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GCA 13 winners announced!
Play in Pictionary Saturday at 7pm EST!

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We're here to talk snark and chew bubblegum, and right now, we're all outta bubblegum. May or may not involve listening to Lorde. Join us on Discord! - https://discord.gg/jEPKejx

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  2. In true socialist fashion, we took this house from someone, repainted it slightly, and made it available to everyone. Behold, comrades, our "new" circus tent headquarters! Complete with a full wrap-around veranda which blocks everyone else's view, where you can shoot the (literal) breeze with your friends outside! Some nice views too. Inside, on the ground floor, a kitchen and dining table. We had to make do with the space we had. And on the top floor, a bedroom with lots of beds, for all of your collectivist sleepover purposes! Preferably don't let Bob and Omni in this room. If you want to drop by, DPRSBC HQ is located in the northwestern corner of Deep Sea SC. (Ignore the fact that it's next to a prison - that's just where we'll be keeping our political dissidents.)

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