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  2. Toppin' the moppin' with some quality hoppin'!
  3. Pluckin' presents from the tree like it's mah day job!
  4. Curse you Mermaid Man! Luckily, without any evil tonight, I can finally play! Yay! *claps hands*
  5. Hello, 2018 has been such an unbelievably shitty, vile year for the pop charts that I'm not even going to talk about a worst 10 list fefe is the worst song of the year and possibly ever best list coming sometime this month
  6. Watch them get crucified as they die for the sea's sins in the the Season 2 premiere, the kids will love it!
  7. Today
  8. Users have been notified of who they're getting gifts for, and hopefully soon enough the presents can be "wrapped" . I'm giving an extension to the gift giving deadline by one day. Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)! Happy gift giving!
  9. Arr, 'tis a shame that I only subscribe to Der SatanarchĂ€olĂŒgenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch
  10. lol @ Van Wagenen thinking the Mets are gonna win the East 😂
  11. You stole a blue present, giving you 500 dbs! Try again in 23 hours! You stole an orange present, giving you 100 dbs! Try again in 23 hours!
  12. You hit the white, giving you nothing! Try again in 23 hours! You hit the silver, giving you 200 dbs! Try again in 23 hours!
  13. You hopped four, giving you 400 dbs! Try again in 23 hours!
  14. E.V.I.L.

    Ask the Kat

    Omg in oceanography last semester my friend would frequently just show me cute cats on her fb newsfeed
  15. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy read the bible
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