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  2. Sorry for the long delay in writing more tropes; but I'm finally back, to present some more. / Ridiculously Human Aliens: Any villain originally from the "Sailor Moon" franchise will qualify. Not only that, but Queen Galaxia; despite stated to being STRONGER and more ruthless than Queen Beryl, is a deceptively 20 year old looking blonde female, a case of "Older Than They Look". Rewarded Like A Traitor Deserves: Queen Galaxia, Kaolite, and Villuy; plan to pull this off on the Nazi Realm! Their plan, is that after they siphon off the energy from Dr. Maniac's Wormhole Creator, they will create a rift to access the Nazi Realm, kill all the Nazi leaders in power, and have Youma possess any remaining Nazis, fitting for being such traitors to human kind! Change The Uncomfortable Subject/Let Us Never Speak Of This Again: In the first part of "Back To The 1980's", Dr. Maniac pulls this off in the MOST Dr. Maniac way possible! When he speaks of how his Neo Machine Empire Gear is going to replace ALL humans with machines (an example of "Kill And Replace"), his loyal minion Farrah Cat, proved to be "Too Dumb To Live", by trying to point out that Dr. Maniac HIMSELF "Was Once A Man", only to be "Killed In Mid-Sentence" for her troubles, and Dr. Maniac just off-handed, says: "Oh look, that minion died. Kaolite and Villuy, would you clean up that mess please? I expect to continue THAT conversation NEVER!" No More For Me: In the second part of "Back To The 1980's", when Ken of the "Power Rangers Battle Fever" sees a disguised Captain Retro coming out of a Wormhole, he actually WONDERS if he's THAT drunk, and Captain Retro even ADVISES him to lay off the sauce, as it's bad for him, and makes other Russians LOOK bad! Wretched Hive: In a case of proving that Captain Retro is "Not So Above It All", the first thing he does when he arrives in New York City in December 31, 1979; is to DIRECTLY quote the original "Star Wars" film, and he says: "Mos Eisley Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." And he laughs to himself, and he says: "I ALWAYS wanted to say that line!" Chekhov's Gunman/Once More, With Clarity!: It turns out, Captain Retro HIMSELF turns out to be this for Diane Martin's memory of December 31, 1979! It turns out, Captain Retro's disguise, was of a 5 foot 8 inch white man with long green hair, and impossibly tacky clothes, was MISTAKEN for a parking valet, and Diane simply tossed the keys to Captain Retro without waiting to hear his explanation as to why he was there! Drives Like Crazy: Downplayed, and Justified in Captain Retro's case. As it turns out, while Captain Retro DOES have a Driver's Permit, he has never BEFORE had to deal with such traffic like in 1979 New York City; and he has to multi-task, first with informing Omnus of why Captain Retro HAS to park Diane Martin's pink limo; than having to deal with Dr. Maniac's time-traveling Mecha-Clones! Even so, Captain Retro DOES manage to actually DRIVE and park the car safely, only to prove that even Captain Retro is not immune to "Tempting Fate", as the minute that Captain Retro states that there's not a SCRATCH on the car; the final surviving Mecha-Clone BLASTS the car simply to spite Captain Retro! Calling Your Attacks: So far, this has been Naruto's strategy; a tactic THOROUGHLY deconstructed by Captain Retro! In fact, if you DARE mess with Captain Retro in anyway, don't even EXPECT to have the courtesy of Captain Retro announcing his attack WHILE he's attacking! I Have Boobs, You Must Obey/Bait And Switch: Initially, it seems like Usagi's plan to get into Studio 54 is the former trope. She flashes her assets to the two guards guarding the front door, and seems to be WILLING to let them give her pleasure, only to KNOCK the two guards out cold as soon as they get into the building, and Usagi merely opens the door for BlackHawk and StarHawk! Not Quite Herself/Alternate Identity Amnesia: Both Pinkie Pie and Naruto seem to be suffering from these tropes! Pinkie Pie doesn't even RECOGNIZE her own name (although she DOES call herself Diana MANCHOT), and wants to become a famous singer/actress/dancer, not unlike Madonna! In fact, Pinkie thoroughly PROVES she's not herself, when she decides to debut Madonna's debut single "Burning Up" early! Been There, Shaped History: Or at least, a version of history. As it turns out, the Power Rangers didn't EXACTLY travel to the past, they've traveled into a COPY of the past, in a time rift; meaning that they could potentially make ANY changes in that version of history that they want, WITHOUT having to worry about the collapse of the Space Time Continuum. And it seems that in this version of history, the moment when Pinkie Pie sings Madonna's "Burning Up", just so HAPPENS to be the time when Madonna's real-life brother, Christopher Ciccone, HAPPENS to be in Studio 54, and in a "Shout-Out" to "Back To The Future", is the one who let's Madonna HEAR her song of "Burning Up", over the telephone! One Hit KO/The Worf Effect: This is how the mysterious Emperor Catton (from "Super Sentai Dynaman"), makes his debut in the OFFICIAL "Power Rangers Universe". While the Power Rangers themselves have often had to struggle with Dr. Maniac's monsters; Emperor Catton simply one-shots Dr. Maniac's Disco Brawl Monster, proving how much stronger he is than Dr. Maniac's mechanical creations! Circular Reasoning: Even Omnus isn't immune to this! When Emperor Catton says he's no one suspicious and reveals his name, Omnus simply states: "A suspicious character WOULD say they weren't suspicious!" You Shouldn't Already Know This: A rare, non-video game example. Captain Retro HIMSELF had to check with the Akhasic Records, in order to CONFIRM that Emperor Catton's deduction of being in a time rift wouldn't affect THEIR version of history; only to realize that Emperor Catton shouldn't already KNOW that! This is what tips HIM off that Emperor Catton is NOT who he CLAIMS to be! Fan Of The Morbid: Down-played with Emperor Catton. Before he leaves, he asks the non-brainwashed Power Rangers if he can take samples of their DNA with him; just a few drops of blood! Needless to say, StarHawk is REPULSED by the offer! The Long Crawl: While the other Power Rangers get to skip STRAIGHT to Dr. Maniac's next attack, Captain Retro HAS to stay behind, due to the fact that he HAS to stay behind and make SURE Dr. Maniac DOESN'T kill an infant Radiguet, and therefore risk collapsing the Space-Time Continuum! / That's all the tropes I can think up for this time! Enough said, true believers!
