ve already let my thoughts slip through about my many MANY insights as to the events this year brought onto us and I really don’t want to sound like a broken record at this point. Because there is far too much negativity in this world. One of my friends once told me that reading this blog is like handing out a dose of serotonin to her life. And that’s what my intentions are with this blog. To bring some positivity and entertainment towards this dark timeline we are in. And that’s what I constantly aimed to do throughout this year. Give people reading a much needed break from the reality we are currently sitting through. And honestly? I have a lot of things to say about music this year. So much so that I’m considering expanding a top ten best hit songs list for the year that was 2020. 2020 may have been one of the worst years of all-time, but the one thing it had going right was the hit music of the year was some of the best we’ve gotten this century. I’m not sure if this was the direction that music was heading towards before the pandemic threw a wrench in everybody’s plans but I enjoyed so many of the minor trends that were coming whether it be the sub-trends of 80s inspired synthpop, a 2000’s nostalgia boom, emo rappers bringing rock music back, trap music starting to sound more introspective…I could go on about how many sub-genres worked this year for me that were becoming mainstream. But for as much as I loved the trends that were, and still are to an extent, emerging; reality set in. The pandemic threw a lot out the window for this year. To the point that music became one of the last topics that mattered to people in the general public. If you are reading this and are as big of a music nerd like me, you’ll know that when it came to the metrics, this was one of the weaker point differential years in popular music this year. You all want to know why this year set a new record for most number one hits in a single year? Because it was very easy to obtain. A few weeks ago in early November during one of the weeks where “Mood” by 24KGoldn & iann dior was at number one, it had the same number of points as “Heartless” by The Weeknd the year prior when that was number seventeen that charting year of 2019. You guys see my point? And quite honestly, there is a lot to explain for the three main metrics. Streaming as a whole is down by twenty percent this year over last. The radio, an already declining format of telling what’s popular in the music industry, are even further behind at understanding what’s popular due to most of their chart analysts being out of work due to the pandemic. And sales, another declining format, had to get creative with how to adapt due to the economy also being down thanks to the climate we are living in. So yeah, in a year where the music that we did get was still pretty great in a sense, music was one of the last things that mattered because there were more important topics at hand to focus on. Look I can sit here and ramble on about the music trends of this year because I didn’t even get to some of the important ones like viral trends and stan armies getting more control of these number one races, but alas, I know why you are all here and I don’t want to delay this any further. I know which content gets more views, so like tradition states, let’s start it off by talking about some of the worst music this year had to offer. And while we may have gotten some damn great music this year, we got our fair share of bad music as well. Other music critics may compare the great stuff with some of the best pop music decades like the 80s and the late 90s. However, when it comes to the bad music, I think a good comparison is 2018 where we either got a fair share of hits from problematic people, a lot of pop music on autopilot, or finding myself questioning who some of these hits are even for. But enough preamble, let's get those dishonorable mentions out of the way before tackling on that main course: Okay now that that's out of the way, let's do a proper goodbye to these last 10,000 hours and hope for a better 10,000 more. We're counting down! THE TOP TEN WORST HIT SONGS OF 2020 Thoughts One Year Later: Yeah wouldn't change a thing about any of these. At the time it was really hard to work around a glitch my blog was having where media links were not embedding, so some of the videos or photos that are in this post are different from the ones from the original, but yeah otherwise all the content is accurate. Would I make any additional changes to rankings? Honestly, outside of "Yummy" by Justin Bieber being another dishonorable mention because it truly is a spectacular trainwreck, I wouldn't change a single post from my top ten. Hate all these songs. Next up, my (yikes) Top Twenty Best Hit Songs of 2020. That one is going to be all sorts of challenging to import onto here. But looking forward to seeing what sorts of reactions that will get for those who didn't already read it.
