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This event repeats every day until 12/30/2018

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This event repeats every week on Friday forever

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune  

The games are every Friday at 7 PM ET!
Wheel of Fortune is located here:
1) This game is completely by chance, so there's no
complaining allowed about the game being "unfair".

2) Unlike Jeopardy, the previous winner can play in the next
round. This is because WOF is luck based and not skilled based.

3) If you do not spin or guess within 30 seconds in your turn, then
the host has the right to skip your turn. No objections.
To help with this, WOF shows a browser notification when it is
your turn. Turn on browser notifications for SBC and you'll
get them. If you are unsure if it is turned on, click here.
4) You must be participating in the game for at least 75% of
the time in order to win. If you leave early and you have
the highest score, the next highest scoring player will
5) Team games are to be kept fair and clean. If you cannot
behave yourself, the host(s) has the right to kick you
out and/or ban you from future games.
6) Prizes that are handed out during the game are non-tradable.
You may not give your prize to someone else.
😎 Most importantly, have fun! 
If you'd like to play, just show up or RSVP here.

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This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

The games are every Saturday at 7 PM ET!
Jeopardy is located here:
Rule #1: 10-second limit
In the real Jeopardy game, Alex would read the question and then after the question is read, the contestants could answer. Well, to make up for that, we have the 10-second limit! Here's how it works: The host will say the answer in the chat. Right afterwards, the 10 seconds starts. You may type your answer into the box within those 10 seconds, but don't send. Then, after 10 seconds, he will say "QUESTIONS IN!" Once he says that, you can say your question (e.g. What is Gary the Snail?). If you say it too early, however, the answer will not be counted. The first person to get it right gets the points.
Exception: Daily Barnacles give you 20 seconds.
Rule #2: You will never lose points, even if you answer incorrectly. Two reasons why: 1) It's frustrating; 2) The host is already overworked as it is... do you really want to trouble them with negative points?
Exception: Final Jeopardy and Daily Barnacles are the only time you will actually lose points.
Rule #3: The 1 minute rule!
Not to confuse this rule with the 10-second rule, but if nobody gets the right question within a minute, then the question is "beeped" and we move on. This is to avoid the answer going on for hours and hours.
Rule #4: The host is wrong!
If the answer is wrong and I said that it was right, then you can PM me (in the chat) the right answer (DO NOT SAY IT IN THE MAIN CHAT) and also provide a source for the correction and I'll get it fixed immediately.
Rule #5: Double Guessing
After you say your first guess, you cannot guess again. Any guesses after your first guess will not count, so don't even try.
Rule #6: Winning
If you win a game, then you can not play in the next game. You can still watch and moderate the game though (and even help the host make some categories/questions for the game if you wish), but this is to only give players a fair chance. Of course, you can play in the game after it.
1.) Team Games, however, can allow anyone to play, regardless if they won the previous game or not. If you win a team game and the next one is single player, you can still play.
2.) If you win the game preceding a season finale or a certain special game (if stated), you can still play in it.
3.) If you win a game before a break, you can play in the next game after the break is over.
Rule #7: Banning
The host has all right to kick/ban players out of the game, including players that are telling the host to kick people out for any reason.
Rule #8: Internet
You are not allowed to search for an answer online, unless it is for a Final Jeopardy or Daily Barnacle (if the Barnacle says you can use the internet anyways). If the host suspects you are searching for an answer online outside of those two exceptions they will have the right to kick you or take away points.
Rule #9: Abbreviations
Don't get lazy and abbreviate your answers...we're not barbarians, people.
Exception: There may be a few SBC users (such as: MDPP, CNF, OMJ, Nuggets, etc.) whose names might be too long to type out, and could hinder your chances of winning. It is fine if you abbreviate those. However, there is no excuse to abbreviate "What is SpongeBob?" as "What is SB?" Who IS SB? The host doesn't know!

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