  3. I'm AMAZED that it hasn't been over a month since I've LAST been here! In any case, time to list some more tropes! / And Now For Something Completely Different: The opening of "Back To The 1980's Part I" evokes this. After all, it focuses on a group of five people who seem to be completely unrelated to the Power Rangers. However, the Cold Open was necessary to show the formation of a team of Power Rangers, who will be NECESSARY for the current Power Rangers team to learn about, as they are HEADED back for that time! Take Our Word For It!: Due to not being present for the events at the end of Season One of "Power Rangers Multiverse Force", the Thunder Rangers questioned whether or not the Chaos Realm really IS as terrible as the Power Rangers say that it is, or that Usagi and Krash'ir were forced to do something THAT terrible! This is the only response they get for their questions! Fortunately, they all accept it as a valid answer. Deliberate Values Dissonance: Bound to happen, as the standards of the late 1970's through the 1980's were sadly, NOT as good as they are now! Diane Martin, to her credit, is at LEAST aware that "Society Marches On", and prepares Dan to do well, so that people like him, will be able to do BETTER in the future! I Was Quite The Looker: Diane Martin, during the opening of "Back To The 1980's Part I". When the Power Rangers meet her, she's now close to pushing 64, but StarHawk, having seen some of her historical missions via the Viewing Globe, says that she's STILL very beautiful for someone of her age. Women Are Wiser: Seems to be the case, at least for the past team of Power Rangers represented by Diane Martin. Diane Martin is a rich multi-millionaire heiress who frequents Studio 54, while Shiro is the resident genius. Ken and Dash Drew seem to DELIBERATELY check off every single stereotype for being Russian and French respectively! Dan Masao gets a pass because he just MOVED from Japan recently, and only STARTED learning English! Dan and Dash DO get better at NOT being stereotypical once they're older, as "Character Development". Locked Out Of The Loop: Unfortunately, due to the times of the late 1970's and the 1980's, the American government decided that the world was NOT ready to learn about alien threats, or about a team of Power Rangers protecting Earth from them, which is why they KEPT the missions of Diane Martin et al, a secret from the public! At least the current team of Power Rangers know about their exploits! Ethnicity Lift/Gender Flip: Happened, due to changing the source of "Super Sentai Battle Fever J", into a more Americanized version of "Power Rangers". While all the Power Rangers of that time (save for Dash Drew) have ROUGHLY the same names, Diane Martin is now a white-skinned American, Dash Drew is a White French Man, the original Battle Russia was a White Russian Male, and Shiro was a dark-skinned WOMAN from Kenya! Only Dan Masao, Maria, and Jim, kept their original ethnicity and gender, being Japanese. Related In the Adaptation: A three-fer! It's revealed that sometime between Diane Martin's team disbanding and the present day, Diane Martin and Dash Drew married, and had a child. That child grew up to be Sydney Drew of the "Power Rangers SPD". Sadly, it was revealed that Diane Martin and Dash divorced sometime in the past, and Dash reluctantly had to let Diane and Sydney, keep their last names. Art Shift: As much as there CAN be one in a literature! For the sake of a JOKE at Eris' expense, when Radiguet reveals that he plans to have a loyal monster of his give Eris back her old face, a LITERAL picture depiction of her old face is shown after said explanation, causing Eris to scream: "NOOO!!!! Where did you GET that?!" (Although to be fair, said picture seems to be a case of "Hollywood Homely", as her old face doesn't look THAT bad). Rosseau Was Right/Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Happened to Radiguet, of ALL characters! While by Radiguet was no MEANS a good day even DURING his as of yet mostly obscured "Super Sentai Jetman" days, Radiguet DID love his mother Emperess Jooza, and HATED the fact that he HAD to kill her after she went CRAZY and tried to kill him! Radiguet even BEGGED Sla'neesh to even bring back a brainwashed version of his mother back to life, only for Sla'neesh to string him along for 300 days, using him as his own SICK, depraved plaything! Needless to say, once Radiguet finds out that it was SLA'NEESH's idea to brainwash his mother against him, it sets off Radiguet's "Berserk Button"! Even Evil Has Standards: Once again, Radiguet, of ALL characters, has that! Sure, Radiguet may be an evil, galactic conqueror, but he absolutely ABHORS the fact that Sla'neesh did all MATTER of unspeakable things to him, AND the depraved thing he forced Usagi and Krash'ir to do together! Needless to say, Radiguet feels the need to MURDER all of Sla'neesh's followers save for Eris, as it's THE only way that Radiguet will be able to hold onto any semblance of sanity! As Sla'neesh finds out the hard way, Radiguet's desire is... Not Hyperbole: When Radiguet SAYS that he NEEDS to murder all of Sla'neesh's followers , it's not so much that Sla'neesh thinks its a case of "Like You Would REALLY Do It", Sla'neesh thinks that Radiguet simply can't. But Radiguet BRUTALLY deconstructs "Orcus On His Throne" and "Hard Work Hardly Works", as Radiguet powers up a GIGANTIC Death Ball, and DOES destroy all of Sla'neesh's followers except for Eris! Sla'neesh even lampshades this by saying: "Wow, I didn't think you could actually DO it!" No Holds Down Beatdown/And This Is For...!: Once Radiguet forces Sla'neesh into a mortal body in order to spare Eris' beauty, Radiguet proceeds to give Sla'neesh an old-fashioned one of these, by BRUTALLY punching Sla'neesh every time Radiguet mentions one of the "Long Laundry List Of Crimes" atrocities Sla'neesh has committed in the past! For Tranza, it's LITERALLY a case of "Pass The Popcorn". Gone Horribly Right: Sla'neesh realizes ALL too late that this is what it's actions have caused Radiguet to become. Even stating, "After the untimely death of Dark Spectre, Khorne and I dreamed of creating the most POWERFUL villain in the universe...AND we succeeded! No Kill Like OverKill: This was the ultimate fate that Radiguet gave to Sla'neesh, as Radiguet decides to unleash "More Dakka" on Sla'neesh, and SHOOTS Sla'neesh a total of 212 times (two 100 bullet machine guns, and two six bullet shotguns), and even THROWS Sla'neesh's body into a nearby star for good measure, burning him up entirely! Tranza even lampshades this by saying: "Wow! Now I know what the definition of 'Overkill' looks like!" The Password Is Always "Swordfish": It seems that Dr. Maniac isn't the ONLY villain that was inspired by "Spaceballs". Khorne decided to make the combination to de-power the Chaos Realm, as "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." Sla'neesh was even WORSE, as he LITERALLY wanted to make the password, "Swordfish!" No...Just "No" Reaction/Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act: This is the response that Captain Retro gives to FireHawk when she asks why they simply can't just kill Radiguet as a baby, and he actually gives THREE justifications as to WHY there is a Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act! The first one if that such a gigantic change in history could cause the Time/Space Continuum to become SO unbalanced, it could collapse in on itself and destroy ALL sentient life! The second justification is that even if reality DIDN'T collapse in on itself and successfully manage to create an alternate timeline, the chance is STILL too high that it would cause something like, Nazi's NOT existing, but something WORSE taking their place! In other words, "Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!" And the third, most important justification is that FireHawk is talking about killing a baby, who from his viewpoint, hasn't DONE anything yet! When FireHawk doesn't get it, that's when Captain Retro says... And That's Terrible: Captain Retro points out that SUPPOSING everyone had access to time travel, and decided to "Ret-gone" somebody out of existence just because they COULD! Not only could they accidentally erase THEMSELVES out of existence, the logistical nightmare of trying to manage the historical changes would be too much for even Captain Retro and the other Guardians to handle! Skewed Priorities: Even Diane Martin didn't seem immune to this, as she was more worried about the structure of her CAR, as opposed to the safety of the guy actually driving it! Radiguet gets this to, but when the brainwashed Maria points out there would be no benefit to Radiguet murdering all of Sla'neesh's followers, Radiguet responds to it, by using "Insistent Terminology", and calling it a "Public Service". / That's all the tropes I can think up of for now. Enough said, true believers!
