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    Joe felt the sensation of being surrounded by a large body of water. His fingers grasp the wet sand of the shore as he raised his head up to look around at the sunset environment. “Beach.. eh.. must be where I was before we teleported.” He stood up and looked at his broken cyborg arm that floated ashore before he did. “Tfft, that Shouyou will be rotting in hell the next time I see him.” He walked a few steps. “Well, might as check back home. I guess ol' Willy didn't make it to this new life.” His heart started to race, bursting with endless new questions. In this new time frame would She be alive? Maybe he could try speaking out to the audience for some help regarding this. He broke free of his grumbling state, cleared his throat and let out his best Hi out there! But nothing. He started to shake intensely. “OH I know! They must be waiting for me outside this damn book. That’s right. Blue ska-dooed we can too!” He closed his eyes ready to teleport but “WHAT THE HELL?! GRRAHHAAAAHHH!” He started to pant heavily and angrily but gained a better control of himself. “Oh no matter! Guess I’ll just explore this new future of mine anyways for now! Haha!” All he needed to do was find a ship or pod to get back to Edo at least. Suddenly he felt a shooting pain in his thigh, he briskly turned around to see limping Katsura had stabbed him there with Shinsuke’s sword. “Oh you gotta be kidding me. Shouldn’t have your leg gun wound bleed you out by now?” Joe threw some punches at him but he dodged. “What? Not gonna even speak to ol' Joey now?” “Changed world or not.. I am not gonna let you be able to get away with it, Joe. Even if we’re the last three who remember it in the entire world." Katsura panted out, woozy from his blood lost. “More like YOUR world buddy.” Joe caught him off guard and made a punch to his jaw. Katsura tried to do one of his own but Joe did it several times again, knocking him down. Joe felt someone else grab his ankle. He couldn’t help but uproar at Takasugi crawling to him, leaving a trail of blood behind from his wounded spine. “You know, two eyes would have really helped you better. Joe grabbed his squirmy body by his kimono jacket. Katsura grabbed Joe by the waist to make him stop but Joe simply kicked his head into an ocean rock several times, leaving him with a bleeding head injury. Shinsuke kicked and tried to punch him but Joe grabbed Shinsuke’s sword on the ground. He put it behind his head and went full force, stabbing Takasugi's in his good eye. It popped instantly. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Shinsuke screamed in pain, some level of physical torture he hadn’t felt in many years. He held his bleeding eye hole as it sprung blood out like a sprinkler. “SHINSUUUKEE!!!!!” Katsura screamed out at the top of his lungs, coming in and out of consciousness. He reached his hand out in the sky to grab Joe and he got up to his feet. “I’LL KILL YOU! I WILL!” “Now now. You can have your husband. He’s no fun when he's just a blindy now!” Joe dropped Shinsuke, leaving Katsura to run after him but Joe lashed out to get his almost broken cyborg arm. He shot both of them with it in one clean swipe in their chests.They fell completely on the sand, Joe standing over them. “This is not the smiling baby Joe Steve let me visit and baby sit... about a few times as a kid..” Takasugi whispered very quietly. “You should have killed me in that dungeon of yours... the first time...if you hated me so....” “We’re not all the same as when we’re babies! I should know, I’ve sung songs about that!” Joe said chipper. “There’s no.....point in arguing now....that you’ve almost killed us.. You know what’s wrong and right, don’t you?” Katsura mustered up to speak, him constantly losing consciousness. “Shinny....boo, keep awake okay?” Takasugi asked. “No I’m....Honey-chan.....you’re Shinny Boo...” They both made little smiles. Much to Joe’s distaste he begun to shake violently. “YOU...FUCKING...IDIOTS RUINED MY EVERYTHING FOR ME.” Joe was losing his cool. "No you ruined it.. You fucking idiot." Takasugi said. “YOU AND THAT DAMN TOSHI. WHAT GIVES YOU A RIGHT TO BE THIS HAPPY?! I’VE ALMOST KILLED YOU!” “Oh so now...the blaming is coming out..” Katsura said in but a quiet whisper, his back turned towards him. He managed to place a shaking hand to his husband’s face. Shinsuke did likewise, sighing out. It wasn't worth wasting his possible few minutes of life angry at the man who caused them absolute hell and disharmony above them. “We know how it feels.. we lost our Sensei and became bitter terrorists ourselves.. well more so me..” Shinsuke felt Katsura’s face on his as they shared the rest of their bodies warmth left. Joe’s fists clutched at the word of Sensei. “But..life moves on Joe.. you find new people to love and care for you as you remember those other ones too..” Zura coughed loudly up blood. “I can’t see....you anymore Katsura.. how are you doing, Honey?” Takasugi said, his voice almost unaudible and his eye socket still bleeding out as he had both his eyes shut now. “I’m going blind myself... but happy....smiling... that you went to Gintoki’s Popularity Poll party, Shinny Boo... I love you.. how are you..?” “Smiling... the happiest I’ve could have ever been...I love you too.” Takasugi cried. Tearing up Katsura went in to kiss his him one last time, Shinsuke joining in the embrace. They stopped a few seconds later to catch whatever breath they had left. “When will you smile again Joe?” The both said, holding each other together the closest they could do. “I AM SMILING.” Joe