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  2. the interesting thing of their name is that it comes from the National Film Board of Canada, which BoC finds as an influence since the two guys who are in it (Mike & Marcus) watched a lot of their material when they were younger while living in Canada
  3. "The Getaway" is now called, "The WRONG Teacher!"
  5. F: Fry Cook Games
  6. I'd make a joke, but it's waaaay too obvious?
  7. Oh yeah Clannad and Invader Zim are definite honorable mentions. Forgot how much I love Invader Zim. RebelTaxi said it best: "Let's get Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac to create a kid's cartoon about a little alien trying to conquer Earth. What could go wrong?"
  8. "All Nightmare Long" // Metallica Aah, being an edgy 13 year old. Had to listen to this again after hearing this on the American Dad episode where James Hetfield is Steve's water polo coach.
  9. Today
  10. sausage, more versatile
  11. bacon or sausage?
  12. indeed it is
  13. panty and stocking is great?
  14. Is Resident Evil 7 worth it?
  15. hihihi!
  16. Its pretty good.
  17. hi?
  18. Ruff-ruff! I'm a dog, dudes!

  19. imbecile
  20. Yesterday
  21. Gin was Ozu all along
  22. 14. His wife thinks his first name is hilarious.
  23. "SpongeBob vs. the Big One" is now called "Just Keep Breathin'".
  24. Good luck, man!
  25. "East of Eden" - Zella Day
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