  4. Hopefully, now that I have control over this series, maybe tropes will be written more often! Anyways, here are some more for you! / The Bus Came Back: In a totally unexpected case, this happened for former one-shot monster, General Krush! In this case, he deliberately exploited Ahzek utilizing Chaos Realm powers, as a portal to allow himself to hijack General Krush's body, steal his mortal life-force, and transfer Ahzek's mortal life-force into his own body, severing his ties to the Chaos Realm, and making it so he can't be sealed back into the Chaos Realm again! However, instead of engaging in a fight right then and there, he opts for a... We Will Meet Again: A justified one on General Krush's part. In the first place, he didn't feel like fighting the Power Rangers right than and there. Secondly, he was pretty sure that even if he WAS, he wouldn't have full access to his powers, due to having just acquired a mortal life-force from Ahzek, so he instead pulls a "Villain, Exit Stage Left", and vows to fight the Power Rangers another day. What Happened To The Mouse?: Taken to RIDICULOUS extremes in "The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode". Despite Queen Beryl having ALWAYS been in love with Abaddon before, she seems to have completely forgotten him with the appearance of Ahzek. But after Ahzek gets killed, Abaddon comes back, having revealed to have been investigating the Chaos Realm. Zolsite even LAMPSHADES this by saying: "Oh yeah. The guy we conveniently forgot about until just now has come back." Ironically, this happens to Ahzek himself as Queen Beryl COMPLETELY forgets about Ahzek's demise, despite "Inelegant Blubbering" over him just moments earlier, and proceeds to making carnal love with Abaddon! The Prophecy: It's revealed in "The Obligatory Food Pyramid", that the reason Radiguet is making all his moves, is because of a prophecy passed down by Aslan himself, saying that the Chaos Realm WILL come to an end in the year that is 20 years before the start of the 23rd century, with next year (in-story) being that year! In other words, Radiguet is trying to ensure a "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," by making it come to pass. The Diet Episode: Inevitable in "The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode". It is unique, that it wasn't ENTIRELY Lettuce's fault, but the Love Bug Viruses that infested him in "Yes, Destiny!" However, he doesn't get off the hook, as it WAS his hubris that allowed for him to get so fat, and necessitating a need to go on a diet in the first place! Reality Ensues: Downplayed in "The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode", but it counts. Despite going through an exercise montage for 50 minutes, while it DOES slim down Lettuce's body weight and mass considerably, it doesn't get him COMPLETELY back to normal weight, as Scrappy-Doo reminds him that he's only BEEN exercising for 50 minutes! Presumably, because it WAS Adam's gym (a former Power Ranger), Lettuce got much faster results than usual. Also, despite the Interbody Ship supposedly being able to stay shrunk for a full hour, Coop STILL insists that they make their mission only 55 minutes, and they make it out with not even one minute to spare for the fifty-five minutes! When asked why Coop wanted to get them out earlier than a full hour, Coop in the middle of stating his reason, the Interbody Ship, and the Thunder Rangers, grow back to normal size, proving that you should ALWAYS assume that you have less time than what it actually SAYS you have! Evil Is NOT a TOY: Boy, did Ahzek find this out the HARD way! Despite INSISTING that he was only going to utilize Chaos Realm powers enough so that it would ONLY double the energy needed for Queen Metalia's revival, after fighting with the Power Rangers, and having his hands broken, Ahzek finds himself unable to resist General Krush's unexpected return, and is killed for his careless toying with the Chaos Realm powers! Screw This, I'm Out Of Here: Implied to be the reason why General Krush TOOK the opportunity to steal Ahzek's mortal life-force, in order for General Krush's body to become mortal, and thus NOT being able to be sealed back to the Chaos Realm. Apparently, not only had General Krush grown tired of having to act on the whims of the Blood God, he is fully aware that the Chaos Realm is going to come to an end in just a year, so he took the opportunity to get out of the Chaos Realm while he still could. Gender Confusion: Part of the running gag with Marilyn Manson. When Scrappy-Doo first describes the singer, Scrappy can't tell if Marilyn is a man, a woman, or even HUMAN! (For the record, he's a guy). This is alleviated as soon as Marilyn makes his appearance, and they address him with male pronouns. At Least I Admit It: In the episode stinger, when Scrappy-Doo confronts Captain Retro, Captain Retro tells Scrappy, that the former NEVER said he was perfect, but at least he ADMITS that he's not perfect! He also tells Scrappy in no uncertain terms, that they are to "Let Us Never Speak Of This Again" to Omnus or anyone else. Scrappy makes no promises. I'm Standing Right Here!: When FireHawk is "Leaning On the Fourth Wall", and complaining about the fact of how LITTLE a role she played in "The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode", she complains that even the Thunder Rangers had more to do than SHE did, and they're just the Auxiliary Rangers! Samson states that they're right THERE and can HEAR every single word she is saying! FireHawk than adds that she DOESN'T have to repeat herself! Why Would Anybody Take Him Back?: Justified, in regards to General Krush, when he goes to offer his services to Vipera. The last time Vipera et al., had to deal with him, he went crazy, trashed their base, humiliated Baphomet, and forced Drako to work with the Power Rangers (in a case of "Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking"). General Krush says that the only reason he did that, was basically a version of "Gollum Made Me Do It". The Blood God was controlling him, so General Krush had no control of his actions, which is one of the reasons General Krush HAD to take a mortal's life-force (Ahzek's), for himself, in order to sever his ties to the Blood God. General Krush admits that this will mean his healing factor will be significantly reduced, but feels that the advantage of NOT having to answer to the Blood God, FAR outweighs the drawback. / That's it for these tropes for now. Enough said, for now!
  5. Again, it's been a while, but here is some more tropes for "Power Rangers Multiverse Force". / "Bad", Bad Acting: Although not stated implicitly, Usagi's fellow Power Rangers, did think that Usagi's 'Acting', to get Sans to save her from a staged predicament in "Follow You, Follow Me", ("It Makes Sense In Context"), was REALLY bad! Of course, it quickly turned into a case of having to "Live Up To The Lie", when Gargoyle Falcon interfered, forcing Sans to have to SAVE Usagi from a REAL predicament, instead of a staged one! Averted in Toby's case in "The Fight Before Christmas", as despite only having previous acting experience as a tree, in a play of "A Christmas Carol", he showed that "He Really Can Act". Brutal Honesty: Pops up in "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" from time to time. Most recently in, "No Train, No Gain". First, Omnus honestly ADMITTED to having taught the Power Rangers absolutely NOTHING in terms of their own fighting skills and fighting techniques. Secondly, Captain Retro "Reconstructed", why it is that "Good Is Not Soft", by pointing out the fact that the Thunder Rangers should NEVER expect the Bad Guys to fight fairly, because they WON'T, and quickly points out why Naruto's clone ju-jitsu technique, is a perfect example of "Awesome, But Impractical". First off, the technique conjures up 1,000 Naruto clones, which means 2,000 eyes, which makes ALL the Naruto clones 1,000 times more susceptible to being blinded by blinding techniques. Secondly, Captain Retro points out that by Naruto dividing himself 1,000 times, he also divided his OWN strength 1,000 times equally, into himself and all of his clones. So instead of one strong fighter, he ended up with one very weak army! I Know "Mortal Kombat": Well, "Dragonball Z" in this case, but it counts. Captain Retro has learned his ability to use the Kamehameha attack, his ability to fly, detect Ki Energy, and the Solar Flare technique, all from watching episodes of "Dragonball Z". Battle In The Center of The Mind: While training with Captain Retro, Naruto is suddenly taken away from the battle, and transported into a mysterious forest, with an eight-tailed Kitsune watching him. While it's not stated implicitly, "Word Of God" says that the Kitsune froze time for Naruto and Captain Retro, so that the Kitsune could enter Naruto's mind, and thus make this trope possible. In this case, Naruto had to fight off his own inner darkness, in order to purify his own soul. The inner darkness took form in Naruto's mind, as Naruto's former friend/turned enemy Obito. Which in this case, is a case of... Villain Of Another Story: While the long history between Obito and Naruto is not implicitly stated during the episode of "No Train, No Gain", it's hinted at that there's a lot of bad blood between them, due to the fact that Obito betrayed Naruto, betrayed Sasuke, and betrayed the Hokage School. However, since the details aren't elaborated upon here, the fight between Naruto and the Obito image, clearly makes Obito into this trope. Time To Unlock More True Potential: The training with Captain Retro, for Naruto, Scrappy-Doo, and the Thunder Rangers, was implicitly this trope! First off, Captain Retro, due to his ability to detect Ki Energy, in a case of "Awesomeness By Analysis", was able to figure out the energy techniques and levels of where everybody truly was; and therefore, was able to figure out just who the best sparring partners each of them should have. In Naruto's case, it paid off big time in "No Train, No Gain", as Naruto's Spirit Animal, an Eight-tailed Kitsune, ended up bonding with Naruto, and allowed Naruto to unlock a brand new Battlizer form for his Power Ranger power, letting him be on the same level as Usagi and BlackHawk! And surprisingly enough, the idea of Naruto having to purify his own soul within his mind, is a case of... Older Than They Think/Accidentally Correct Writing: It wasn't found out until after the episode of "No Train, No Gain" was