put on his creepy grin again, as the two’s breathing grew quieter and quieter. Joe started to tremble intensely. “I AM.. FUCKING.. SMILING!!........................RAAAAAAAAHH!" Joe kicked them severval times, guts could be physically seen coming out of their heads and stomachs now. He kicked sand over the carcasses and continued limping on from his leg injury. He looked back for a brief moment, the two lovers’ bodies were vanishing away into thin air. “Must be because of their other future selves being in this time frame. Guess I’ll have to kill my other self if I run into him.” He chuckled, holding Takasugi's bloody katana blade over his shoulder. "When I get there I'll..." He was starting to think of getting directions from other people. But he hated even the thought of having to have the time to talk to someone right now. "Maybe this arm still has a bit more juice in it." ------------- He begun imagining being transported to Edo, within a few seconds it surprisingly worked. Covered in a bloody, wounded leg and broken arm, he made sure to stay out of sight from other citizens. Less they cause him commotion or possibly even still recognize him, if that was even possible. "I'm fucking coming for your heads next Edo... All of them this time.." Joe tried to power up his cyborg arm, much to his failure. In anger he took out his Gintama magazine he still had in his pocket as it hit him. Although he wasn't sure that it would do any damage considering how he was just a left over part of an alternate present, maybe it was able to tear the world apart, literally. Joe begun pacing back in fourth, thinking about every possibility in that alley he hid himself in. He had to figure a way back to his world, for somehow he couldn't ska'doo. Was it possible because this wasn't his present day that the world just didn't notice him? Were all his powers hindered? He suddenly felt the clasp of a hand on his shoulder behind him. He quickly turned back to see none other than the Demon Vice-Chief himself, causing Joe to let his creepy grin. "Oi buddy, what are you doing just pacing around in here?" Hijikata asked. "Sorry about that! Name's Joe! Was wondering if you humble cops could give me a lift back to my place? Kinda hard to drive sometimes with one disabling arm." "Joe.. THE Joe?" Hijikata looked in shock. "Y-you haven't appeared here in years..." "Hm, in a bad way?" He smiled, the two started walking back to his cop car. "No, you just check up on this world maybe every half year but you just leave. You haven't showed up for a while though. But you know all that anyways." Hijikata stopped looking at him in the eye as if it was a gloomy subject to talk about. Check up on the world..? What was this alternative present day Joe doing? Joe had to keep going on, maybe this green haired bastard might be some use to him anyways if he could find this other Joe or escape their world somehow. "What happened to the other arm? Might I ask.." Hijikata got into the driver's seat, Joe taking the back seat as Sougo sat in shotgun, putting his arms on the back of his head on the seat's head rest. Toshi start up the car and they hightailed into the city. "Oh let's just say I ska-dooed into too many worlds I shouldn't have." He chuckled, grabbing his arm nub. "How come you came to Edo then out of the random then?" Sougo spoke up. "Having some trouble ska-dooing back into my world! You know the issues with these Gintama books and these sort of things. " Joe smirked, knowing he just leaked vital information. "Books..?" But before Hijikata could process this, he almost hit a jaywalker who was a mere few inches away. "OI! WATCH WE'RE YOU'RE GOING!" "WATCH WE'RE YOU'RE GOING YOU V-HAIR SHAPED IDIOT!" The perm head collected his nudey books he dropped on the floor and grudgingly walked on. "That 4th wall guy...." It hit Joe, he opened up the police window and waved his hand out. "Odd Jobs... Say Odd Jobs! Would you like to take a ride with us? I could need your help on something!" "Sorry, but I don't take cab rides in some mayonnaise smelling hunk of junk on wheels." He waved off. "I'll make it your weight in money!" Joe offered. Gintoki sped back as fast as if he was an Olympic Jaywalker. He joined in the back seat, much to Hijikata's detest. "Oi so what do I have to do.." Gintoki buckled up his seat and then his eyes met with Joe's. "Amazing, does he recognize me for who I really am..? Is his 4th power that strong?" Joe thought to himself but was prepared for if the man would want to fight against him. "OI. WHAT IS THIS. WHY DOES THIS GUY LOOK SO 3-D-ISH?!" Gintoki backed up all the way to his side of the backseat. "That's the thing that bothers you?!" Joe thought but then laughed a little for no one had ever wondered that before at least. "Oi, don't speak like that Odd Jobs. Joe's a guardian of our world." Hijikata kept his face to the road. "Hijikata-san, I'm pretty sure he's just a realistic looking guy." Sougo slapped on his sleeping mask and begun to zone out. "Guardian?" Gintoki asked, he was still backed in the corner. "Some rumor Hijikata believes about a flying man who comes into the citizens of Edo's bedrooms at night and watches over them." Sleeping Sougo commented. "It's not a rumor Sougo. AND HE DOESN'T DO THAT! Aren't you suppose to be sleeping anyways? But yeah Joe does appears here every couple months to check up on us. Or use to at least. I knew his brother Steve a long time ago before.." Hijikata clutched his heart but straightened himself up. He adjusted the back view mirror and saw Joe let out a huge smile. Something about it made the police man tremble