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For those who have been enlightened by the greatest game since Fortnite, shellshock.io

  1. What's new in this club
  2. HI eggheads I know it's been a while since we all played together because of Life but I wanted to show off this new content that showed up while we were away: Two new guns: "Whipper" This thing is fucking fantastic sbl whooped mine and jjs' asses with this at least 20 times. Works like the AK but is better somehow I haven't figured it out. "Crackshot" Tried this one for about two seconds and it didn't feel much different from the sniper rifle. Not sure why this was made but I'll try it next time I suppose. There are also a few new maps that I don't have pictures of but I'll name: - Town (new name for Shellville?) - Castle Arena - Dirt Base - Field - Space Arena - Death Pit (we tried this one it wasn't that good) - Road
  3. Shellville, Ruins, and Shipyard are amazing.
  4. If you ask me, Feedlot is a friendly map for all weapons (it's especially friendly towards snipers)
  5. my top 3 are Shellville, Feedlot and Ruins in that order
  6. Shellville but I haven't played Feedlot yet
  7. the enlightened being who created shell shockers gave us 9 legendary places to shoot each other. which one is the best?
  8. my egg will shake you down on the street for your life savings and then blast you in the face with his boomstick. Watch Out!
  9. Certifyed #weedz Anyways, here's my sexy egg. He's a happy blue egg who is also a safari expert.
  10. I got an 'A' on my egg too, but I ain't some anarchist idiot. I'm USDA c e r t i f i e d.
  11. Post your masterful egg skins here. Here is my current one:

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