written, but the idea of Naruto having a "Battle In The Center Of The Mind", to purify his own soul, had actually BEEN done before, in Naruto's own ACTUAL "Naruto" magna, in one of it's final chapters. Naruto had to fight off the evil within his own mind, in order to banish the evil ten-tailed fox from his body, once and for all! While the ten-tailed fox isn't mentioned within the episode itself, the fact that Naruto's evil energy, manifested itself into the "Big Bad" of "Naruto"; namely Obito, clearly demonstrates just how much inner evil has been vanquished from within Naruto! Strong, But Unskilled: Both Naruto and Drako found this out the hard way, in "No Train, No Gain". Naruto found out that the techniques he was fond of using in his own magna, weren't going to cut it against Captain Retro (and by extension, wouldn't cut it against the enemies he would have to fight in the future), as Captain Retro was either able to easily "No-Sell" his fighting techniques, or could easily spot the flaws within his "Awesome, But Impractical" techniques. With the help of Naruto's spirit animal, Naruto was able to overcome his short-comings, and use a new skill to finish off the monster of the week, Runaway Train. Because Runaway Train was created by Drako, it made Drako realize that while he now has the POWER of M.O.D.O.K., gifted to him by T'zeen'tch, he is absolutely unskilled in using it, due to the fact that Runaway Train was able to be beaten so easily by Naruto and the Thunder Rangers. He immediately accepts responsibility for the loss, and vows to gain mastery of his new powers someday. Bitch In Sheep's Clothing: While not stated implicitly, it's clear that Captain Retro thinks that FireHawk is this. First off, the one thing he tells FireHawk BEFORE leaving with Naruto, Scrappy-Doo, and the Thunder Rangers, is to "Stay Out Of Trouble". To which FireHawk replied, "No Promises". Secondly, when Naruto thanks Captain Retro for helping with all the training in "No Train, No Gain", Captain Retro ominously replies: "I'm glad you think so! Just remember that sense of optimism for when YOU find out the AWFUL truth about FireHawk!" But Captain Retro leaves before Naruto can get any clarification on the matter. Although, given that FireHawk was directly within EARSHOT when Captain Retro said it, she probably just would've rebuked any clarification anyways. Whether Captain Retro turns out to be right or not, remains to be seen. / That's my writing techniques for this time! Enough said, true believers! /
  6. Sorry for the delay in posting more tropes! It's time to fix this with this installment of Tropes used on "PR:MVF"! / And Now For Something Completely Different: "Yes, Destiny' is unique in the fact that not only is it the first episode to be a joint written effort between 4EverGreen AND somebody else, but the fact that it was co-written with Renegade the Unicorn! The reason why this was so, is so it could combine the two best traits of the two different writers, 4EverGreen's character introductions, motivational starters, and Renegade's fight scenes! Also, this is the first episode to take place on Valentine's Day, a feat which no other "PR:MVF" episode has ever done before, and the fact that it introduced so many different horror-based characters into the "PR:MVF" mythos! Didn't Think This Through/Reality Ensues: Both of these tropes hit Dr. Maniac HARD in the final part of "State Of Shock: Part III". First off, he shouldn't have ASSUMED that his creations would be able to HANDLE the SEVEN different MEGAZORDS, even though they were all kept APART from each other! Secondly, he shouldn't have ASSUMED that his mutated body would be able to survive EVERYTHING that SEVEN Megazords could THROW at him, even AFTER he injected his OWN body with FIVE Super Psyco serums! Of course, this was later revealed to be a "Batman Gambit" and a "My Death Is Only The Beginning" on Dr. Maniac's part. He was actually PLANNING for the Power Rangers to destroy his MORTAL body! His brain SURVIVED, and was later put into a completely MECHANIZED version of his original human body, capable of storing and harnessing energy his mortal body could never dream of! Deliberately invoking "Came Back Strong" on Dr. Maniac's part. What Happened To The Mouse?: Averted with Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow. After having not been seen since after "Follow You, Follow Me", it might have been thought that they might have suffered from "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome", but as it turns out, they had just been "Out Of Focus", due to the fact that nothing of great interest had happened to them, as they had made no progress, towards revealing the secret identities, of the Power Rangers. Cutting Off The Branches: This was done, in regards to Scrappy-Doo's fate, between his appearance with the Scooby-Doo gang after "The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo", and his appearance in "Yes, Destiny". First off, it was revealed that the live-action, 2002 movie of "Scooby-Doo" was non-canon, as Scrappy-Doo left Earth in an experimental rocket designed by Velma, and due to accidentally getting knocked into a Wormhole, didn't arrive on the Planet Onyx until late in the year 2178, even though only a few minutes passed from Scrappy-Doo's perspective. He also suffered from "Reality Ensues", as his punches and kicks didn't do diddly squat against real monsters (justified, due to Scrappy-Doo being only 2 feet, four inches high, and having no muscular mass to speak of), was tossed into a "Kangaroo Court" on trumped-up, phony charges, and sentenced to jail. The only reason he got out, was because the Rat Guardian, Templeton, vouched for his release, and offered to let Scrappy-Doo become his new avatar, in exchange for teaching Scrappy-Doo, how to be a true hero. When he revealed all of this to Captain Retro, he also revealed, that most of the actions of the Scooby-Doo gang, in regards to Scrappy-Doo, were actually a case of a... "Could've Avoided This" Plot: It turns out, all the shenanigans that Scrappy-Doo went through with the Scooby-Doo gang, have been ret-conned to be this! If the Scooby-Doo gang would've just taken the TIME to EXPLAIN to Scrappy-Doo that the Scooby-Doo gang couldn't know for a FACT that they WEREN'T chasing down real monsters, unless they could capture them, and prove that they weren't, and EXPLAIN to Scrappy-Doo that he wasn't STRONG enough to fight them, even if they WEREN'T monsters, Scrappy-Doo would've LISTENED, and would've held back. He also admits that it might have been PARTIALLY his fault that they didn't, because he felt like he might have come on a little too strong, but that was only BECAUSE he wanted to impress Scooby-Doo so much! The reason Captain Retro sent him to live with D.O.G., and Coop, was so they could properly train Scrappy-Doo to be a proper fighter, and build up his muscle mass, so as to avoid those types of situations in the future. Bowderlization: A rare, justified, "In-Universe" example. Not for the Power Rangers themselves, but in regards to Scrappy-Doo and the Scooby gang. According to Scrappy-Doo, the REAL adventures that the Scooby gang had to go through, in trying to find and capture ALL thirteen ghosts during "The 13 Ghosts Of Scooby-Doo", were MUCH scarier than what the animated depiction painted it as. It was REALLY horrifying for ALL involved, with Scrappy-Doo going so far as to basically say, "Take My WORD For It". And the real reason we never saw Scrappy-Doo helping the Scooby gang find the LAST of the Thirteen Ghosts, was that Scrappy basically pulled a "Screw This, I'm Out Of Here", and volunteered to be the test subject for Velma's experimental rocket, in order to SAVE what little sanity he had left by that point! Brick Joke: A dark variation, in regards to Dr. Maniac. Ever since Dr. Maniac first made his debut, he would often rant and rave, about wanting the "Mulan Szechaun McNugget Sauce". This was justified at first, due to Dr. Maniac actually being a version of Rick Sanchez, as a purely EVIL Rick, who even the Council of Ricks, didn't WANT to deal with! Although later, when Dr. Maniac ordered his minions to save his brain, and put it into a completely mechanical body, what they ended up using as a synthetic source of blood and/or fuel for his cybernetic body, ended up BEING, "Mulan Szechaun McNugget Sauce!" Self-Depreciation: Naruto, of ALL characters, does this, in regards to his OWN characterization, in "Yes, Destiny". When he starts complaining about his status, Coop offers to "Stating the Simple Solution", by getting therapy like BlackHawk did. Naruto's response is: "Look. I only have ONE defining characteristic trait, in regards to wanting to be better than BlackHawk. Now, it is a STUPID characteristic, but I'M GOING TO USE IT!!!!" She's All Grown Up: The Grimwood Girls from "Scooby-Doo And The Ghoul School, Lydia Deetz from "Beetlejuice", and Wednesday Addams from "The Addams Family", are now all at least 18 years of age, and all living at the same castle residence, under the residential abode of Dr. Frank N. Furter, as are Toby and Ebony. Berserk Button: Never, EVER mess with Lydia Deetz, especially while Beetlejuice is around! Thankfully, Naruto quickly GETS the hint! Who Wants To Live Forever?: Captain Retro sure doesn't. Not only because he finds the prospect impossible, but he also doesn't WANT to, even if it were! Besides, he's fallen in love with a girlfriend, and doesn't want to invoke a "May-December Romance", by remaining young while she grows old, which is why he's hoping that someday, he can pass on the status of the Dog Guardian, to Scrappy-Doo. A Woman Scorned: The whole reason for Queen Beryl sending the Love Bug into Coastal Falls, was because she had been scorned by her first love, 5,000 years ago, the first time the Sailor Scouts beat her in battle. Since SHE can't be happy, she doesn't WANT anybody else, to be truly happy EITHER, which is why she has the Love Bug created, in order to FORCE other people to fall in love with each other, "For the Evulz". Villains Out Shopping: Or rather, having a day off. Benzite and Zolzite, were given the day off on Valentines Day, in order to have a day to themselves. Why they did enjoy their time off, they certainly DIDN'T like to having to hear people sing "Happy Birthday", EIGHT TIMES IN A ROW! / That's all the tropes I can think up for this time! I'll see you the next time some tropes can be made! Enough said, true believers!