a bit but he wasn't sure why. "Man.. this guy looks creepy..." Gintoki said not so quietly. "You don't know the half of it... Pal..." Joe said right in his face, putting his hand on his shoulder. "O-OI!! Gintoki tried to open up the doors but they were locked, Joe simply laughed again. They eventually arrived to the Shinsengumi police station where Sougo headed to go schleep- he means work. The other three stood outside of the building. “So what do you need my help for?” Gintoki picked his nose and whiped it on Hijikata’s jacket, the police officer smacked him upside the head. “I’ve heard from.. people that you possess amazing 4th wall powers, correct?” Joe said eagerly. “4th what..” Gintoki said boredly. “4th wall! You know, talking to the camera..?” Joe said fishing around so he’d get it. “Look buddy, I’m not sure how much I can help you out here. Look, I’m getting so confused that the readers are started scratch their heads.” Gintoki said. “THERE! THERE IT IS! You acknowledged the readers! Teach me to enough of that so I can escap- I mean become a pro!” Joe said. “Okay.. but I gotta warn you. It goes in and out depending if I need to be conscious of my fictional existence according to the writers and your plan for taking over this world.” Gintoki said and Joe was in absolute shock. “Wait what were we talking about?” “4th wall..” Joe groaned. “Never heard of it.” Smiling Joe reached out for his cyborg arm, only to remember it was no longer working. He tossed it away. “You crack me up, Gintoki!” “How do you know my name?” Gintoki squinted. “Uh, the 4th wall..?” Joe awkwardly said. “Sounds good enough to me.” Gintoki shrugged. “Okay, I’ll train with you once a month.” Joe gave him a scary smile. “Once every two weeks...”. Another smile. “Once every week..” Another. “OKAY ONCE A DAY! But not anymore! I can’t have you sleeping by my side now, can I?” “Perfect! See you in the morning, Odd Jobs!” Joe waved as grudgingly Gin walked off from the police station. “You better have a large wad of money with you.” Gin added. “Oi Odd Jobs, Joe told me in the car he has no where to go for now. And since it wouldn’t look right to have him live here..” Hijikata added and Gin instantly whipped around. “NO! I draw the line at teaching him every day!” Gintoki yelled out. “Are you sure about that...” He let out a even more terrifying look. “S-SLEEP ON MY COUCH IF YOU WANT! MY BED EVEN IF YOU WANT, Ol’ JOEY BOY! HAHA!” Gintoki ran up to him and gave him a big pat on the 3-D back. ------- “Kagura! Shinpachi! I’m home.” Gintoki took off his boots with his feet threw them up against the wall. “Gin-san, you said you’d be back in an hour.” Shinpachi entered the room, causing Joe to gasp excitedly. He hadn’t seen him directly since he kidnapped him and Hijikata. “So I went out for three hours, so what.” Gintoki walked down the hallway cleaning out his ear, Joe close behind him. “YOU WERE GONE FOR 3 DAYS!” Shinpachi barked. “Man’s got have some space for quality reading time.” Gintoki held his plastic bag of magazines behind him, trying to hide them behind his leg before Shinpachi saw. But the glasses kid already knew they would be porn and he looked dead at him. Shinpachi then gave a confused glare to the person behind his boss. “Uhh, who’s that?” He asked. “Oh Joe boy, he’s an Odd Job I’m working personally on. He’s gonna crash here for a bit I guess.” Gintoki went to the living room and flopped onto the couch. Shinpachi still looked very confused but turned to Joe. “So what job is Gin-san doing for you then?” “Oh he’s helping me with my 4th wall powers.” Joe smiled. “It’s something my big brother was skilled at and I thought I’d take a better whack at!” “Oh..” Shinpachi awkwardly walked away. “Well, I hope to be of use to you during your stay here.” “Oh believe me kid, you will.” He smiled, making the teenager even more uneasy. Suddenly Kagura came out riding on top of her running dog. “MOVE OUT OF THE WAAAAAY! SADAHARU’S GOTTA DUMP A BIG ONE!” Joe and Shinpachi leaped out of the way, Kagura and Sadaharu broke into the fromt paper door, causing it to fall off. “DAMMIT THAT BETTER NOT BE WHAT I THOUGHT I JUST HEARD!” Gintoki barked from the other room. She came back in a few seconds later. “Here you go, Shinpachi!” Kagura placed the huge dirty doggy bag in his hands, he looked ill to his stomach. “YIKES! Who’s the 3-D looking guy?!” Kagura shouted. “Hey, be nice. That’s Joe. Gin-san’s client who he’s gonna help out with personally and is gonna stay here for a while.” Shinpachi said and then leaned into her. “It’s really weird, something about learning 4th wall powers or something..” “Must got a screw loose in that bowl shaped haircut of his, eh?” Kagura said smug. “Lovely Odd Jobs! I didn’t know you had two children!” Joe called out to a sleeping Gintoki. Joe had clearly listened to their whispering and they sweatdropped at the creepy looking guy. Sadaharu trotting back in and immediately starting growling at Joe. “Now Sadaharu behave! This is our new guest, even if he came out of no where!” She tried holding him back. “What a nice dog! You know, I really have a thing for them!” He smiled, petting the top of his head but he tried snapping at him. “Ah ah ah! I already lost an arm, buddy.” He chuckled. ------------------ Joe had worked on his skills for 4 hours that day with Gintoki, he got quite the short temper with him but did his best to conceal it. It had been three months since he started living at Odd Jobs. And he was more than impatient. He didn’t know how much longer until Gintoki would get wise and realize he’s broke. Kagura and Shinpachi were very