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  3. 51. The tail of death (Dying for Pie) The tail of death [There is an armed man playing the piano on the island. He rings the record but the bell rings until he rings to examine. Ninaspri.] Bob: Please break up. [When the alarm sounds, the state rises. SquaredWord has stopped. "Don't ask where the sun is going." Squidward looked behind the car to prepare for tomorrow. She was on her way to the door when a working sponge followed her with a smile. Squidward alive] .../ .../ I'm glad to meet you. See you later Snyder Pure cancer.: Good morning, is the team ready? Ink Hal.: go home Pure cancer.: No, the staff exchanges gifts Ink Hal.: Mr. Krabbe, you paid me to convey this message, accept the order, and make the change. But you can't pay to be like my brother ... this man. [Soso (Japanese detected word for 'Roughly') Bob wipes the table with a towel, then wipes his face, crying and smiling.] Pure cancer.: Honey, it sounds good to you Sponge Bob.: My squid gave a gift in honor of the corpse's relatives. Ink Hal.: "I love you ..." Pure cancer.: Please try Mr. The team. He wrote to you. Sponge Bob.: I didn’t know how to make a hole in my head, so I rubbed it with watermelon. .../ To need Ink Hal.: Gray, did that happen? Sponge Bob.: goodbye Ink Hal.: Can I work for a low salary? Pure cancer.: After giving a present to my brother Ink Hal.: I want a little turtle Pure cancer.: Oh no, boy, you know the rules. Gifts must be given Ink Hal.: I'm just leaving Sponge Bob.: Good on Skyward. Worth it Pure cancer.: I know you'll come, people will fix it. Ink Hal.: Why can't I get something weird? Guests: If my piece was stolen then it's yours. Ink Hal.: Ah .. Hi, I have a beautiful glass cake Theft.: And it's made in a factory, not at home, or these forces are in a factory. Ink Hal.: And it's a shame I think they want to buy a cake. Guests: It’s hard for us to play football for just $ 25 Ink Hal.: So it's delicious. Theft.: The taste of cherry apples Ink Hal.: If the old cancer goes with me! .../ Here, mr. Cancer, they just came out of the oven and came back into my life. Pure cancer.: It's not over. I have to be sure of both solutions .../ Wait ... it goes well with milk. [He walks over to the milk, beats the book, and the cake goes into the milk.] .../ So you tried to kill me under modern law, didn't you? Ink Hal.: But Crabbe, I don't know what to explain. Sponge Bob.: Mr. Crab, how are you? Listen ... go! From Squid "Sponge Bob ... then you're here." Ink Hal.: And he died. Pure cancer.: United States 25.05 ?! Flow ?! Clamardo and Crabbs.: Bad cancer ?! Pure cancer.: You stand there Ink Hal.: It is nothing Sponge Bob.: Hello everyone, thanks for the Calamaardo La, La, Ralala cake Pure cancer.: You don't kill and you don't cry ... and you kill. What happened to you. Ink Hal.: That's right [SpongeBob says he's a good customer] Sponge Bob.: Sir, you have an order here. Customers: Kir. (Kurdish detected word for 'penis.') [SpongeBob explodes on Fragments of SpongeBob exploding everywhere; Back to reality] Ink Hal.: No, what do we have or should we call the hospital. Pure cancer.: No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the surprise. Ink Hal.: Do you miss that? Pure cancer.: Eleven times is one thing. Ink Hal.: Yes, doctor. Hospital? Eleven doesn't work. How did we get there? Pure cancer.: Don't tell her you love her. I think the man has already entered his mother. Why does he remember the last days of the country? Babies are sure to enjoy the last minute Ink Hal.: You're right, mr. Cancer. The last hour of the sponge makes it beautiful - there will be love in time ... it will drown a lot. Pure cancer.: Be sure to focus on the squid Ink Hal.: And Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob.: Yes? Ink Hal.: I forgot that this is the second part of the gift Sponge Bob.: The second part? វគ្គ (Khmer detected word for 'Course') 2 វគ្គ 2 វគ្គ 2 ... Ink Hal.: Please don't do that Sponge Bob.: What is the second part? Ink Hal.: So what do you find most interesting and exciting? Sponge Bob.: Basically, it's a list