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  1. I'm on summer break and with me being on summer break I'm looking for things to keep me occupied- and since recently JJS reached out to me with my list of the top 25 worst Spongebob episodes from a long time ago for this year's list, I thought it would be a fun little project for me to reevaluate the list because it's so old and to be honest, I barely remember most of the episodes on the list. I almost feel like some of the placements are remnants of edgy middle school me just hating random episodes for very minor reasons, and I think it'd be fun to reevaluate this list, decide what actually deserved it's placement, and what doesn't. As real life and other interest took its place, my interest in Spongebob has also largely dwindled since I joined this site back in 2013, and I feel like a project like this is a good excuse to get me to watch some episodes again- even if they're from the show's weaker years. A few quick rules- if an episode is removed, it's gone from the list and is either in my good graces or is just an okay episode that isn't among the worst, depending on circumstance. If an episode is kept, it stays on the list, where it may be rearranged, but is still a bad episode in my eyes. I may be inconclusive on some, so those will be considered a tossup if need be. Also feel like noting when I'll be posting- there won't be a deadline or any set date where I update, I wanna take my time with this and do it when I want to do so, since honestly I've abandoned a lot of similar projects in the past and I'm worried about doing so again. But I should be updating somewhat fairly frequently- I'm starting my summer job on Friday, so I may have less time but I should be able to fit in an 11 minute episode into my schedule fairly frequently. Anyway, before we get started, here's the list. I'll be going from #25 to #1: 1. Little Yellow Book 2. Greasy Buffoons 3. inSPONGEiac 4. One Coarse Meal 5. Demolition Doofus 6. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful 7. Restraining SpongeBob 8. SpongeHenge 9. The Thing 10. New Fish In Town 11. Buried In Time 12. Sentimental Sponge 13. Summer Job 14. Boating Buddies 15. A Flea In Her Dome 16. Penny Foolish 17. Sun Bleached 18. Squid's Visit 19. Pet or Pests 20. Truth or Square 21. Pineapple Fever 22. The Other Patty 23. Drive Thru 24. Walking The Plankton 25. Sweet And Sour Squid One thing I will say in advance is pardon me if I don't have a lot to say about the more talked about episodes like Boating Buddies as for a lot those episodes everyone knows why people don't like them, but with that, that's really it. I'm really excited to revisit these episodes after years and the first entry should be out soon!
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