cautious towards him at first. Leaving him out on their day to day activites. But have finally eased up to him a little bit, at least. Joe had seen the Shinsengumi regularly, at Hijikata’s request suprisingly. The Vice Chief had invited him to several dinners with the rest of the cops. Joe had joined them, as he knew infiltrating his trust and becoming his friend would make the wound hurt even more so when Joe would destroy their world later. The man was now walking down the streets of Edo, as if he was a regular citizen. How much longer until he had the skill to transport back home and destroy this forsaken book? Sure he could hold one of them hostage until another portal opened up like last time. But that portal wouldn’t necessarily lead to his world. He needed to have his powers back anyways. “Oh Wilford, if you were here you’d have a Plan B like always.” He chuckled. He saw Hijikata standing outside a shop. “Oh hey, Toshi.” He waved to him, Hijikata gave a little wave back. “What brings you here?” “One of my men are holding out on a strike after inspecting for two months straight. Damn guy has really lost his marbles this time.” Hijikata tssked. “ANAPAN SPARKING YOU! ANAPAN SPARKING HIM!” Yamazaki threw a bunch of the desserts at his fellow police men, they hurried away with each bombing. “Might be wise to call in that Big Blue guy eh?” Joe chuckled. “Who?” Hijikata questioned. “Oh yeah right.” Joe had just remembered that Steve didn’t get his Kappa Mikey DVD until many years later. Or the Neon Genesis Evangelion or the One Punch Man books or all of that..And since his brother hadn’t lived past childhood.... Joe grinned. “Never mind!” “Uh, Joe. Can I talk to you privately?” Hijikata requested, Joe let out a grin. “Sure.” “You know.. Uh it’s been really nice having you around again. I know you hadn’t visit in years here prior and we were never close but..” Hijikata looked into his eyes, he looked so much like Steve... it choked him up. “I get it buddy, I’ve been enjoying our time together too.” Joe said. “So uh I, think of you as a friend Joe...” He placed an uneasy hand on him. “I would like to spend more time together.” Joe was surprised, invited for dinner was one thing but he actually got the backing of this man? This man who he despised with every once of himself? “I do too, Toshi.” Joe sinsterly smiled, giving him a hearty pat on the back. Hijikata grabbed onto him giving him a big hug. Joe was surprised once again. ——- One year later... "Wait. I need the practice today." Joe detested as Gintoki begun putting his boots on and exiting the door with the other two. "Well unlike you, we have a job to do." Gintoki picked his nose. "And we're waiting for that big fat money stack you promised us for endless months." "Well about that... I'm kinda br-" "WHAT?!!" Gintoki had to be held back by Shinpachi at this. Although all three of them were visibly pissed off. "MAYBE THAT BOWL HAIR CUT OF YOURS COULD BE USED AS GAGGER WHEN WE DUMP YOUR BODY IN THE OCEAN!" Gintoki yelled but Joe chuckled once again. "Why don't you come with us on the job today? Make some use of that bowl head of yours for once!" Kagura asked as the other two Odd Jobs looked surprised. “Come on Joe-chan!” She grabbed his hand with the grip of a million yatos along with Gintoki and Shinpachi’s and rushed outside the door. They all got on Gintoki's motorcycle for a group shot as the wind went through their hair, rushing along Edo in a late 2018 afternoon. They arrived at a park's pond and got out some items. “So what do I do on this Odd Job?” Joe looked puzzled as he held the net. “Well today we we gonna catch Miss Takashashi’s pet frog named Jamchi. Third time this week he’s gotten out.” Shinpachi said, looking at an organized clipboard. “How exciting..” Joe rolled his eyes but smirked. “Oi, there he is! Up on that giant pond rock!” Kagura pointed to him. “I got this!” Gintoki ran to the frog but Kagura caught up to him. “No! Jamchi-chan will fall to his death, Gin-chan!” She grabbed onto his arm and started tugging it tight. “Well he’s gonna jump off anyways! Would be better to sneak around and grab the little blue slime ball!” Gintoki reasoned but she still was holding him back. “LOOK!” Shinpachi pointed to the sky as the frog was jumping off the super high rock in slow motion. “JAAAAMMMCHIIIII-CHAAAAAN!” The three of them yelled out. Joe shrugged and as he did so, the frog came landing in the palm of his hand. “You did it Joe-san!” Shinpachi praised him. Gintoki and Kagura came running up to the two. “Jamchi-chan you’re safe! The big bad old perm head tried to frighten you to death!” Kagura said as Gintoki looked at her evily. “Hm, he is kind of cute and that color on his skin is pretty unique! Looks like periwink-“ Joe looked grim and handed the frog back to Gintoki. “I’m ready to go home now. “Sure, right after we drop this lil’ guy off.” Shinpachi smiled at the frog and it lanched onto his face, he let out a big OI. “Be careful Shinpachi! Those colorful frogs are known for their posion!” Kagura shouted. “OI WHAT?!” He barked as the frog was crawling all over his eyes with his scratchy little feet. “We were hoping you’d be the one to catch it, Pachi-Boy.” Gintoki reasoned and nodded. Gintoki, Kagura and even Joe started laughing at Shinpachi's freaking out. Before Shin could yell his glasses ass off though, the scene transitioned into a later time. The gang were walking their way home after giving back Jamchi to his owner. Shinpachi was seen with band aids all over him from getting shots at the hospital for poison and rubbed his poor face. “Pfft.” Gintoki rolled