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A club for anyone who legitimately loves everyone's favorite SB episode.

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  2. Did you think I would forget? Today is officially the 10th anniversary of SpongeBob's 10th anniversary special. May we pledge our allegiance to this extraordinary and revolutionary special.
  3. Well, I was only off by a few spots, but I was right when I predicted that ToS would go bottom ten. Now let's hope that by the next year or so, ToS doesn't go any lower.
  4. It is officially the 6th worst episode of the series according to the only intellectual on this website
  5. Truth or Square being on SBC's top 50 worst SB episodes list is completely inevitable, so how about we place our bets on whatever spot it's going to land on? Combined with the vitriol for the special becoming more vocal and this year opening up to more ballot numbers, that will certainly increase the possibility of Truth or Square reaching a new high. I predict that it will go as far as #8 or #7, where it may be on the same league as "Squid Baby," "Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom," and perhaps also "Choir Boys."

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