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    5 years have gone by - how the time flies! (BTW, I know this is a little off, but I guess this month still marks my 5th anniversary...) This month marks my 5th anniversary on SpongeBob forums - and I think it's been quite fun. From my humble beginnings as a lurker, to my eventual sign-up on SBM, I think I was quite excited to be a part of the SpongeBob forum community. Unlike other users - somehow, while lurking through old posts, something about the SBM culture of way-back-when spoke to me - the gay squids, Ice Bear, I'M CUTE LOL, Wander, llamas, etc. I knew that this was unlike everything I had ever imagined could come out of an Internet forum dedicated to that talking cheese and his Bikini Bottom friends. So it was quite stoked to join the forums finally. I remember that I wowed everybody with my knowledge of the SBM culture - as if I was stalking them. I think my early days at SBM could be seen as having their ups and downs. I think that parody I did of "Imitation Krabs" was perhaps one of my finest achievements on ANY SB forum. But I can't forget the downs, unfortunately. Trying to "meme" Elmyra - trying to become popular - I think I was so caught up in wanting attention so badly, and wanting to get "likes" so badly I forgot to just sorta be myself and just do my own thing. I mean, making jokes in the Salty Spittoon? How despicable. And making dozens of clickbait topics? Using reaction images in lieu of an actual response? Seriously? If I could, I would've given my 2015 self a big slap in the face for all of that. I remember Prez once sent me a YT link to the "Jungle Book" song "I Wanna Be Like You" in SBM Chat once - that's a more than accurate summing-up of me in my earliest days as part of SBM. I mean, Elmyra is a cute and funny character - she's a great example of a character who's sweet and cute and loveable - but also not sickingly saccharine - but it's just plain wrong to try and force somebody to like what you like. I almost want to compare myself to H**den, who tried to force people to like his shows. Still I managed to make a few friends in those days, Cha, SOF, Carotte, Prez, Illiniguy, Cake - all wonderful, fun people who I'd like to chat more with sometime on Discord - although my IRL friends will always be closer to me than you guys - I still love you all though. It's just a pity I've not conversed with most of you lately. I remember it was around September I decided to join SBC - but I never really used it too much, I think, except when SBM was down. But eventually I phased out of SBM and started going on SBC more and more - although I did still go on SBM sometimes. It was in 2016 when I think I met the person who became my best friend on either SBM or SBC - Renegade the Unicorn, who you may know as that guy who's into outsider music and the incredibly talented author of several lits, most notably "Power Rangers: Multiverse Force". Easily one of the best people I've met on this site - and it's great that he's into some of the stuff I'm into that not everybody here is. Somehow we've become a little more distant than we have, but I still value our wonderful conversations in our ongoing PMs and on Discord. The other thing I'm most proud of are my literary contributions to the site. I'm not afraid to brag a little: I don't think I'm too bad a writer. Sometimes I come up with really good ideas, and I think I've done some nice work with "The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy", although I've unfortunately neglected it of late. T'is a shame, really - me and Renegade have developed some really good, big plans for it in our PM and I'd really like to see all that stuff happen someday. There's actually a good reason why there's been such a big gap between updates of that topic - RTU started work on the latest-posted chapter, but I don't think it was finished. I literally had the patience of a saint there, until I accepted the fact he was probably too busy to finish it and wrote the latest chapter myself. So, although you probably weren't wondering, that's why there was a gap between posts there. But I digress. I wish I could go on - but to make it quick - it's been five wild, fun, sometimes cringey years with you guys. Thanks for everything.
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    Patrick Starts a Talk Show Announcer: Welcome to The Patrick Star Show! Here's your host: Patrick Star! (The crowd cheers as Patrick walks into the stage.) Patrick: Thank you, thank you! We've got an amazing show for you tonight! Lincoln Loud is here! (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: But first: a couple of jokes! (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: I...haven't actually gotten to the jokes yet. (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: Let me actually tell some jokes before you start laughing! (The crowd goes wild.) Patrick: That's it! (Patrick takes out a flamethrower and burns the entire audience to a crisp.) Patrick: Now that I can hear myself think... (Patrick takes a piece of paper out of his pocket.) Patrick: Knock knock! (Lincoln Loud, star of the hit Nickelodeon series The Loud House, walks onto the stage.) Lincoln: Who's there? (Patrick fries Lincoln with his flamethrower.) Patrick: Don't interrupt! (As Lincoln turns to ashes, Patrick turns his paper around.) Patrick: I forgot the punchline. (What a twist!)
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