of all the fun things I call friendship. Ink Hal.: Worth a look Sponge Bob.: I wrote the most interesting and most interesting night Ink Hal.: All red. Sponge Bob.: I already know Ink Hal.: If you want to get to this list before you die, we need to start right away. Sponge Bob.: Goodbye, Mr. Crab .../ Get up SquaredWorld. How they changed Ink Hal.: Oh, let's see the details Sponge Bob.: Yes, it’s a shame for me, but it’s not good for me. [SpongeBob and Word Cut team talk to entrepreneurs] .../ He is my best friend October [SpongeBob and Squidward talk to the kids] .../ See friends. He's my best friend Harpark (Hindi detected phrase for 'every type') [The boy is attacking Squidward. We swim while waiting for the squid, we try the runway] .../ I want to show my best friend Squid. Ink Hal.: Sincerely hello .../ I'm glad it's over. Sponge Bob.: Yes, because we are taking the next step Ink Hal.: Important ...? Sponge Bob.: I wear my Salman suit and show everyone in my city where my best friends are. Ink Hal.: You're wearing a salmon suit. Sponge Bob.: This is a good lesson. [Join the group by putting salmon clothes in front of the children. All the men sent him. Cut SpongeBob Bob, who went on the list] .../ So, um ... typing spelling. No squid. Ink Hal.: Who's there Sponge Bob.: NS! Ink Hal.: Yes ... [SpongeBob changes his joke list to find reasons. SpongeBob Stroy (Russian detected word for 'Build') and Squidward are back] Sponge Bob.: You see all your friends watching you. [Remove this item from its SpongeBob list. Cut the beans with milk to increase the volume of the tongue from your mouth and turn your hands forward. SpongeBob looked at items on his list Spong. Squidwardist Bob Facesini] .../ There are grapes on the left Ink Hal.: I can not breathe. [SpongeBob is looking at his list. Spong Bob Pants for Open Heart Surgery] .../ Are you sure you want to break it? Sponge Bob.: Who's the doctor here? .../ Last list ... Ink Hal.: Does it include relaxation? Sponge Bob.: See the sunrise with October Ink Hal.: Twilight Pure cancer.: I think the force came before the guys hit. Sponge Bob.: Hi, I have cancer. It's great, Krabb, nice to meet you. Ink Hal.: Order in the morning or evening .../ Sponge Bob.: Unfortunately, the sunset of the submarine was beautiful, yes, it was crazy for me, but it didn't come for me. Ink Hal.: Yes! Sponge Bob.: Yes, and it looks like BT to me. Ink Hal.: Yes! Sponge Bob.: The sunset reminds me of fruit times, what do they think of you? Ink Hal.: An explosion ... I mean a fall Sponge Bob.: You know, it would be nice if I could die in the blink of an eye and ignore my friends. .../ Well, I think something fell out of my stomach. Hello, the smell of cherries or blueberries? .../ The sunset is here! I always like to read five ... you do a lot. Ink Hal.: Fire ... disk ... one ... and ... Sponge Bob.: I think we started a long time ago and started again. Ink Hal.: Five ... four ... three ... two ... o-o-o-on ... I figured it out in a few hours. I am a good person. [A bomb exploded behind the wall, but this time it landed on the army wall. And it creates bubbles, alive and strong.] Sponge Bob.: Hi squad, look. .../We dance like crazy Ink Hal.: Why are you still here? Sponge Bob.: All right, I'll fill out the whole list and make a new one. I have prepared this guide, we can prepare it in January Ink Hal.: You forgot the book. I talk nonsense all day, which surprises me. Sponge Bob.: To ignore me Ink Hal.: Yes, that's what I expected. Sponge Bob.: Yes, and it looks like BT to me. Make the dessert you want. Now it's your turn. Ink Hal.: I'm not stupid! Sponge Bob.: This! NS Ink Hal.: Millions of new pieces have to explode. Sponge Bob.: Why I need it Ink Hal.: Because the cake you eat is heavy. Sponge Bob.: Why? Ink Hal.: This morning I was sitting at the counter and took 25 drums from the thief, I didn't expect the bombing ... I ate your cake. Sponge Bob.: Everything ... everything ... .../ Hi friends, get this cake. We put it in a distribution bag. [Continues to fall on the rock] Unfortunately! [The bun rises slowly squidward, causing an explosion to explode under the bikini.] Ink Hal.: And three --------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES/TRIVIA: Google translate setup for "Dying for Pie:" Dialogue: Shona-Odia-Latvian-Odia-Nepali-Galician-Armenian-Norwegian-Dutch-Turkish-Hungarian-Azerbaijani-Nepali-Khmer-Serbian Scene descriptions: Finnish-Odia-Russian-Albanian-Lao-Luxembourgish-Tajik-Hausa-Estonian-Filipino-Icelandic-Scots Gaelic-Haitian Creole