his eyes as he saw Hijikata about to pass them on the street. Hijikata tssked and rolled his eyes too. “Oh hey Joe, are we on for that movie tomorrow?” Hijikata smirked. “You bet, Toshi!” Joe smiled as Hijikata continued walking. It felt odd though, a chill went down his spine from the moment he uttered it. In some twisted and complicated way it felt like he had actually said it kind of genuinely. "Joe-chan, I wanted to give you this!" Kagura handed him a plastic bag that smelled awfully. "Er... what?" He held up the rotting bag of Sadaharu's waste. "It's a memory! From the first time we all four met!" Kagura smiled holding onto his arm, Joe let out a smile too. But in this time it was a involuntarily and warm smile. That feeling absolutely scared him. He switched back into a neutral face. Joe had his eyes closed on the couch at home. The rest of the Odd Jobs surrounded him, also passed out. He actually joined them for a lovely hot pot dinner for once, of course the usual fighting over pieces of food shenanigans happened with them. But he found it was actually tasty and the warm kotatsu felt somewhat comforting. “What...am I doing... I’ve clearly mastered the 4th wall technique for a while now...” Joe thought to himself, he tried to get up but Kagura and Shinpachi were snuggling on his arm. Joe started to tremble intensely. He knew that this was enough. Tomorrow he would go back to his own world to destroy this paper bind world... back to the audience finally talking to him again.. back to her.. Her.. that incredible creature he adored like no other. —————- “That was a fantastic movie.” Hijikata said. The two were walking out of a theater, it was night time and the cool air of late 2018 felt good. “Who knew Kraft would make a movie soley based on just one of their condiments.” Joe chuckled. “Not just any of their condiments, THE only condiment, mayonnaise.” Hijikata squeezed onto his stuffed mayo bottle toy in delight. “Say Toshi, I hope you don’t mind. But I was willing to get a drink before I hit the road back to Odd Jobs’ place.” He rubbed his hand on the back of his head playfully. “Not at all. Would some sake at my place be alright? I’m not really one for drinking at bars.” Hijikata asked. “Sounds perfect.” He smiled back. The two sat down in Hijikata’s sleeping quarters inside the Shinsengumi station. Hijikata pulled out a bottle and two cups. “That’s funny, I never thought I’d be entertaining guests ever.” Hijikata chuckled. This was unlike Joe had ever seen, usually the Demon Vice Chief was so hard headed and straight faced before the year that Joe got to know him intimately, unlike. With who had he seen him act like this before? “Well there’s a first time for everything!” Joe smiled. “Say Joe? Can I ask something a bit personal? Hijikata looked at him in the eyes. “Sure.” “Do you like it here in Edo?” “Well the food ain’t too shabby here.” Joe chuckled and drank some of his sake. “That’s good. I know you made some friends here already since the last year... Pardon for another personal question but... Do you think you’re gonna stay here a bit longer?” Hijikata looked down at the ground and back to him. This man was genuinely gonna miss him. The most stubborn and incredibly tough as nails officer. Maybe Joe wouldn't need to use his katana tonight he hid under his shirt, maybe he could wait a bit longer to kill Hijikata... “Who knows! We’ll see.” Joe replied. "Those Odd Jobs need all the help they can get." He chuckled. “That’s good. I know it’s been a hard life for you with everything you loss and all.” Hijikata took out a cigarette and lit it up. Joe tried to keep his false smile. “Can’t say I hadn’t been in the same boat.” Hijikata took a puff. “You were an orphan, correct? So I've heard.” Joe said although he already knew the answer from Steve. “Well if you can say that. I still had some family by my side.” Hijikata got lost in thought. “Older brother maybe?” Joe chuckled. “Exactly that." He replied and Joe looked surprised. "They are a gift, I was lucky enough to know your brother before I found him in a puddle of..” Hijikata came to his senses. “I’m very sorry about mentioning that even.” “Some more sake?” Smiling Joe offered, he didn't like the sound of Hijikata's words though but shrugged it off. “Sure I guess, why not.” He put out his cup but the bottle was empty when Joe tried to pour it. “Oops.” Joe said, Hijikata started to get up but Joe stuck out his hand “Nah, it’s okay I got it. “Okay, it’s by the third shelf to the right.” Hijikata said. “Okay I got it!” Joe pulled it out and examined it. “Thanks kindly, Steve.” Hijikata said but then corrected himself. “Oops, I mean Joe. Haha.” Joe who was standing over to the police officer begun to shake like a leaf and he dropped the bottle, breaking it into pieces. “What did you just call me...” Before Hijikata had time to think, he felt the warm, shooting pain of something in his back. "J-J-Joe...w-why...I trusted you.. I cared for you so much..." Before Joe realized it himself, he was rushing out of the police station, clutching Takasugi’s katana blade. He could hear Chief Kondo in an uproar of emotions, followed by other frantic and yelling voices of the other members. Joe knew they knew that he had come to spend time with Toshi, as it was rare the Vice-Chief displayed hospitality. Joe could have easily teleported to the next world. But he wasn’t sure why he started to run instead. He was in a flurry of rushing adrenaline emotions. Sirens begun to cloud up the night sky with their blaring sounds. It was pouring raining outside and he had tripped in a mud puddle while hiding in an alley. “Joe?” He looked up to see Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi above him with their umbrellas. “W-what are you guys doing here.” He stumbled his way to his feet. “You didn’t come home for hours Joe-chan, we thought that police man had eaten you up slathered in mayonnaise.” Kagura nodded. “What’s going on Joe-san?” Shinpachi asked. Joe thought hard for a few seconds on what his decision to tell them would be. He decided to get irritated. He stabbed Shinpachi to the ground, causing him to bleed out the mouth and his heart stopped. “Don’t ask adults what they’re doing in the middle of the night, kid”. Joe said grimly. “S-S-SHINPACHI-KUNNNNNNN!” Kagura screamed and rushed to the floor and rested his head on her lap. “OI! