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    I know, right? Bed is so comfy and nice
  3. “II. Shadows” - Childish Gambino
  4. frog sitting like a human

    frog sitting like a human

  5. My thoughts on the series finale...
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    yyyyyy d00000 I have to get out of bed?
  7. Today
  8. Happy late birthday to amphy and happy birthday to the deady @ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1!
  9. Dirrty - Christina Aguilera ft. Redman
  10. On This Day... (May 19th) SBC 2016 - The 22nd WOF game was held, and it was won by @WhoBob Spin-Off Festival 6 began. 2017 - The 246th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @SICKO MORE SpongeBob 2005 - "Skill Crane" and "Good Neighbors" premiered 2014 - Doodle Jump SpongeBob SquarePants was updated for the first time.

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    Party Rock Sorry for Party Rocking
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    Eevee would love to know your intelligence of how much you know all of his evolutions.
  13. A ton of episodes feel like they're dropping so far due to list inflation, this would've been good for 20th last year point wise (right where Rodeo Daze was as the first one with two number one placements, while Sportz is this year's first instance of that coincidentally) so I'd say it's increased a bit, just a ton of wild cards this year though. Even some hated eps like Grownups which have only picked up steam recently dropped more spots than Sportz has this year so I'd still say it's pretty strong and am content with it placing this low despite it being my personal worst. Sometimes that's just how it goes.
  14. As a teensy tiny fun thing, from here on out, I'll put lists that are on my backburner on the "mood" section of my profile, so if you wanna see if I've acknowledged your list but have yet to tally it, just hover over my username 'n such.
  15. no Spotify I DO NOT want to hear the latest Chris Brown single featuring Nicki Minaj

  16. “Gone, Gone/Thank You” - Tyler, The Creator
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  18. -If there's anything I could add about some of your choices, I believe Bohemian Rhapsody managed to become a hit again not from just Freddie's death alone, but it was also featured in Wayne's World. -I would strongly suggest listening to more from The Cure if you haven't heard so much from the band. For most of the early-to-mid 80's, they've mostly stood out as a gothic rock band, but they've also shown a good ear for melody and a pop accessibility in the latter of the 80s while sticking to their original roots. -Strongly agree with "Under the Bridge" being your #1 as it's pretty much my #1 favorite hit from 1992's year-end list. I can very much agree that the good stuff from 1992 is fantastic. While there is still some bad and middle-of-the-road stuff in-between, the great hits from 1992 is mainly why I consider it to be the best year-end Hot 100 list for the 90s. Great lists as always. Finally, I'd like to know your thoughts on these songs: Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss Life is a Highway In the Closet Let's Get Rocked They Want EFX I'm Too Sexy Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough Oh, and I don't know if you have actually noticed, but I've made an overlord request last year in September where I requested that you could cover and rank the top 50 hits of 1957 the next time you would do a year-end list review. This was a time before Billboard created the Hot 100, but I thought it would provide an interesting challenge. If you don't want to do it, I could care less. Whether or not you want to take my old request is completely up to you.
  19. Last year he was Mr. Beast in a Cell, now he's Mr. Beast in the Bank. Poetic in more ways than one.
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  21. What are your thoughts on: 2 Legit 2 Quit I Can't Dance To Be with You One All I Want Good for Me Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover Fine lists as always and I am looking forward to the year that you do next.
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