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  4. Hey guys, Cyanide/Ryan here. It's been a while, but I've officially decided my decision to split from SBC (actually I have for a long while, but I'm only really now sitting down to write this after a month of will I/won't I). My activity has been on a pretty consistent downward fall since high school, and a lot of that is because of mental health issues, but the main thing that's because of is school and real life. I shouldn't say I don't have the time because I 100% do and have way too much on my hands but I've been trying to find other outlets to spend my time so I don't get bored but that's a whole other can of worms right there. But still, I'm at a point in my life where I'm prioritizing school above almost everything else (while still luckily having time for my hobbies) because I don't wanna stay at university any longer than I have to as I'm already a semester or two behind as it is. Not that I think that me becoming more active on this site would diminish homework time, I really don't, but I have my other reasons beyond just wanting to mostly focus on school. If I put my blood, sweat and tears into it, I genuinely don't think I could ever become interested in Spongebob again, especially considering how into it I was when I joined. The truth is 2013 Cyanide and 2021 Cyanide are night and day, two absolutely completely different people. Unfortunately, the reality is that the strong undying love I once felt for Spongebob has just moved onto other things. Wanting to re-evaluate my own worst list (sorry for not finishing that) really put things into perspective for me; I couldn't be bothered to go through with my list when I announced it, and even when I started not really just because I'm just not interested in Spongebob at all anymore in all honesty. Will I still revisit Seasons 1-4? Oh yeah absolutely. But it's not gonna be a consistent thing, it's usually a couple times a year thing if at all. I find me going back to Spongebob mostly as a source of nostalgia to be honest, but I do have gags that still kill me as an adult and what not. I just don't feel like I belong here at all anymore. I still have my friends here obviously, and none of you guys are actively excluding me or anyone. I guess my point is is just that I'm such a completely different person than I was when I first joined, and how I was throughout my presence on this site. I don't wanna mince words and sorry for the tonal shift but late 2018-2020 was without a doubt the worst period of my entire life up to this point, which is coincidentally when my activity started to decline. During this period in my life, I was forced to accept some hard truths about myself, and acknowledge that as my adulthood emerges, I have to grow too. In high school, while Spongebob became less and less relevant to my personal life as I moved on, graduating and being in college definitely helped me move on more and more. Do I think I outgrew SB? Yes and no. I'm still able to enjoy older episodes and by the amount of Spongebob memes and clothing I see around people my age sure as hell haven't outgrown it. But on the other hand, I feel like I have to be in a very specific mood for a gag-centric show like Spongebob. There are so many other shows I would watch over it if I'm looking for a quick solid laugh and that list honestly just grows and grows the more and more TV I watch. In a round about way of saying it, it's something I'll come back to now and again for nostalgia and to hear some classic jokes again, but besides that, I just don't really get a whole lot out of it nowadays. I guess it's also worth mentioning that I usually kinda get burnt out on things despite me liking them if they're everywhere; and obviously Spongebob falls under this. A really great example is Hunter x Hunter, which I love but ever since this weird blow up of it it's kinda reached a point where I need a little break from seeing it everywhere. I also kinda have an antipathy for memes that just refuse to die and I find like 99.9% of Spongebob memes fall under that category, but that's no fault of the show at all. I know it's a really silly thing to say because I'm only not even 20 and a half and I'm really not young at all considering some of the ages of some of my site's fellow members, but I really feel my age gap. Not gonna lie but watching some of the younger members' pure undying enthusiasm about Spongebob has been awesome and I wish I could have that back but I shouldn't force it and I have to recognize