SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune


This event repeats every week on Friday forever

Event details

:plankton:  SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune :plankton: 


The games are every Friday at 7 PM ET!

Wheel of Fortune is located here:

1) This game is completely by chance, so there's no
complaining allowed about the game being "unfair".

2) Unlike Jeopardy, the previous winner can play in the next
round. This is because WOF is luck based and not skilled based.

3) If you do not spin or guess within 30 seconds in your turn, then
the host has the right to skip your turn. No objections.
To help with this, WOF shows a browser notification when it is
your turn. Turn on browser notifications for SBC and you'll
get them. If you are unsure if it is turned on, click here.

4) During SBC-SBM games, you must be respectful at all times.
The host has the right to kick or ban anyone who disrespects
SBM members.

5) You must be participating in the game for at least 75% of
the time in order to win. If you leave early and you have
the highest score, the next highest scoring player will

6) Team games are to be kept fair and clean. If you cannot
behave yourself, the host(s) has the right to kick you
out and/or ban you from future games.

7) Prizes that are handed out during the game are non-tradable.
You may not give your prize to someone else.

8) Most importantly, have fun! :D

If you'd like to play, just show up or RSVP here. C:

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