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    MR: MASKED RIDER After discussion with said user, I have decided @SenorCornholio will be my co-writer for this series.
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  4. Ask the Great Aya anything

    fav message you've gotten from monika?
  5. Skodwarde

    211a. Plankton Fucks Up Cowritten by SOF One day, Skod decide to shit things up by plotting to make things interesting, because why not. The sky was bright blue, the scallops were chirping and the flower clouds were there for no damn purpose as always. He thunder clapped and traveled into Plankton's body by mistake. "Oops wrong location, damn it reeks in here." The demigod just shrugged it off and warped into the Cum Bucket, with angry and violated Plankton glaring at him from below. Plankton thought this was last straw, he told the testicle faced man that this life just wasn't for him. Day after day stealing greased up piles of grounded piles of cannibal crab meat, aka Krabby Patties (which is Bikini Bottom's lead in obesity) and maybe a dry hump from his laptop wife and Krabs himself. What did he have to look forward to in this mediocre life of his? While he was internal monologuing, Skodwarde had left 20 minutes ago. Sheldon played some sad defeat music as he buried the Cum Bucket along with his deactivated wife under the sand. (He literally buries her in there in the real ep, like wtf.) A sign that read "Gone to be a Good Guy" could be seen on the remains of his restaurant. SpongeBob took a notice of this display as it was rather large and unneededly dramatic as Krabs was using his spongey buns to clean the glass walls of the Krusty Krab. (random skeleton fish: That's disgusting!) Out of sheer curiosity (and the Health Department chasing after them with a find of SpongeBob's previous indecent exposure) Krabs and his little twink followed Plankton all the way to Danville, USA. They watched as Plankton bought a bunch of adult pleasure shit and a fedora (damn) Plankton then arrived at some placed called Organization Without a Cool Acronym or O.W.C.A. for short. Once again intrigued, Krabs and SpongeBob followed him from closely behind. Inside the building was a white haired man who was using a camera to record a message to someone... he also didn't have pants on but that didn't really matter at the moment. Plankton casually walked up to him and then saluted. "Ah, Agent S! Sorry we couldn't give you the name 'Agent P' but that title is already in use by another agent of ours. Pfft 'Sheldon'.." The man started to chuckle as he looked at Plankton's résumé. "Sheldon Plankton is really a name that should walk the PLANK, eh?" A redhead appeared from no where between the man and Plankton. "CARL! Stop trying to enter conversations like you're all cool and wipe that froth from your face! Which reminds me under my camera again in twenty minutes!" Monogram yelled. "Sorry Sir." The twink wiped the monojuice off his mouth and left the scene, only to be killed by SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs busting a wall down on him. After 5 seasons of fighting and three episodes of bonus content, it was found out Plankton was a robot! (Gasp!) The real Plankton was making a giant robot dildo to destroy Skodwarde once and for all for earlier that day and just in general for annoying the shit out of him. But then SpongeBob and Krabs turned out to be robots too! (Gasp!) The real Krabs, SpongeBob and Sheldon (ppfft) were just still in Bikini Bottom. Skodwarde and the giant dildo fought for 8 seasons including 40 bonus content scenes and storyboards from its DVD. But it was too late Skodwarde was penetrated by the giant throbbing robotic thingy-a-mahbob dildo. But then Skodwarde revealed to be a robot too. (Gasp!) The real Skodwarde had made this robot to convince Plankton to cum back home, as he missed fucking around with him. Plankton agreed and they all had a salutatory gangbang with everyone, robots and Major Monogram, Carl who miraculously came back to life and the OWCA members included. Later robots all agreed this was a mistake and violence is never the answer. So Robot Krabs, SpongeBob, Plankton and Skodwarde flew in the sun together with the giant dildo and lived a happy, healthy life as a foursome. And then the authors decided to finally put an end to this ep's madness. Or is it... Because this isn't really SpongeOddFan and Cha, it's Robot SpongeOddFan and Cha! gasp.
  6. I too hope for Battle for Bikini Bottom, and also Creature From the Krusty Krab.
  7. Clappy vs Billboard Hot 100

    Wow, I agree with most of the songs on the top ten. XD Fantastic list as always man. What are your thoughts on Frontin?
  8. What'cha Listening To?

    "The Real Slim Shady" - Eminem
  9. Mr. Krabs' Anecdote

    Nope, I lost it, that's right! Some fiend must have stolen it! That's another mystery worth investigating!
  10. Mr. Krabs' Anecdote

    Do you still have your Dr. kelp?
  11. Ask the Kat

    Decent cover, doesn't click with me as much as their original tracks but it was cool to see them doing something different! Sorry man Thermodynamics sounds wild
  12. Ask the Kat

    Pretty sure I might have just failed TF out of my thermodynamics exam, life is good
  13. Ask the Great Aya anything

  14. [6th] The Fry Cook Games VI Round

    Perch here live with the results! Homie won first despite some technical difficulties, giving her immunity. Now we go to the Basketball Ceremony... Homie and Hayden are both safe. We have a tie with JCM and Cream! Cream plays her Immunity Idol, making her safe, and eliminating JCM. Alas, there goes the final Band Geek. The final three is: Homie, Cream and Hayden! How will it all end!? Find out next week, with Round 7 on Wednesday, March 28th at 8pm EDT! Perch out!
  15. New to SBC: the Community Mixtape (SUGGESTIONS WANTED)

    "Rose-Colored Boy" - Paramore "What Kind of Man" - Florence + The Machine "Pseudologia Fantastica" - Foster the People "The Louvre" - Lorde
  16. Ask the Great Aya anything

    "shinny boo come home I'm zurako today" "I'd love to babe but I'm at work that's crucial for the entirety of the kiheitai faction"
  17. [6th] The Fry Cook Games VI Round

    Here's our second round of the merge: Challenge #6: Treasure Hunt Find five treasures hidden across SBC. Whoever finishes first wins, you may ask for more hints: Good luck. PM/Cometchat me the answers, do not post them in this topic.
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  19. Ask the Kat

    actual a cover but pretty great?
  20. Ask the Great Aya anything

    I raise you one
  21. Ask the Kat

    I did not know about this, are they finally releasing new music??
  22. Chask

    red wine (great with heavy Italian food) and also berry wine and sangria are amazing, i want a lot of it for my 21st rum gets disgusting after the first few times having it, vodka is good in small amounts and beer ain't bad iirc
  23. Ask the Kat

    what do u think of So Hot by BlackPink?
  24. Caption the person's avatar above you

    when i forget to put on makeup
  25. Ask the Great Aya anything

    bansai is the most underrated character in tbc and u cant change my mind
  26. What'cha Listening To?

    "Doctor Worm" - They Might Be Giants
  27. Ask the Great Aya anything

    great shit
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