that it'll probably never come back again. It's not like I'm losing anything again as that same love has moved onto things like One Piece for me, but I guess I just feel like I'm older and I guess more moved on than the age group comprising this site's primary age base. I just feel so far removed from this site's target group and I just need to move on, especially as someone who constantly feels like they don't belong with 99.9% of kids their age. None of this is anyone's fault. The vast majority of users on this site have been some of the nicest and most understanding people I've had the pleasure of meeting online, even during my darkest days when I was an angry, pretentious ass who was just blindly angry at everyone and everything because I was an angry 14 year old boy who didn't know how to deal with emotional trauma, and unfortunately blindly forced his emotional traumas on popular music and people just because they were beloved. Pardon my language but since I joined back when I was 11, I've had to face some pretty f****d up stuff in my personal life. I've been fairly open about it, and I'm not wanting to get into anything because I just don't want to talk about it. But while I was planning to depart for a while, last month a drinking incident really put into perspective how bad my substance abuse had gotten, mainly in regards to drinking. Last summer it became common for me to lose about 3 hours every day after drinking vomiting/suppressing the urge to vomit just because I drank so much. I want to go back to drinking but I need to watch myself, as is these things. What comes with drinking and smoking is responsibility, so I'm not drinking for a little while to kinda get my mojo back. But what happened (which really was just me almost having a panic attack after drinking too much jungle juice) really put it into perspective and now since my leaving of the Discord server I've just been working a lot on myself. Breaking dumb and pointless habits and routines Aspergers had me forcing myself to do, and joining a yet-to-start group therapy group at my college to maybe drill it into my head one final time that I'm really not that alone, and that my experiences, thoughts and feelings shouldn't be shamed or aren't weird. My drinking accident was actually the original catalyst for me wanting to make this post, which was about a month ago now, but I just never really got around to it. Idk man. In the last couple years I've learned that I really need to move on from a lot of things in my past, and I think this is one of those things. Not gonna lie but it does make me personally feel better just kinda putting my foot down one final time and being like "I'm officially out" because in all honesty, I've been pretty much inactive since high school. Every time I've tried to rebound and become active again it's just always failed and I just don't have any interest in this site really at all anymore so I just think it's time for me to officially move on. As well as as I grow up, my real life responsibilities, commitments, etc grow, and while I don't have a lot of time on my hands right now soon enough things are going to be looking a lot different come internships and all that fun jazz. I'm sorry if this whole thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense, or I meander constantly throughout points, sometimes it can't be easy to put thoughts to words. But this is really how I've felt about being on this site for the greater part of 2 or so years, so I think it's finally time for me to move on. I've been inactive for a long time, but I think it's finally time for me to move on. I've also done a lot of shutting myself off from the world around me, and throughout 2021 I've been working on not being like that, and during this period it's probably not best for me to be on a forum when I have things I need to focus on in real life. I know I've also said it before but if I ever treated you like garbage 2014-2017 I am so sorry, 14 year old me could not handle emotional trauma, which doesn't excuse it at all but that's why it was the way it was. If you wish to stay in contact with me, by all means hit me up! I usually don't have a lot of people I'm talking to anyway. I shouldn't be responding DMs on here but I am active on Discord @icecreamstar#6264. And with that, I'm taking my leave from SBC. Thanks for a terrific 8 years at this point, but I've just got to move on. With a heavy heart and thanks for many great years, -Cyanide/Ryan
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