  7. A few more tropes, utilized within the the episodes of "Power Rangers Multiverse Force". / Achievements in Ignorance: May or may not be the case for Samson, who, despite only having a little bit of Aura training with Adam, and no previous Ranger experience whatsoever, Samson still managed to EASILY power up his fist with a fire punch, and summon TWO Ranger weapons, which none of the other Thunder Rangers were able to do. Samson even makes a Lampshade Hanging of this, as he swears that he's not even trying! Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Downplayed in Krash'ir's case. While she can STILL remember everything she PERSONALLY did BEFORE Captain Retro's ret-con, she can't remember who it WAS that she replaced (Toby), the one time she temporarily had to become a Power Ranger before. Justified for Captain Retro and StarHawk, since they caused the ret-con, and also one of Sans' unique abilities, due to his nature of having had to live THROUGH multiple time-lines in the underground. Dungeon Bypass: This seems to be a favorite tactic of StarHawk's to employ, whenever she has the ability to. Instead of taking a long, complicated maneuver in order to accomplish something, she usually "States the Simple Solution", on how to quickly solve or take care of a problem. It's because of this, that StarHawk and Billy, were the ONLY Rangers, to not set off any traps in Dr. Maniac's fortress. Technology Marches On: Noted by several of the Power Rangers, during their fights against Dr. Maniac's monsters, as they continuously make a Lampshade Hanging, on how Dr. Maniac's creations, looks like something that was made in 1985! Resurrected For a Job: Dr. Maniac did this for Scorpina. He went to the site where she fell in battle, gathered her D.N.A., and eventually revived her for the purpose of doing battle against Tommy! Scorpina agreed to help Dr. Maniac "On One Condition", that after she finished her battle against Tommy, regardless of whether she won or lost, she would be sent back in time to 1999, to train under Lokar, in order to become a better and MORE powerful sorceress, than Rita Repulsa could have EVER hoped to become! This also ends up setting up a "Continuity Connection", with the "Power Rangers" graphic novel, "Soul of the Dragon". Revenge By Proxy: The main reason Scorpina WANTS to become a powerful sorceress, is so that she can get REVENGE by Tommy, by targeting his wife Kat, and his son, J.J.; she even outright states the trope by name, as the reason WHY she wants to get revenge on him, by targeting ANYONE who is close TO him! Nothing Is Scarier: One of Dr. Maniac's monsters, Transparent Tank, tried to invoke this, by being invisible to the Power Rangers attacks. What he didn't count on, was the fact that Lettuce had received Aura Training from Adam, and utilized to produce a blast of Green energy color, in order to make the invisible monster, visible! Also doubles as a "Chekhov's Skill." Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?: Or, in Captain Retro's case, bees. It seems that the one thing in the Multiverse that Captain Retro is scared of, more than anything else, are bees. It certainly didn't help that they were Dr. Maniac's evil robot drone bees, who were PROGRAMMED to attack him! Thankfully, he had Sans with him, to take care of them! More Dakka/That One Boss: When Sans is facing off against an enemy, who has gone down a "True Genocide Route", his chief ability of choice, is to FIRE a BUNCH of energy blasts at his opponent, making it next to IMPOSSIBLE for them to DODGE the attacks, let alone survive it. It is for this reason, that Captain Retro believes Chara, when she says that Sans IS That One Boss. I Owe Him My Life/My Master, Right or Wrong: It is revealed that up until "State of Shock: Part II", this was the reason Bionic Gorilla, soon revealed to be Windsor T. Gorilla, from "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", sided with Dr. Maniac initially. After being saved after a horrific accident, Windsor was convinced that he owed Dr. Maniac a life debt, and decided to side with him, whatever Dr. Maniac decided to do. Captain Retro reveals that Windsor CAN'T trust Dr. Maniac, and once Dr. Maniac gets what HE wants, he WILL dispose of Windsor, to! And neither Captain Retro or Windsor have long to wait, for Captain Retro to be proven right... You've Outlived Your Usefulness/Kill Em' All: When Dr. Maniac grows IMPATIENT of waiting for Windsor to make a move AGAINST Captain Retro and Sans, Dr. Maniac decides to trigger the room's Kill Sat ability, by LITERALLY pushing a button that is labelled, "Kill Them All". Thankfully for Windsor, Captain Retro was able to utilize a "Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me" (and him) tactic, which protects them all from Dr. Maniac's machine gun attacks! When Windsor sees that Dr. Maniac's attacks were even aimed at WINDSOR, he realizes that Dr. Maniac is willing to have ANYBODY killed, just to have the Power Rangers killed! The Password Is Always "Swordfish": Zig-zagged with Dr. Maniac. During the first time he set up a password system, in "Shock the Monkey", even though Lettuce utilized an "Open Says Me", against the door, Dr. Maniac reveals that the password was "42-42-42", which is not necessary a number combination that one would just guess for a password combination. However, in "State of Shock: Part II", when the Rangers FINALLY finished all of Dr. Maniac's monsters, the combined combination turned out to be "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8", which Lettuce declares as the STUPIDEST combination he has ever heard in his life, and the kind of combination an IDIOT would have on his luggage! Strange Minds Think Alike/Not Really Paying Attention, Were You?: As it turns out, Naruto wasn't listening to Lettuce's comment, and when he asks Sans to repeat the combination, Naruto reveals that he's got the SAME combination on HIS luggage, which also doubles as a "Stealth Gag". Naruto then immediately goes into a "Blatant Lies" territory, when the next thing he says, is that for a COMPLETELY unrelated reason, somebody needs to remind Naruto to CHANGE the combination on his luggage! Shout-Out: In "State of Shock: Part II", Lettuce manages to channel Bugs Bunny, when he fights Transparent Tank. When Transparent Tank tells Lettuce and Adam, that they are finished, Lettuce replies: "You don't know us very well, do you?", which is something Bugs often says. And after making Transparent Tank visible, he says: "You're despicable", to which Lettuce replies: "Ain't I a stinker?" Also, Brain Beast is a shout-out to Andross' true form from "Star Fox 64", Psycho Puppet is an evil version of Pinocchio, there's a dialogue shout-out to "Spaceballs", the inner sanctum of Dr. Maniac's lair is a shout-out to the first and second meeting with the Wizard, in the 1939 movie, "The Wizard of Oz". After Captain Retro reveals the REAL Dr. Maniac, he even shouts: "Pay no attention to that Man Behind the Curtain". And finally, when Dr. Maniac FINALLY decides that "The Gloves Are Off", and goes "One-Winged Angel", he forces Mettaton Exe., to undergo a "Fusion Dance" with him, and morphs into a being similar to Tetsuo's "Eldritch Abomination" form, from the 1987 anime movie "Akira"; and when Dr. Maniac is finished, his body is rendered in 1995 C.G.I., very similar to Ivan Ooze's final form from the 1995 movie version of "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie". Let Us Never Speak Of This Again: A minor case, in "State of Shock: Part I". Abby states to Ace, Coop, D.O.G., and Krash'ir, that she personally feels that while BlackHawk MAY be the strong of Abby's kids, Coop is DEFINITELY the SMARTER one of her kids. She then states to them that NONE of them are to EVER tell BlackHawk that Abby EVER said that about him. In a more, major case, when Captain Retro reveals that BlackHawk probably fought through a Beta Version of the underground (due to NOT encountering Mettaton Exe., before), he was probably in a version that STILL had Gaster in it! Alphys says that everyone in the Underground AGREED to never speak of his name again, for some unknown reason, thus, making Gaster an "Un-person". Rhetorical Question Blunder: After having survived all of Dr. Maniac's traps and monsters, and unimpressed by Dr. Maniac's attempt to try to trick them into surrendering, Captain Retro reveals that he expected MORE from Dr. Maniac, but his attempts were just sad. Captain Retro than asks: "HOW stupid do you think we are?!" To which, Dr. Maniac replies: "You don't REALLY want me to answer that one, do you, you PEONS?!" Mistreatment Induced Betrayal/Backstab Backfire: The reason Windsor T. Gorilla officially decided to pull a "Heel-Face Turn", and side with the Power Rangers, after Captain Retro saved his life; is not only due to the fact that Windsor could PLAINLY see that Dr. Maniac was WILLING to kill Windsor if it ALSO meant killing the Power Rangers, it's the fact that Captain Retro decided to RELEASE Windsor from having a life debt to ANYBODY, and allowed Windsor to make his OWN choices! So Windsor decided to use his bionic abilities, to fire back at Dr. Maniac, as Windsor hacked into Dr. Maniac's main computer system, and shut down ALL of Dr. Maniac's traps, that he had planned for the Rangers! Sadistic Choice: Dr. Maniac presents the Power Rangers with a TRULY horrific choice, either they DESTROY Mettaton, or, if they don't do ANYTHING or do the WRONG thing, he WILL have Alphys KILLED, and they CAN'T "Mercy" their way through Mettaton, since all of his original programming was removed! Slightly mitigated by the fact that Alphys reveals that she DOES have a Hard-Drive back-up of Mettaton's original programming still at home, and she can re-build Mettaton exactly the way he was before. Even Sans decides that the Rangers HAVE no choice, that they HAVE to fight Mettaton. Rapid Fire "NO!"