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Decide dman's Display Name Day (DDDND)

This event repeats every year forever

Event details

Back in my SBM days, it would take a year to change a display name to something new permanently. My name-change day was always February 15th, and I would always let the users of the community decide what I would change it to for the whole year. Time to bring this "tradition" over to SBC!


DDDND: pick a name for dman that he will keep for the majority of the year and you will win some cool things as a result cool things meaning some doubloons

--Past winners--

2017: kite man (BenPaz)

2018: dmandaboi (BobCarotte)

2019: dmandaman&/AndKnuckles (Steel Sponge)

2020: dmandagiraffe (El Jacko)

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23 hours ago, Melon Shocker said:

You're not gonna be able to change your name on the 15th though. The SWYAD during the movie event will be going on


just what i get for not knowing about what would be happening in sbc's near future. I'll probably move it to the day it ends or something like that

Edited by dmandaman

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