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!” Gintoki yelled. "Shin..." Joe said and had ran off though but he knew that silver haired samurai would be close on tail at him. Although he would have punched and killed anyone was Joe being so careless today? Having that man chase after him would not be helpful. “Well it’s better to try your 4th wall trick now or never, Odd Jobs.... Blue ska-dooed we can too!” Joe felt the sensation of him fading from that world. “YES... YEEEESSS!!!! IT’S WORKING!!!!!!!” He landed outside his old house, it was night time outside. He barged open the door. “Steve my boy! We-“ Joe stepped on the salt shaker and used Side Table drawer to kill the others. He wasn’t messing around this time. “Blue?! Blue!!” Joe frantically called out to. “Honey?! Joe’s here for you, finally!” He looked through the dark hallway and inside each room before heading to his. He saw a big blanket inside Blue’s doggy bed. Joe got super excited. “B-Blue?! Honey?! Is that..” He ripped off the cover and saw her asleep just like she always had been! “B-BLUE!!!!” He yelled happily. He picked up the puppy and placed her in his warm arms. “Blue I’m so happy I-“ ... .. His heart sunk. She had no pulse. “EEEEERRRRRREEEERRAAVGHHHHHH!” He begun slicing up the entire room with the katana in a fit of rage. “WHO KILLED HER!? WHO FUCKING DID THIS TO HER?!!” Joe ran to Steve’s book collection and skimmed his blood soaken fingers across the binds of each of them before finding a copy of the Gintama magazine. “PREPARE FOR THE WORST MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE, YOU TRAITORS!” Joe held the book up for him to tear up. “YOU DID THIS TO BLUE ALL OF YOU!” Before he could tear it completely down though felt something in his stomach. “Enough.” “S...St..” He was frozen in fear. “Y-Y-YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD!” Joe looked down at his stomach, a sword inside it. “My dear younger brother. You killed me in the TBCiverse, not our own world.” Steve told him. The two of them still not seeing each other face to face. “H-how were you not affected by the time frame change?!” He coughed up blood. “Joe.. You killed my students. I know you would the second you got back to your own time.” Another man behind him said. “Shouyou..” Joe coughed up again. “Well it seems like you two can just have your laugh at the end of the day, huh? Killing our puppy and then your dear brother.” “I didn’t stab you Joe.” Steve said grimly, yet another person came up. “You killed my older brother, Joe. You killed him as poor child. He was so weak he was even unable to recover in this universe.” Joe from this current time frame stared him down. “Other time Joe.. I should have known I’d be the only one to kill myself. First Steve killing OUR PUPPY AND NOW THIS. Joe scoffed. “No Joe, YOU killed Blue with your rubbing off depression. WE killed her because our emotional instability. She worried about us so much every day that she finally collasped. YOU know that, I know that. But you never told your Steve, did you?” The Other Joe said. Steve looked dark but sighed out forgivingly. “That may be the most innocent death you’ve caused." "SHUT UP... I-I’M DYING AND THAT’S ALL YOU IDIOT CAN SAY?!” Joe yelled “I didn't stab you either though Joe..." The other Joe said. "THEN WHO..." "Joe. Enough was enough." Joe eyes became wide open when he heard the familiar voice. He zipped back around to see for the first time Steve, Shouyou, his other self and then.. Wilford. Joe puffed out losing more and more breath. "HOW WERE YOU ALL ABLE TO FIND ME ANYWAYS?! Suddenly a silver haired man slammed open the door, he ran up yelling with his katana blade but stopped the moment he saw Shouyou. “S...S...” Gintoki started to run towards Joe anyways but Shouyou but his hand up for him to hault. He did so obeyingly. "I told them Joe. I gave Steve and Wilford temporally the same powers I possess to finally put a stop to your terror. I found the other Joe here and told him as well." Shouyou commented. "Y-you're.... S...S...Se......" Gintoki managed to utter out, shaking and bursting into tears. Shouyou walked up to him, shushed him and smiled, rubbing his hand on his back lovingly. He looked at his crying student through the eyes he once saw him as. "You know you didn't have to spend that long with Toshi.. Or Gintoki.. or any of them... you chose to stay a year, my silly little brother." Steve said. "YOU... DON'T... KNOW MY INTENTIONS...THOSE TWO HIJIKATA AND TAKASUGI.. " Joe violently shook out. ”Yes?” Steve asked. ”T-THEY RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP...” ”with Blue?”” Steve asked again. “NO WITH YOU YOU IDIOT. YOU WERE ALWAYS SPENDING ALL YOUR TIME WITH THAT TOSHI ESPCECIALLY YOUR WHOLE LIFE. DIDN’T YOU EVER THINK OF ME?” Joe’s head fell to the floor. Steve looking sobberly. ”Joe.. I’m