/Villainous Breakdown: Dr. Maniac suffers through a REALLY major, epic breakdown, after the Power Rangers beat Mettaton Exe. (after Captain Retro exploits Mettaton Exe.'s only weakness), Dr. Maniac shouts "NO!", a bunch of times, and finally decides that the time has come for HIM, to pull a "Let's Get Dangerous", by forcibly injecting his OWN body, with FIVE vials of PURE concentrated, Super Psycho serum! The vials are even LABELLED as: "WARNING: DO NOT USE UNLESS THERE IS REALLY, REALLY, NO ALTERNATIVE!!!!" Body Horror: To say that the forced "Fusion Dance" between Dr. Maniac and Mettaton Exe., was horrific, would be putting it MILDLY, to say the least! Pinkie even says that SOMEBODY should call for a Plastic Surgeon! The Voice of the Legion: During Dr. Maniac's and Mettaton Exe.'s forced "Fusion Dance", Dr. Maniac's voice morphs into being The Voice of the Legion, and sounds really DEEP and menacing, to boot! / That's all the tropes I can think of, this time! Enough said, true believers!
  8. Again, sorry for the long delay, but here are a few more tropes, pertaining to "PR:MVF". / Creator Breakdown: A couple of factors contributing to the fact why it took SO long for "State of Shock: Part I" to be written, was because of this. Renegade the Unicorn got into an argument with a user (and due to "Writer Discretion", I won't go into it any further), and because of that, he felt like he needed to leave this website, and was willing to hand over writing duties to me. Unfortunately, before I could do anything, not only did Renegade decide to come back, the Corona Virus also hit. Even though it thankfully hasn't affected either of us personally, my creative drive still suffered for a bit, and it was only recently that I felt inspired enough to take up writing again, in order to help finish the series, as originally intended. Evil Sounds Deep: Proven true for both Drako, and Radiguet. After Drako was revived thanks to the Ret-con time loop Captain Retro created in order to de-power M.O.D.O.K., and save the lives of Ramone Fleecely, Prince Maniac, Ebony, and Toby, Drako was revived with M.O.D.O.K.'s powers, and got a deeper voice. As for Radiguet, it was revealed that he's been using a VOICE box this whole time, in order to SOUND like Him from "The Powerpuff Girls". Without it, Radiguet sounds just like Adam Driver; mainly, his role as Kylo Ren from "The Star Wars" sequel trilogy. Foil: The main reason Eris, the Goddess of Discord was introduced into this series, based on her characterization and appearance from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy", was to provide a foil for Radiguet. Whereas Radiguet does chaotic things in order to be evil and malevolent, Eris does chaotic things, because its her odd way of caring about people, and she's good and benevolent, ESPECIALLY when compared to Radiguet! Her establishing character moment, was using the Golden Apple of Discord, in order to bring back to life, all of the Power Rangers who USED to be alive in the "Power Rangers R.P.M." dimension, at the PEAK of their powers, whereas Radiguet is prone to killing anything that crosses his path, on a mere whim. And apparently, they USED to be lovers until Radiguet found out that Eris was barren, and could NEVER produce a suitable male heir to his lineage. Eldritch Location: According to Radiguet, Endsville, from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy", is one of these. Probably due in no small part, to the fact that DESPITE the fact that so many weird, crazy things have happened there, things that would NORMALLY have caused most of the people and beings who LIVE there, to have either DIED, Mutated, or MUTILATED several times over, everyone who lives there ALWAYS seemingly snap back to normal, as though nothing has EVER happened to them. Society Marches on: Noted by Queen Beryl and her cohorts, when they were watching a NEW to them, but old to us, original viewing of an "I Love Lucy" episode. Although they don't go into specifics, they do mark the fact that of the THREE channels they have access to, the broadcasting is ALL Politically Incorrect Television from the 1950's. Jumped At The Call: True for Krash'ir, Samson, and Patsy, when the former was given a Thunder Morpher in order to morph into the Blue Thunder Ranger, and the former recruited the latter two in order to become the Red and Pink Thunder Ranger's respectively. Although Coop and D.O.G., were willing to jump at the call, they STILL had to get the blessing of Ace and ESPECIALLY Abby, before Coop and D.O.G., were allowed to become the Green and Yellow Thunder Ranger's respectively. Author's Saving Throw: A minor one, but it still counts. In order to address the fact that in the "Super Sentai" franchise, a LOT of the Yellow Rangers are Male, but in America, a LOT of the Yellow Rangers are female, D.O.G., reveals that the Yellow Ranger spectrum is more gender neutral than ANY of the other Ranger colors that one could select from, and the reason why most Yellow Rangers don't HAVE skirts, is so that EITHER a male or a female COULD become that Ranger color if needed. Canon Welding: Of a sort. In "State of Shock: Part I", Eris reveals who Radiguet's father is, and it happens to be Egos Satan, the Big Bad of "Super Sentai Battle Fever J". Even worse, she reveals that it is Egos Satan who is mainly responsible for WARPING Radiguet into the sadistic psychopath he is today! In a more traditional sense, Samson reveals that the events described in the "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Pink Ranger Comic", where Kimberly leads a rag-tag group of Rangers in order to stop a monster created by Goldar, is now canon to "PR:MVF". Accidentally Correct Writing/Mythology Gag: When I first decided to bring Dr. Maniac from his original "Super Sentai Bioman" series, into the "PR:MVF", canon, I knew of the fact that in the original series, Prince Maniac was created as a Mecha-Clone, to pose as his son, but this fact wasn't revealed until AFTER the first time that Mecha-Clone was destroyed in that season. In "PR:MVF", I made it so that Prince Maniac actually WAS human, but it wasn't LATER, that I found out, that before Dr. Maniac BECAME Dr. Maniac, he actually DID have a real son, who he based Prince Maniac on! So in other words, Prince Maniac is a composite character! To further the Mythology Gag, Prince Maniac was saved, because Captain Retro used his super speed, to replace Prince Maniac with a Mecha-Clone that LOOKED like him at the LAST possible second, and did it so fast, nobody NOTICED the switch. This was done, in order to ensure a "Stable Time Loop." Secondly, Coop becoming a Kid Ranger, growing into full adult size, is a Mythology Gag to the fact that the power Coop is using, based on "Super Sentai Dairanger," that season did in fact, HAVE a Kid Ranger growing into full adult size. only it was the WHITE Ranger who did so, and not the Green Ranger. Third, the Master Morpher was utilized by Captain Retro, as a source of all the Green and Black Ranger Powers of the past. However, this was written even BEFORE watching the "Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel" episode, "Dimensions In Danger", where Tommy actually DID utilize a Master Morpher, and morphed into ALL of his previous Ranger powers! Finally, Fruit Freak is based not only on the Carmen Miranda costume that Lucy wore in the second ever episode of "I Love Lucy", it's also based on a fruit monster created by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, in the very LAST issue of the ORIGINAL 1990's "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" comic book series. Berserk Button/Locked Out of the Loop: A minor case for BlackHawk, but it still counts. When BlackHawk sees Sans' eyes grow RED when he learns that Dr. Maniac has taken Alphys, hostage, it really SHOCKS BlackHawk to find out that Sans DOES have a Berserk Button! While the viewers/readers know that this is par for the course for Sans, if one should disregard his warnings and take a "Total Genocide Route", than you WILL see Sans unleash his anger on you. However, since BlackHawk NEVER took the "Total Genocide Route", and instead, went the "True Pacifist Route", the display of anger is completely unnerving to him. Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: Arguably averted, for a change. The Astro Mega Ship Mark II, is said to be capable of traveling at speeds 4,000 times FASTER than the Speed of Light. To put that into perspective, such a speed would get you from Earth, to the Alpha Centauri Star System, in a matter of half a day. Hardly the instantaneous travel most viewers/readers are used to, but STILL a more realistic attempt than most! Noodle Incident: A dark variation, as far as Radiguet in concerned. In "State of Shock: Part I", he reveals that he and the Pleasure Chaos God, Sla'neesh, have some prior history together. Radiguet only refers to it, as wanting to make him PAY for all the HORRID, HORRIBLE things that Sla'neesh did to him. "Word of God", says, that the Horrid, Horrible things that Sla'neesh did to Radiguet, WILL be revealed in a later episode! Elite Mooks: Radiguet is revealed to have these, as his soldiers of choice are the Hell Fighters, straight from the "Super Sentai Jetman" series itself! How tough are these Mooks? Radiguet knows that while the Power Rangers of Corinth have probably had to fight the Machine Empire's Cogs in the past, Radiguet describes that fighting the Hell Fighters, is like fighting the Cogs on STEROIDS, and he HAS a few thousand of them at his disposal! Not Worth Redemption: It's very telling when Captain Retro, of ALL characters, decides that Dr. Maniac is no longer a man, but a "Complete Monster". He even states that, "Once you've gone THAT far, there's almost NO coming back from it". Sans completely agrees on that front, and is willing to attack Dr. Maniac and make him PAY for all his crimes, even if it personally costs Sans everything in the process! / That's all the tropes I can think of for now! I'll see you next time!
  9. I'm sorry for the LONG, dry spell of this Club, but I have thought of a NEW topic to share with you! For the series of “Power Rangers Multiverse Force,” several writing tools have been used to make the stories be more interesting. The website TV Tropes, fittingly call them Tropes, and Tropes are Tools, as they are fond of saying. Here is a handful of Tropes that I have noticed that this series has used; followed by examples of when the Trope was used. If there are any more Tropes out there that I have happened to miss, please be sure to add it to this topic discussion! Valid, in universe examples ONLY; please and thank you! / http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AbsurdlySharpBlade : Both BlackHawk's Electric Sabre and the Power Sword of the Multi-Megazord count as this. Not only is BlackHawk able to beat Baphomet relatively EASILY with his sword; the Power Sword has been shown to be able, to take down nearly ANY enemy that comes across it's path! One time villain Mustang Sally tried to No Sell the Power Sword's ability with her tough hide, but the Rangers used the V Blast attack to give the Power Sword a SUPER charge (taken to eleven), and they were able to beat HER, to! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ActionGirl : Applies to Usagi, Ebony, and Undyne. Villain examples include Vipera, Scorpina (one time boss), Mirror, and Amazoness. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AloofAlly : BlackHawk, Bash, and Smash initially, started off as this. While BlackHawk was quicker to warm up to the main Rangers, eventually getting to the point where he BECAME a Ranger himself; Bash and Smash have been slower to become, proper allies. Justified for those two, however, as unlike BlackHawk and the Rangers, they don't have exceptional fighting skills or any special powers. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AlwaysOnDuty : No matter what time of day, or where ever the Rangers are, they ALWAYS have to be prepared to jump into duty! Whether it's at night, whether it's at school, or whether they're going on a trip to help somebody! Sooner or later, someone ALWAYS sends a Monster of the Day that they have to fight and destroy! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AnAssKickingChristmas : The Rangers even managed to fight a monster around Christmas time, in “The Fight Before Christmas.” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BeastInTheMaze : Subverted in the episode “Pump It Up,” because the Rangers actually had to FIND and BEAT Emperor Sphinx when he tried to trap them INSIDE of a maze, in order to ESCAPE from it! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BloodlessCarnage : Usually played STRAIGHT, most of the time! The battles the Power Rangers fight, usually end up with the monsters getting destroyed in this fashion. There have and CAN be EXCEPTIONS to this rule! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BodyguardBabes : Fuhrer Saturn's forces are comprised ENTIRELY of these! Most notably, Amazoness, Galaxy Lightning, and the Zero Girls! Queen Hedrian's servants, Keller and Mirror, can also count as this. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BondOneLiner : The Rangers will sometime use these after defeating a bad guy. One particularly famous example, is after defeating Monster of the Day Octhulu. Naruto says: “I know what we're having for dinner tonight; calamari!” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BottledHeroicResolve : Used in “Orange Crush: Part II”. When the Rangers were getting worn down in their fight, Sans came along and gave them a special kind of Orange Crush, to bring them back to full fighting strength! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BreakTheBadass : The whole point of General Crush was to BREAK the Power Rangers and the forces that Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian had, up to that point. Thankfully, BlackHawk managed to take a level in awesome just in time, and using his new found Ranger powers, managed to deal a non-fatal ending to General Crush by banishing him BACK into his own dimension! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CarnivalOfKillers : Invoked by Queen Hedrian when she unleashed her gauntlet, in a DESPERATE attempt to destroy the Rangers! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CurbStompBattle : While this usually applies to how the Rangers are able to beat all of the Monster's of the Day that they have to fight; the Rangers themselves ended up being on the receiving end of one during their fight against General Crush! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EducationThroughPyrotechnics : No matter where the Rangers go, or who they fight, ALWAYS expect a big explosion or several whenever they deal with a bad guy that they are fighting against! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FighterLaunchingSequence : Most battles against the Monster of the Day, usually climax with the zords being summoned and forming into the Multi-Megazord. While Transformation is USUALLY a Free Action, there HAVE been a FEW Monsters who were Genre Savvy enough to TRY to attack the zords BEFORE they can combine! Thankfully, Ebony and BlackHawk usually use their auxiliary zords to keep the monsters busy while the main zords form into the Multi-Megazord! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/INeedNoLadders : Applies to BlackHawk, as he can fly anywhere he wants to go to. Also applied to Baphomet, at least BEFORE he lost his wings! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/IndyPloy : According to BlackHawk in “All is Fair, or Not!”; this is how the Rangers almost ALWAYS fights the bad guys, especially when they have to do it WITHOUT morphing and revealing their secret identities! / Sans asks: “How are you going to fight these guys?” BlackHawk says: “The same way we ALWAYS do; improvise our way out of it!” Ebony asks: “We do that?!” BlackHawk says: “Yes we do, ALL the time!” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/IneffectualDeathThreats : The Monster of the Day; or sometimes one of the main villains themselves; usually make death threats to the Rangers. As of episode 28, they have YET to actually be able to KILL someone important! