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GCA 13 winners announced!
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discuss the fastest growing youtuber's wonderful original songs

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  2. Partially, I think. Minecraft Awesome Parodys is a self-taught musician and he works outside the music establishment (he released his debut album independently and stuff) However, his intelligence far surpasses that of any human on Earth today. Only his masterful mind could concoct such a rich, densely layered LP that proves to be one of the greatest pieces of work ever written in the 21st century.
  3. A semi-serious question. Feel free to discuss. I'm listening to his first album, and it definitely fits the criteria.
  4. gonna bring this club back into relevancy Discuss this awesome Minecraft parody of "Africa" by TOE TOE
  5. this is not related to the youtuber MineCraft Awesome Parodys locked
  6. can we at least talk about this dude as well while we're discussing this

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