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  2. hate to say it but this is legitimately and unironically better than the bad batch
  3. EPISODE XXX: THE DEAD SPEAK! But what of those dead one-timers that were taken from us too soon and never got to tell their complete stories? Just in time for Halloween, let’s find out what their spirits have been up to in the afterlife. Boolio Boolio’s gruesome decapitation at the hands of Kylo Ren was not the way he wanted to go out. All he wanted to do was aid the Resistance in winning the war as he wanted to see a better galaxy for everyone. When he ascended to the Netherworld of the Force, his head and body were not intact, which led him to mockery by the other
  4. B99 high key got shafted with its 10 ep limit and I'm so mad Also Ola and every girl who gets thier heart broken my a str*ight man for plot purposes all deserve better?
  5. tear jurker omg parks and rec finale was so sad omg I’m sure I’ll get to B99 soon, just have to play catch up with sooo many shows lmfao
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  7. Tbh the finale isnt even sad!!!! Well it is!! But not like Parks and Rec finale levels of sadness omg why was Parks and Rec finale such a tear jurker???? I spelled that wrong but im too lazy 2 correct it
  8. Catch me not watching it for 138394 years because I don’t want the show to end!!!!
  9. EPISODE XXIX: THE OUTLANDER CLUB Our sources for this episode came from one Tera Sinube, who is completely delirious and lives under the impression that the Great Jedi Purge is still happening. But at least his knowledge of Coruscant's seedy underbelly is still sharp. Kalyn Farnmir Kalyn’s day took a turn for the interesting after seeing someone get their arm chopped off with a glowstick by a guy in pajamas. I mean, weird stuff happened around here, but nothing like that. She was only spending her downtime from her job as a bounty hunter, searching for those wishing t
  10. There was an earthquake and there is TOO MUCH HAPPENIGN TODAY

  11. I'm gonna be super honest: I KINDA SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THE ANNOUNCEMENT AND I'M ALSO VERY HYPED. That being said I will try to keep myself very calm because man I don't wanna make my expectations way too high. But god... GOD I'M EXCITED. It's been too long when it comes to notable original spongebob game content and I'm here for it! also I'm very much hopeful for Nicktoons too with the smash clone coming and gaining a lot of interest I hope it can bring some attention to Nicktoons Unite either as a remaster or another game in the series.
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  13. I just watched the last episode of B99 brb crying
  14. Happy Birthday, smartcookie20! Hope you enjoy your birthday treats!
  15. Never thought they'd bring back Cro-Magnon Sponge, Snail Sponge, Knight Sponge, and SpongeBuck again! And as far as seven worlds go? "Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom" only had 4 levels, but each level had 10 stages, and optional challenges that made the game feel longer and harder than that! Maybe this upcoming game will have a similar deal; a small number of levels, but a healthy amount of stages, and a bunch of optional challenges to extend the game beyond the regular game-play! It's definitely something I'm putting on MY watch list! Enough said, true believers!
  16. They're still making SB content my dream for a Nicktoons Unite remaster ain't dead yet! I'll say that I'm...excited, I suppose, for a new game? Like, I'm definitely hyped and I'm sure they'll go with the platforming route a la early console SB games, but 7 Wishworlds? Hmm, depending on how they're doing these worlds this sounds quite short a game from the offset. Looks like there'll be at least a hub world feature if bringing back "iconic buildings" is of any indication, so that'll be cool. Can't go wrong with a good hub world. Should be a fun endeavor. Would probably buy in a s
  17. Well, I'll admit, it does look pretty good, and the story sounds interesting. Hopefully, it'll be a lot better than the last SpongeBob game (Plankton's Robotic Revenge). Maybe they'll take tips from Battle For Bikini Bottom.
  18. During THQ Nordic's 10th anniversary presentation today, they unveiled a brand new SpongeBob platforming game, titled The Cosmic Shake. If you do not count Rehydrated due to it being a remaster, then this will be the first original new SpongeBob game since 2015. Trailer: Story: SpongeBob and Patrick meet the mysterious fortune teller Kassandra who gives them a vial full of Mermaid’s Tears. Legend claims they grant the wishes of those who are pure of heart… Naturally, the two best buddies get overexcited and their flurry of wishes tears open the very fabric of space
  19. EPISODE XXVIII: WOOKIEES Wookiees are a misunderstood folk. Sure, there are extensive accounts of them killing and mutilating many of the galaxy’s smaller, weaker species for no apparent reason, but aren’t they just big and lovable gentle giants? Kind of. Tarfful After the Clone Wars ended, Tarfful was among the first to realize what Kashyyyk had become. It was a mere colony now, left at the mercy of Trandoshan aggressors and Imperial oppressors. Tarfful took the fight to these two groups underground, where he founded the Wookiee Liberation Front, or as they say in th
  20. i will be back in an upcoming season 13 episode!

    1. Incidental 6

      Incidental 6

      I'm not sure when the LAST time MY Incidental appeared in an episode. I want to say "Roller Cowards", but that leaves a LOT of time when he could've appeared again!

  21. Topanga having a crush on Eric B foreshadowing for one of the shows relationships
  22. …and there’s my car keys!

    1. Incidental 6

      Incidental 6

      Bubble Bass: "And...there's my ride!"

  23. Conor Mckenna Shop GIF by FoilArmsandHog I TOLD you that shirt was hideous!

  24. scooter is the glue that holds the sb universe together

  25. In movie theaters, I have recently seen "Respect" (the Aretha Franklin movie biopic), and "Paw Patrol: The Movie". Both were good in their own ways.
  26. EPISODE XXVII: EWOKS The Ewoks: one of the galaxy’s most beloved species, known for their plucky demeanor and countless merchandising tie-ins. Be sure to cuddle your favorite Ewok plushie when reading this—you’re about to hear an adorable tale of war, revolution, genocide, and mass slaughter. Kneesaa After the Battle of Endor, Kneesaa became the new chief of Bright Tree Village, taking over from her father Chief Chirpa. This newfound power let her gain supreme authority over her fellow Ewoks. Modernization efforts from the New Republic helped her transform the whole mo
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