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    • Little Yellow Book: I honestly like this episode, I think it's pretty good and I don't understand the hate for it. My only problem with it is the ending, which could have been much better. I find the rest of the episode to be good. To Love a Patty: This episode, on the other hand, is terrible and I'm surprised it was only this low. It should have been in the bottom 15, and I was expecting it to be there. It's an extremely gross episode with a really stupid plot.    
    • LYB at 28 is fitting, it shows utter stupidity by the citizens in the purest form. TLAP dropped off way too hard, 27th despite 10 list appearences huh? Tough crowd but I'd rather have it be closer to bottom 5/10 again than be this low on here, it's horrendous in nearly every aspect and is so nonsensical even for this show.
    • To Love a Patty made it on my list because it was one of the first signs of the show truly going downhill. The premise was so stupid and disturbing that I had no idea what I was watching. SpongeBob was such an abomination for killing clams for sake of one gross patty. I'll say this about SpongeBob dating a patty. Being an asexual doesn't mean you can't be romantically involved with someone else, you just don't feel any sexual attraction but it really seemed like SpongeBob wanted to fuck the patty and I never thought it'd something SpongeBob would actually do. Yeah, erase this sickening episode. except this one works!
    • Little Yellow Book didn't make my list. It's a bad episode for sure, but if anything the first half was pretty good for 9a standards. SpongeBob's inverted views of Squidward yelling at him in his diary as well as other gags are pretty decent. The episode tanks in the second half but not enough for me to truly hate it. To Love a Patty didn't make my list either, although it was closer than Little Yellow Book. For as disgusting and creepy as it is it borders on "So bad it's good" territory, especially with the horribly cheesy song.
    • Wow... To Love a Patty fell this year. Fortunately it’s because it was unrealistically High last time (like #4? Seriously?) It’s quite bad and it’s really surprising the show would release an episode this gross and obnoxious in Season 5... it just doesn’t fit with the trends of the rest of the season, even bad ones like Waiting or Atlantis were just boring and weren’t confused and botched like this one. Romance just doesn’t work with SpongeBob when it’s played alongside a character going insane.