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GCA 13 winners announced!
Play in Pictionary Saturday at 7pm EST!

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A spiritual successor to the abandoned Underpants slam fourm(http://underpantsslam.freeforums.net)we will bring BBBB memes and Underpants slam jokesback to the glory days of October 2015. And also maybe perhaps possibly help me find that game.

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  2. Another bit of club insider nes, I had the #3 rank on the highscore board, for a day. Then I lost it. I got banished two days later, before I could reclaim it. Itwas always my secondary goal, now it is primary. Second, I have unfinished buisness with one benpaz. Third, my good friend batterymill is there. I really Li-spect him(FoF reference lol) Fourth, I have a tournament to organize. 5th. They have better chat
  3. SBM is garbage why do you want to come back there
  4. This is for club insiders only. I am planning a tourniment. And SBM.
  5. yes! slam my slammers! we paid 10 dollars for a obscure spongebob game that wasn't even good!
  6. I'm sure everyone knows this by now since you keep mentioning it everywhere
  7. If you somehow didn't know yet, we got the game! YEEHAW
  8. Guess who just got to speak to the Oliver twins, owners of Blitzgames until it went backrupt.
  9. A trusted friend of Ilovesbsp23/TheBrony/ilovesbsp12/Giggles the unicorn Named zSUPER VEGETAz offered to sell me an account for 100 dollars...... All his stuff checked out, we decided to pay with gift card half first, then account, then other half. Well they only sold them in us.... So backup plan....... But they only worked in Canada. So we scramble and call up some USA friends to find one and text it...... But they refuse advice and dilly dally for 3 days. Now there's a second buyer who offers the same and we run out of time, I get a one day extension, we run out of time.... And I just managed to get it so until the other guy comes online, I can still get it....... Pls hope for me, this is my best shot

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