sorry. All that time I never realized I was the selfish one. After mom and dad died I just guess I became some what of a recluse. I’m so.. damn sorry.” Steve started crying. "I waited... WE waited this long year just to see you gain a true friendship.. I needed to see the real Joe again, the one I knew when you and Steve were kids." Wilford commented. "I'm tired of fighting Joe." Joe dropped the almost torn book and begun crying. He tried reaching for it again to tear it up but was stabbed by Steve this time. "You never learn little idiot brother, do you? You never learn how much people could possibly love you if you had let them, how much I loved you... How much I still love you..." Steve handed him back the book. "WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING-" Gintoki called out. Joe tried frantically putting back the tears of the pages together so the book was normal again. "N-NO.. Please don't let them be gone from me.. I've lost enough... I've destroyed enough.." Joe started to blubber out now and his coughing getting heavier from the impalement. "Maybe let's think think think of a better future for us both. Maybe in this new future of ours, we can be together. As brothers for a change. All us characters can." Steve got on the floor next to him as Joe nodded in agreement. "B-Blue...?" Joe rubbed his eyes. As the final breath came out of Joe in present day, all the world's begun to fade. A large white light expanding all time and space, all universes within their confined space. Time bending and space melting, supernovas filling the sky in bright rays and beautiful colors. A new time frame being born, unfolding before the universe. -------- Hours before during the fires upon Edo as Joe had been tearing up the book, there was a cabin on the outskirts of the city, overlooking the city. "Sensei.." Takasugi said with his back turned to him, looking at the uproars of fire. "I don't understand how you called me here. OR HOW YOU'RE EVEN ALIVE!" He turned to him in up most tears. "T-TELL ME..." "Takasugi.. tell me this first. What do you think of Katsura?" "What does that have to do with you?!?!-" "Please." Shouyou smiled. "He's nothing more than a stray dog to me, like Gintoki." Takasugi said. "N-now Sensei please explain-" "Do you still remember No Man?" Shouyou sighed and asked again. "Who?" Takasugi simply asked. .--------- Katsura and Shinsuke ran into Sensei Shouyou's holiday cabin holding hands and in a puff and huff. The couple slammed close the doors, holding them tight. "Oi, Zura, Takasugi. Man you two are late." Gintoki scoffed. "I guess you'd rather be inside your fellow Jouis then be inside a room with your fellow Jouis." Shinsuke's smoke pipe was thrown at his head. The two took their seats next to him and Sakamoto sitting by the table. "AAHAHAHA! What a lovely February afternoon! And to spend it with my Joui buddies!" Sakamoto smiled and hugged them, much to Gintoki and Shinsuke's disgust. "It is when you're not on the lamb." Shinsuke picked up the holy grail- he means one of Sensei's cups. "5th time this week in the stoney lonesome." "It isn't that lonesome though, Shinny Boo." They smiled. "Because I always have Elizabeth to join me." Shinsuke rolled his eyes but couldn't stay mad at his Honey-chan and smiled. "Oi, lamb could sound pretty good right now." Gintoki's mouth watered like Niagara Falls. "Hey! Come and get this guy a bucket for all this water dripping out of him! Ahahaha!" Sakamoto called out and a person came out or rather a pile of bones. "Nice one Tatsuma." Skele chuckled, drinking some Rattle Me Bones iced tea and sat at their table with them. "So when's Sensei coming? I didn't see him in the kitchen." "Not sure Skele-dono. He said something about-" "Sorry I'm late! Had to take care of some last minute duties." Shouyou smiled, coming in the door with four people behind him. "WE'RE HERE. EXPLODING FEMINISM!" Matako called out. But the Joui 5 kind of just sat there quietly deadpan. "ELIZABETH!" Zura smiled. She was now in the band along with the other three wearing a spiked collar and mohawk and she gave him a hang-loose brotha gesture. She looked Takasugi dead in the eyes though. "That duck does not like me..." He whispered ”Katsura-sama..” Matako looked grim. ”Katsura-sama janai, Shinsuke-sama da.” He answered seriously. ”W-WHAT?!” She quietly but not quietly said. ”You know it's his last name now, Matako-chan.” Takechi had to help poor Matako sit down as she was feeling faint all of a sudden. "..Why are you guys doing that ridiculous band thing?" Shinsuke said. "Uh, because you kicked us out of the Kiheitai..?" Bansai looked at his previous superior officer. "Yes, I have the day you told us marked in my Feminist Calendar." Takechi pointed to it, leaving everyone to wonder why he had it on him. "YEAH! Don't think we'll just crawl and beg on our knees to join you back!.. Unless you're into those sort of things, Shinsuke-sama.." Matako blushed. "No, I disbanded to REband the Kiheitai as a less extreme faction. Like my little Honey-chan's Jouishishi. Holy shit, you guys need to read my messages more clearer. It's a little intense still but not enough to cause to cause too much damage to anyone, or Honey-chan's silky long hair." Shinsuke played with his hair as Zura giggled, Matako looking in disgust. "All I got was an accidental sent nude.." Bansai thought to himself. He sat near Takasugi and gave him a friendly smile and best brofist secret handshake though. "OI BRING OUT THE FOOD!" Gintoki banged the table. "You don't have yell, Gin-san." Gin turned around... "BLACKPACHIIIIIIII" Gintoki yelled