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/InnocuouslyImportantEpisode : “Pump It Up; The Fight Before Christmas; Origins; Virtual Insanity; Hot-Blooded;” and “Wooly Bully” all count as this; as either characters, elements, or important developments occur in these episode that end up having important ramifications in later episodes of the series. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/InstrumentOfMurder : In “The Drums of War;” this trope ended up being the primary mode of attack for the two monsters in this episode, using drums as a method of attack! This even carried over into the Megazord fight, when the two monsters were magically combined into one! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/JustBetweenYouAndMe : In “Virtual Insanity,” Vipera did this with the Power Rangers, when she told them how she had aspirations of using the Macguffin/ Chekhov's Gun, the Orange Ruby; for her OWN ends, rather than hand it over to her boss, Emperor Diabolica. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ManOnFire : More like Monster on Fire, but it still counts. In “Hot-Blooded!;” Monster of the Day Magmanificent's entire premise was being a monster made out of hot lava! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MissionBriefing : Often, Omnus and Alpha 8 will inform the Rangers of the current threat that is threatening Coastal Falls or wherever the Rangers happen to be; and will even offer helpful advice to them over the communicators if they need it. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MonumentalDamage : Done by General Shogun in “Orange Crush: Part I”; he destroyed Devil's Tower in order to free the long dormant, Spinosaurus zord. Ends up counting as a “Nice Job of Fixing it, Villain!”; as the Spinosaurus zord ends up being the final piece NEEDED to complete the Velociraptor Multi-Ultrazord! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MostDefinitelyNotAccompanyingUs : BlackHawk attempted this with Bash and Smash in “All is Fair, or Not!”; but Bash and Smash did a No Sell of BlackHawk's explanation, and they ended up going with him anyways. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MyNameIsInigoMontoya : Often done by BlackHawk in his earlier appearances. This trait has lessened over time, however. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NiceJobFixingItVillain : In “Heightened Anxiety,” General Skeleton tried to defeat Lettuce by using his fear of fights, but ended up CURING it! / In “Orange Crush: Part I;” both General Shogun (and more successfully, Vipera), tried to use the Spinosaurus zord for their own evil ends; but by taking the zord to the battlefield of the city; it ends up making it easier for BlackHawk to change it's alliance from evil to good, and gain control over it with his new Ranger powers! / A darker example, Greater Scope Villain Radiguet has PURPOSELY set up two scenarios so far, for Emperor Diabolica's forces and Queen Hedrian's to undergo and fail! Although, this could have to do with Radiguet's philosophy that he's the Only One Allowed to Defeat the Rangers! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou : This is the personal philosophy of Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian; that only THEIR forces are allowed to defeat all of the Power Rangers! More darkly, this is the philosophy of greater scope villain Radiguet, who is USING their various plots to break down a force field made of Applied Phlebotium; protecting Core Earth FROM Radiguet himself! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PunchPunchPunchUhOh : In “Orange Crush: Part I;” Drako's Monsters, Baphomet, Vipera, Mirror, and the Power Rangers (except for BlackHawk), all experience this when they try to fight General Crush, only for General Crush to No Sell all of their various attacks. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheRadioDiesFirst : It's actually an Intercom, but it still counts. In “Wooly Bully;” Demon King Banriki (possessing Woolbur Fleecely), shoots at the Intercom which is making an announcement. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ResignationsNotAccepted : An unwritten rule for the minions of Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian. The only (accepted) way of getting out of working with them, is to meet your demise at the hands of the Power Rangers. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SaveTheVillain : More like spare the villain, but it still counts. In “Wild Horses,” after BlackHawk thoroughly trashes Baphomet and moves in to finish him, Baphomet BEGS to surrender, and pleads for BlackHawk to SPARE his life! BlackHawk reluctantly does so, but warns Baphomet to NOT go back on his word! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ScrewThisImOuttaHere : Done by the Zero Girls, in “Wild Horses.” They flew the coop when they grew tired of having their butts handed to them by the Power Rangers! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SicEm : Pulled by Queen Hedrian in “Orange Crush: Part II”. No sooner do the Rangers finish taking care of General Crush, than does Queen Hedrian send 20 monsters AND General Shogun after the Rangers! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StealthHiBye : A villainous version is pulled by General Crush in “Orange Crush: Part I”. When Mirror POSES as General Crush, and brags about her strength, General Crush moves to her SO fast; that only BLACKHAWK is able to physically SEE, General Crush actually MOVING! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SuddenlyAlwaysKnewThat : A running gag with Sans, is that he will often be working in a different job or skill, with little to no explanation as to how he GOT the job or knows the skills FOR the job; and it somehow USUALLY coincides with something the Rangers are concerned with, anyways! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SupernaturalMartialArts : Power Rangers BlackHawk, Naruto, and Usagi are able to fight with these types of skills; although BlackHawk seems to be the most proficient at it, having used these skills more often and with a greater degree of effectiveness. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheyHaveTheScent : One of the abilities that D.O.G., has, is his ability to smell when something is wrong with someone, or if something has a 'Stench' that 'Does not smell right.” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UnderestimatingBadassery : The common fate of the Monsters of the Day facing the Power Rangers. Surprisingly subverted by Greater Scope Villain Radiguet, who seems to actually be COUNTING on the Rangers to RUIN the plans of Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UnstoppableRage : In “Orange Crush: Part I”; when BlackHawk first transforms into the Spinosaurus Orange Power Ranger, his power enabled him to fight General Crush and vanquish him easily! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WeaponizedCar : In “Get Your Motor Running”; five of the Rangers get weaponized vehicles to help them take down some of the bad guys. The vehicles can even combine into a miniature Megazord to fire a super-powerful blast of energy! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MeaningfulName : Lettuce, Pinkie Pie, Ebony, BlackHawk, Vipera, Kraky, Demon King Banriki, Mirror, and General Shogun all have meaningful names, as well as MANY of the monsters that Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian send after the Power Rangers. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RoyalBlood : Implied with Emperor Diabolica and Demon King Banriki; confirmed with Queen Hedrian, as she is the youngest daughter of Master Vile and the younger sister of the formerly evil Empress, Rita Repulsa. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SecretTestOfCharacter : It is revealed to BlackHawk by D.O.G., in “Virtual Insanity,” that the Orange Ruby is a Secret Test of Character. It only offers its TRUE strength to someone who is good and pure of heart. Anyone who is less than noble who tries to claim it, end up going mad with insanity, and driven to thoughts of greed and evil, in trying to keep the power of the Orange Ruby for themselves! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TruthInTelevision : At the end of “All is Fair, or Not!;” and “Wooly Bully;” the Power Rangers speak directly to the audience to talk about the truth of certain matters (in each case, eating healthy and bullying respectively), in order to provide the viewers with some truth in television. / I think that's good enough to start off with. I will probably come up with some more once I have the time! Enough said!

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