out. "WE SAID BRING OUT THE FOOD!" Kagura from behind pushed the beefy glasses man as he got annoyed. "HA!" "Yare, yare." "Yo dogs!" Three more bunny individuals entered into the house and sat down. Kamui with Ungyo’s still head next to him pushed over Kagura next to him but she returned that action with a punch to his cheek. "Oi, I thought this was a Joui only gathering." Gintoki rolled his eyes. "That's odd, because you told me to bring the booze, Yorozuya." Ozu entered, Brozu, Umibozu, Kiyoko, Guano and Yes Man with him. "LET'S PARTY!" Brozu noogied his two nephews and Ozu, much to his despising. “HEY! THAT HIP-HOPPIN OLD TIMER ISN’T ALLOWED HERE!” Katsura stood up although Takasugi was trying to calm him. HE ANNOYED ME IN 1.0 FOR REASONS I CAN’T REMEMBER!” ”Ain’t nothin’ but a love thang, Zura.” Brozu gave a peace sign, infuriating Katsura even more so and he let out a janai. "What about Hasegawa?" Kiyoko asked but still zoning out in a manga. “I kinda liked his cool glasses.” "He said 'going to catch up with Hasegawa'... hanging out with himself.. I don't know what he meant by that either." Umibozu shrugged as the five of them sit down. "Abuto-dono, where's Shinji-dono? You three are his guardians, correct?" Katsura said worried. "Yeah but why don't you ask this redheaded brat that?" Abuto scoffed, drinking some sake. "I'll leave you to fill in the blanks." Kamui smiled and nodded. He then put No Man in a headlock randomly. "What about Sait?" Guano asked worryingly. "I'll leave you to fill in the blanks, Shinsuke look-alike." Kamui smiled again. "Yay! I get a line!" Yes Man smiled. "And I get another-" Yes Man zipped Guano's mouth closed though. "Sorry out of room for talking!" The yellow glasses man said and they started tackling each other like the yato kids, oiing Blackpachi getting dragged into the mess of the four siblings when he came back still with no food. "Kids..." The dads said with shaking heads. "KAATTTSURRAAA! TAKASUGGGII!" Fully walking Hijikata barged into the room, pulling out his big katana blade and aiming it on their necks. The rest of the Shinsengumi entering as well. "Katsura janai, uh Zurako da!" He said with a falsetto voice, wiping on some lipstick real quick. "OI, don't give me that you over glorified transvestite." Hijikata said clinching his teeth. "Sorry but there's only one sword that gets skin to skin contact to me like this." Shinsuke said as Katsura straight face blushed and the blade on them got tighter. "Hi out there! It's me, Steve!" He walked into the party with Wilford behind him. "Steve!" Hijikata yelled out happily, he dropped the husbands as they caught their breath. "Toshi! Shinsuke!" Steve smiled. "S-SHINSUKE?! Don't tell me that terrorist scum is your fr-" Hijikata said in disbelief. "Yo." Takasugi replied as Steve was giving his friend a big hug. Toshi looked dead inside but took a seat next to his beloved clues finding friend. "Wonderful! Now that everyone's here, let's get to the meal!" Shouyou said. "Not What He Seems Spaghettios?!" Takasugi said a bit too excitedly. "Precisely my student." Shouyou smiled back. "Sorry guys, I got a bit lost finding the way to ska-doo to this cabin!" A man with a clean cut face and square knitted shirt said. “Brother! Welcome.” Steve said. "Joe! My friend!" Wilford commented. "Hey Joe! Take a seat!" Hijikata smiled. "Steve! Toshi! Wilford! Everyone. Hey!" He happily waved. "How's the married life Shinsukes?" "Enjoying it more each and every day." Katsura smiled, something he rarely did unless it was something regarding his husband. Elizabeth in the corner gave Takasugi a sign with a skull on it, he slouched back, sweating. ”Joe-chan! Get this scary muscle man away from me!” Kagura clunched onto his arm. ”OI, I’m not scary, I’m just swole!” Shinpachi argued. "Joe, don't sit too close next to the green haired man, you might catch his mayoitis.." Takasugi whispered to his friend. "OI WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN YOU TERRIORIST!?" Hijikata barked. "Oi, Joey Boy. I heard that mayoitis is worse than the black plague these days." Gintoki whispered, leaning in while smirking. "AND WHY ARE YOU JOINING IN WITH YOUR FORMER ENEMY!?" Hijikata barked at Gintoki referring to Takasugi. ”His mayoitis is so bad it’s gonna cause his fatality soon enough...” Sougo chimed in and gave out a heh. ”OI NO IT WON’T YOU SADIST AND WHERE DID YOU EVEN COME FROM SOUGO?!” Hijikata yelled. ”Haha, you guys are a blast.” Joe chuckled. "So good to see that sunshiney sincere smile Joe." Sensei grinned at the man as he was walking to sit down next to his brother. Joe was confused at that statement but didn't question it. "Say cheese everybody!" Skele said as everyone did so. He rushed back to get into the snap. "Yeah yeah, I know 4th Ass, you had a date with your boyfriend tonight and couldn't command the ship." Kamui said on his transceiver. "Well guess what...." He held up the phone next to No Man. "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!" No Man pointed to the large table. "HA! "You two are a lost cause.." Abuto shook his achy breaky head once again. "Spaghettio's.. Blue's favorite.." Steve looked a bit down but Joe placed a lovingly hand on his shoulder. "She's a bunch of good memories, isn't she?" Joe smiled and his brother did likewise. They both turned to the readers. "Thanks for stopping by!" Steve said. "So happy to have you!" Joe added. "Bye Steve! Bye Joe!" The audience said. "Oi.. what the fuck is going on... WHAT ARE THOSE VOICES?!" Gintoki whispered to Skele who shrugged. TBC
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